Cleanweb Meetup User Stories 3/12

Catalyzing Cleantech

Cleantech providers, like Green Mountain Energy, should be able to virally recruit new customers so that new technologies are adopted more quickly, like LaunchRock for social startups.

Energy Customers should be able to evaluate their energy sourcing providers so they can balance costs while choosing to support the cleantech of their choice.

Homeowners should be able to easily explore methods and services to use their waste to create energy so that there is less waste in landfills and more investment and awareness in waste-to-energy.

Clouding Ownership

Tenants should be able to create a survey and cost analysis of their building’s energy sources to communicate opportunities to apply solar power in their apartments/office buildings and present building management an easy upgrade path.

A citizen should be able to offer up and/or find a charging station when there is a blackout.

A school principal should be able to easily explore options and manage communication with their staff and volunteers on how keep the school’s lights on in the event of a blackout.

Big Data

Urban apartment and condo dwellers should be able to find locations to deposit organic waste so that they can easily compost.

Renters looking for an apartment should be able to estimate their utility bills so that they can understand their total rental costs and filter apartments which are serviced by clean energy providers and other Cleanweb companies.

A resident in the district of a power authority should be able to view a report of power outages so that they know where to go to seek help/refuge and if they can volunteer to offer help.

New Business Models

Shoppers should be able to use a mobile web app to see a products non-organic materials and their half-life so that they can buy more sustainable products.

Shoppers should be able use a browser plugin to evaluate the costs and energy impact of driving to their local retailer to purchase the goods in their Amazon Shopping Cart.

Shoppers should be able to use a browser plugin to see the carbon impact of shipping the Amazon goods in their search results to their home ZIP so that they can buy in a manner to reduce their carbon impact.