Video Challenge Storyboard


Movie Title:Do you know your neighbourhood?                      by: Neus, Marta, Álvaro, Mara y Paula


What kind of movie will you make?              Stop Motion                    Silent                   Animated           

Which genre?               Drama                Comedy             Action                 Romance            Other: Publicity            

Briefly describe what your movie is about:



Frame 1: Home

Frame 2: Recycling

Frame 3: Street

 ESCENA 1.png

 Sin título.png

 ESCENA 2.png

Description: In this scene the father wake up his daughter. After this, the girl is watching television while she is  having breakfast and his father is reading a book.

Description: The father and his daughter get their jackets and go outside. Before going out the girl remembers to take out the rubbish.

Description: they are walking around their neighbourhood and there is a paper on the floor and the father get it and throw it to the bin.


 Father: Good morning my little princess, it’s saturday!!

 Daughter: Good morning daddy!! Today I don’t have to go to the school right?

Father: not today

Daughter: oh nice

Father: Come on take your jacket we have to go to buy the bread.


Daughter: Daddy, don’t forget to take out the rubbish

Father: Not till six o’clock!


Father: Do you think this is right?

Daughter: No daddy 

Frame 4: Small shops

Frame 5: Public transportation

Frame 6: Heritage

ESCENA 4.png

ESCENA 5.png

ESCENA 6.png

Description: In this part of the video, the father, Alvaro, is walking through Madrid with her daughter, Marta. He stops in a small shop to buy bread and the daughter asks him why has he chosen a small shop instead of a big one, then he says that it is because we must support small shops since it is beneficial for everybody.

Description: the father and the daughter are in a bus stop because the father said her they are going to the Moncloa’s lighthouse. The daughter ask why is the people not using the public transport because cars produce lots of contamination. The father agrees and tells her how important is using public transport.

Description: After visiting the aunt, the father asks her about the visit and she says it was nice but she wants to know more about a civil’s war arch in Moncloa. The father explains her what it is and what is the importance of our heritage.


Father: we are going to buy the bread.

Daughter: Dad, why do you buy the bread here instead of buying the bread in other shop?

Father: because we have to support the little shops.

Daughter: Okay.


Father: we are going to take the bus and we are going to Faro de Moncloa.

Daughter: Okay daddy. I have a question, why are there so many cars in the street? My teacher told me we have to use the public transport.

Father: She is right. The cars pollute a lot, we need to use the public transport.

Daughter: Okay.


Father: Did you have fun with your aunt?

Daughter: Yeees, she is really nice. But she couldn’t explain me what is this (Pointing out to the arch).

Father: This is about our heritage. And it is related with the civil war.

Daughter: Okay.

Frame 7: Back at home


Description: They come back after a very exciting day full of new learnings. The father asks her if she had fun and she said he had. He reminds her that she has learned a lot about the neighbourhood.


Father: Did you have fun today?

Daughter: Yes daddy.

Father: You also learned around your neighbourhood.

**This template has been adapted from, Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0., who originally had adapted it from Lukas Henne’s template