Transmedia Fail Log: A Live Reflection-in-Progress


Activities/Failures/Work Arounds


  • receive two more homemade CLMOOC postcards and feel bad that I haven’t sent mine
  • get the idea to send out CLMOOC postcards with the beautiful fall leaves around me; pick up leaves
  • purchase the modge podge to cover the leaves
  • look up dimensions of postcards, attempt to cut cardboard to the dimensions; realize they are too thick for the specs and to cut without doing them crooked
  • test the modge podge anyway--finish this first postcard for Kevin, because he’d appreciate a prototype/process/fail-type one


  • pull out mosaic material and begin organizing the pieces
  • get the idea to focus #digiwrimo piece on the offline ‘stuff’ with which we compose
  • set up a video camera—find the cord and SD card with space
  • get distracted sorting through files on the SD card with the video camera
  • lose two hours trying to get the files saved off of the SD card since it was formatted incorrectly
  • decide to film another day


  • decide that the #digiwrimo piece on transmedia could also focus on how it is not just on- and offline media across which a piece moves in transmedia and that the postcards could be an entry point into a transmedia collective
  • return to the store to by the cutting board, blades and thick-but-not-too-thick cardboard
  • pick new leaves since the others dried out
  • cut the cards & glue
  • use the modge podge on the leaves will attending Teachers Teaching Teachers on #digiwrimo
  • as I write the postcard to Karen, realize that the seasonal change in the leaves is a great metaphorical layer to the idea of the meaning that moves across media

log in progress...more coming...

  • ask some #digiwrimo folks what collaborative space they like
  • decide on padlet for the visual and nonlinear feel of it

  • be reminded of Soundcloud as deadline hits
  • find audio files I had intended to use
  • create Soundcloud sound clip series to insert into the piece

  • find gif generator that works with images or videos
  • figure out that the video from Facebook does not work; only online videos from YouTube and Vimeo
  • try to download from FB, but realized I can only share
  • find a quiet spot to do a QuickTime screen capture of the video
  • upload video and make gif with words

  • realize that the words are overpowering the image
  • remake gif a few times with different phrases
  • remake gif without words

Valuable Pieces on the Cutting Room Floor (aka still sitting open in my browser)

Write to Live: How a Writing Classroom Should Look When #BLACKLIVESMATTER, by David Kirkland

Google Books NGram (couldn’t find the right combination of words for the piece, closest here)

Nick Sousanis’ discussion of argument, like image & word, as a dance 
(image from
this post)