Tony Loving

Matt Millbury

Cassie Leavitt

Jason Follansbee

Jordenne Sargent

Dave Lesiczka

Lindsay Lesiczka

Heather Clark

Tiffany Snyder

Meeting called to order at 7:04pm.

Cassie motioned to accept last month's minutes. Jason seconded. Motion carried

Review of Treasurer’s report. Tony questioned whether we can have a printout that includes account totals. Jason mentioned there are some old reports in Dropbox that Tiffany can look at.

ACTION: Tiffany to look at different report formats.

Tiffany mentioned the Admin category was the website cc processing fees.

Cassie made a motion to accept the treasurer's report. Dave seconded. Motion carried.


Soccer is halfway complete. Dave mentioned there are still expenses for the travel team that haven’t hit yet. Mention of the weather related issues last weekend. Dave mentioned that due to costs, everyone will be getting a medal at the end of the pins, no trophies. 2 of the 3 travel teams are getting beat badly. Dave said next year registration will be limited to U12 and under, no U13 because we got burned this year by people signing up and then quitting. Dave said field space is being maxed out, which is good because we aren’t paying for field space we aren’t using. Dave questioned whether we wanted to do anything extra for the travel teams, like a sweatshirt or something….misc discussion but general consensus was no. Question around refs, refs will be paid at the end of the season. Jason questioned if there would be a tournament at the end of the season. Dave said Raymond and Fremont didn’t seem to be into it. Heather questioned when awards would be given out. Dave said that’ll just happen on the day of the last game. Jason suggested perhaps a pizza party at the end of the year for the travel teams. Dave said he was hoping maybe he could get something through one of the sponsors. Jeff questioned whether the games that weren’t cancelled would be rescheduled. Dave said no, because we have no field space. Dave said the last game for everyone (except travel) will be on Nov 5th. No times for these games are available yet. Teams will do medals on their own.


Jason mentioned Newmarket wants to merge with us to do Epping/Newmarket baseball. This would be a move back to Cal Ripken. This would be mean that we play less teams overall, but play them more often. Jeff questioned how different the game play is. Jason said the strike zone is bigger in Cal Ripken, so there would be less walks and try to convince the kids to actually hit the ball. Jason said the fees would be more expensive than what we currently play in the league we’re in. No one could remember what we used to pay for Cal Ripken previously. Jeff questioned when Newmarket needs an answer by, Jason said March. Jason said he was concerned that if we move back to Cal Ripken if it would have an impact on our softball relationship.

ACTION: Tiffany to bring the financial numbers from last years season. We need to see how much we made in registrations to see if it would cover the Cal Ripken costs.


Lindsay questioned if Chris was running basketball. No good answer, Chris isn’t here. Jeff ran through the notes from the LRBA meeting. Heather questioned what she needs to do for scheduling. Tony said you can load a schedule into the website from an excel file. We also need to get requests into School Dude. For grades 3-8, games will be on the weekend and practices will be during the week.

School Dude requests would be:

EES Sat 8 to noon for K-2.

Middle school would be Sat and Sat 8-4.

Every night available in the middle school and EES gym, 6-9.

Need to pick dates for assessments (at the HS), on a Saturday. Need at least an hour and a half for each grade group. Thinking 1-4 on Nov 6th for 5-6. And 12-3:00 on the 20th for 3-4. No assessments needed for 7-8.

Whomever is running basketball needs to get in touch with the high school coach to get a plan for refs.

ACTION: Matt recommended sending something to Ellen at the middle school so she can send it out as well in a Wednesday communication.

Misc talk about coaches for this year.


Cassie made a motion that we approved the slate of candidates that were nominated at last month’s meeting. Heather seconded. Motion passed.

Cassie made a motion to adjour. Lindsay seconded.

Meeting adjoured at 8:34pm.