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11+ Tuition

What do we do?

Our tuition course is designed to ensure that anybody who is of grammar school standard is taught the things they need to know in order to pass the 11+. We aim to do this without overloading your child with mountains of worksheets, homework and stress. We don’t want them to be scarred for life by the 11+ process, it should be an enriching and interesting time for them. Our 27 week course focuses on all the things that they will have not covered in school, but will include everything that is likely to be tested upon.

Tuition works best when you as a parent are right in the middle of the process (sorry). All children are different and you know them best. So we work with you to ensure that your child is encouraged in the way they need to be. Some times they will need their confidence building, sometimes they will need to be told to slow down and take more care. You decide whether it is sensible for them to finish all of the week’s worksheets. We ask you to mark the work during the week so that your child gets immediate feedback on how they have done.


For many parents it is hard to know whether or not it is the right thing to go for the 11+ exam or not. Unfortunately, this may not become clear until you get the result. Some children that have struggled in school, blossom under tutoring. Some children are fantastic in lessons, but fall apart when a faced with a timed test. Some children are great in July and then take the summer holiday off and forget everything they have learned. Some children will sit one exam get 80% in the maths and 60% in the English and then sit another and get 60% in the maths and 80% in the English. It is our job as parents and tutors to give your children the appropriate tools to give themselves a fair chance in the exam and ideally the right attitude to cope with things if they don’t go well.

Many of our parents approach the exam with the attitude that we will give it a reasonable go, but if things don’t work out, no problem, at least our school work should have improved. We think this a healthy way to be. Some offer to buy their children a pony if they pass. I don’t know of any that have plans to claw back any money spent on tuition fees from pocket money should their child fail.

As lessons will progress, we will keep you informed of how your child is doing and there will be regular mini-tests so that you can see how they are doing compared to all of our other students.


Our classes take place after school and on Saturday mornings. We may offer additional times in 2018.

Sessions are for 75 minutes and are for groups of six.

Your child will come on a fixed day at a fixed time each week.


All our lessons take place in Leehurst Swan School, 19 Campbell Road, Salisbury, SP1 3BQ. We have two spacious classrooms, with large smart boards.


During May we will send out forms to all Year 4 children that have registered with us. As well as asking for a £30 non-refundable deposit, we ask them to indicate their preferred times for classes. The deadline for returning the forms will be shortly after the half-term break.

Once the deadline has passed then places are allocated, according to the preferences provided, in the order in which people registered with us. Anybody that has not provided a form and £30 deposit by the deadline will move to the back of the queue.

Classlists will be sent out by the middle of June and parents are asked to accept their place and the small print of this document. During the first 48 hours after the first draft is released, parents can request changes and to be placed on the waiting lists of other classes.  At the end of the 48 hours, all change requests are processed in the order in which people originally registered. These changes are then implemented as best as possible, waiting lists are setup and the classlists are finalised. Any further requests will be dealt with as and when they come in.

Tutors will now contact their classes to arrange a welcome lesson, that will take place in June/July. Because our existing students are attending classes, welcome lessons will take place when we don’t usually teach e.g. on a Sunday. We invite parents to join the lesson as well. The welcome lesson will give everybody a chance to meet each other, we’ll tell you how lessons will work, what the exam is all about and the best way to make progress. The welcome lesson last one hour and costs £10.

Our course is designed to be a careful balance between covering all of the key topics and not swamping already over-worked children with more work.

The course lasts for 29 weeks with 5 lessons in the first term of their year 5 taking place roughly every other week and 22 lessons from January to July taking place every week of the state school terms (the odd Saturday lesson will creep onto the edge of a holiday, the odd Monday will be a bank holiday).

As lessons begin, we invite all parents to a meeting to meet us and to tell them as much as possible about what they are about to go through. We will also provide them with some guidelines and some worksheets for the basic maths and English skills that it will be good for their child to have mastered before the lessons start in earnest.

All of the work provided in the lesson and for homework is written by ourselves and so if you buy additional materials from elsewhere they will not be duplicates. When you sign up we will advise you on the best resources to buy.

During the summer holidays we will work on revision and exam technique. We will offer a “20 minutes a day” revision course, some revision lessons, some mock exams and we recommend that this is the time to work through the practice papers at home.

Our 11+ Summer Course will consist of ten lessons. It is designed for students that have attended our 29 lesson foundation course or have been working at home or with another tutor. We revise the most important question types and we talk about exam technique. The first seven of the lessons are repeated numerous times over the summer holidays and the final three taking place during September

In addition to this course, we will run extra sessions looking at topics in more detail for students that have started late or struggled the first time around.


The cost of each lesson will be £20. This covers the time spent giving the lesson, preparing the lesson, providing worksheets and other materials and dealing with any enquiries.

You will be billed at the beginning of each half-term and it is preferred that you pay by bank transfer in one amount, but you are welcome to pay by cash, cheque, PingIt, PayM, PayPal, childcare vouchers, bitcoins, …

We are fairly flexible in when you pay for your lessons. The only requirement is that each lesson is paid for at least a month before it takes place. If this does not happen then we reserve the right to assume that you are giving notice and to look for a replacement for the space.

It is also possible to pay by standing order. Please pay the £30 deposit during the timetabling process in the summer of their year 4. Plus £10 if you attend the welcome lesson. The monthly payments of £60 should follow this schedule:




September 1st

Lessons 1 - 2


October 1st

Lesson 3 - 5


November 1st

Lessons 6 - 8


December 1st

Lessons 9 - 11


January 1st

Lessons 12 - 14


February 1st

Lessons 15 - 17


March 1st

Lessons 18 - 20


April 1st

Lessons 21 - 23


May 1st

Lessons 24 - 26


June 1st

Lessons 27 - 29


If you stay on for the summer revision course and mock exams, you are welcome to let the standing order continue.


When registering all pupils are asked for a deposit of £30. It is non-refundable. It covers various preparatory work, timetabling, handling enquiries, sending reminders of deadlines and 11+ news and two parents’ meetings. (It will actually be refunded if we can’t find you a satisfactory time when producing the timetable.)

If you join us late and you’ve missed both our meetings, didn’t have a half-hour meeting to discuss your needs and don’t want any email and phone support then the non-refundable deposit will be reduced by an appropriate amount.

Notice Period

We have a notice period of one month. Any lessons a month or more after you give notice will be refunded in full. In order to protect ourselves from parents who just walk away, we ask that all lessons are paid for at least one month in advance.

You are free to attend any lessons that you have paid for during this notice period.

If we find a replacement before the notice period has finished (which is possible - as we often have a waiting list), we will refund to you any lessons taken by the replacement.

It is not unusual for parents to decide that they won’t enter their child for their exam but keep the tutoring going as the child enjoys it and it has made such a difference at school. If you decide not to take the exam please notify us by 1st August. We will look for a replacement and you will not be expected to pay for revision lessons in September.

Do you offer one-to-one tuition?

No sorry.  Our tuition is done in small groups. This is not only more enjoyable for the child, but more cost effective for the parent.

When children get to the grammar school, they will need to survive in classes of 30 with no teaching assistants. If they are the sort of child that is going to struggle in a class of six, the grammar school could be a tough experience for them.

What to do next?

As you have found this document, then you have probably registered on If you haven’t, please do so straight away. It is free and there is no commitment.

If your child is in year 4 (or earlier) and May has not arrived yet, then sit back and wait for the forms to be sent to you. If May of their year 4 is a distant memory, you should shortly be receiving some forms or an indication of when spaces are available. If you haven’t received these within 24 hours of registering, please request them.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch by e-mail or by phone.