Police: (767) 448-2222/999    
Ambulance:   448-2222/999  

Legal Help

  1. Lisa Defreitas, Defreitas & Johnson        
    Offers legal advice and assistance on marriage, family issues, parental child abduction and related matters.
    Address: 14 Cork Street, Roseau, Dominica
    Telephone: (767) 448-2530
    Fax: (767) 448-6760

Education and Empowerment

  1. Dominica National Council of Women        
    Works for women who have survived violence by means of education, training, counselling and shelter services.
    Address: 3 King George  V  Street, PO Box 745 Roseau, Dominica
    Telephone 1-767-448-7546
    Fax: 1-767-448 3935
  2. Princess Margaret Hospital, Roseau        
    Offers emergency care and trauma facility assistance in Dominica.
    Tel: (767) 448-2231/5720