Dear Parent/Guardian,

        This summer, our district is continuing our mandatory summer reading program. By doing so, we are fostering your child’s life-long habit of reading that will expand his/her knowledge base, enrich his/her vocabulary bank, and fuel his/her imagination…even after the school year has ended!  An effective way to reinforce this goal is through your partnership with us in supporting the SUMMEREAD program. Together, we can advance your child’s reading habit throughout the summer.  

What is the program’s goal?

        ALL students must read at least one book from the SUMMEREAD: GRADES 9-12 booklist during the summer and Honors students have to read two books: one fiction and one nonfiction book (fiction and nonfiction selections are noted on the list).   NOTE: Please refer to the book list of the grade that your child is entering in the fall.

        In September, all of our students will be required to hand in the attached Response Sheet about their book on the first day of school. Students must choose the appropriate response sheet (fiction or nonfiction) and Honors students will have to fill out TWO response sheets: one for fiction and one for nonfiction. This assignment is a course requirement and it will be counted as a test grade.

How do you get books?

        Our Media Specialists have collaborated with the Ocean County Librarians to compile the Summeread booklist.  Because of the vast array of topics and reading abilities, we highly encourage you to assist your children in making reading selections. 

        The SUMMEREAD book list will be online at the district website,, at all high school websites, and on the Ocean County Library’s website,

        With the right book, the right setting, and a little incentive, the reading habit can be cultivated and will hopefully become the catalyst of a life-long practice.

Thank you for your anticipated support of the SUMMEREAD program.

We hope your child enjoys reading a book (or two!) this summer!


Rosemary Hardie

Supervisor of Instruction: ELA/Grades 9-12