Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Jefferson Elementary.  Jefferson Elementary is a safe and positive learning environment in which a diverse community of learners achieve to their highest potential.  We believe in teaching students respect, responsibility and safety.  We look forward to working with you to provide the best learning atmosphere for students.

Communication between home and school is essential.  Please do not hesitate to contact the office or your child’s teacher with questions, concerns and/or suggestions.  We hope you will set aside time each week to read and review school work and information your child brings home.  The newsletter and monthly calendar of events is sent home the first Monday or Friday of every month.  The newsletter includes important information for all families. You can also access the newsletter and information from our website.

I look forward to working with all of our families this year.  

Joan Bigelow

Jefferson Principal



10:00 - 10:15

3rd Grade

5th and 5/6Combo (10:05 - 10:15)

10:15 - 10:30


10:30 - 10:45

2nd and 4th Grade

10:45 - 11:00


6th Grade (10:50 - 11:15)


11:40 (12:00) - 12:25

4th Grade

11:50 (12:10) - 12:35

2nd Grade

11:55 (12:15) - 12:40

5th Grade

12:00 (12:20) - 12:45

1st Grade

12:15 (12:35) - 1:00

3rd Grade

12:20 (12:40) - 1:05

6th Grade and ⅚ combo


1:45 - 2:00

1st Grade, 3rd Grade

5th Grade (1:50 - 2:00)

2:00 - 2:15

Kindergarten and 4th Grade

2:15 - 2:30

2nd Grade

5/6 Combo/6th Grade (2:20 - 2:30)


Daily Start/End Times

Early Release Start/End Times

1st-6th Grade 8:40- 3:15

A.M. Kindergarten 8:40 – 11:30

P.M. Kindergarten 12:30 – 3:15

1st-6th Grade 8:40 – 1:15

A.M. Kindergarten  8:40 – 10:30  

P.M. Kindergarten 11:30 – 1:15


Any change of address or telephone number should be reported to the main office immediately, even if the student is still in the Boise School District or the Jefferson attendance area.  This is the only way that we can keep our records current to ensure important notices and phone calls are received.


Students in grades 3-6 have been provided with agenda books. These books are to be used under the direction of the classroom teacher and should aid the student in organizational skills.  They are also a great source of communication between parents and the school.  The agendas are provided free of charge; however, students will be charged for lost or damaged books.  



We offer basketball and track to grades five and six.  Girls’ Basketball runs from October through December and Boys’ Basketball runs from January through March.  Track takes place in April and May. Teamwork is taught and expected by athletes along with winning and losing gracefully. Student spectators must be accompanied by the child’s parent/guardian.  Both seating and supervision are limited.  Siblings of athletes are unable to stay during the athletes practice.  



The Board of Trustees of the Boise Independent School District requires 90% attendance for all elementary students.  The policy outlines the requirements and responsibilities on the part of the parents to ensure their child is in school at least 90% of the days school is in session.  As part of our policy, parents will be notified when absences reach five, eight and ten days during the semester.  If a student has a record of attendance problems and continues to have excessive absences or tardies, the student may be referred to the Ada County Juvenile Attendance Court and may be withdrawn from school.  We realize there are many factors to be considered and every effort will be made to work with parents.  We are asking parents, however, to think seriously about the importance of good attendance and make every effort to have their child/children at school when school is in session.   PARENTS NEED TO CALL THE SCHOOL AT 854-5260  IF THEIR CHILD IS ABSENT.  


The school's interest when establishing rules is to protect students, property, serve our educational purposes, foster health and safety, and avoid serious disruption of the educational process.

Jefferson operates within the framework of a positive discipline program to teach student responsibility.  We will encourage appropriate behavior and use natural and logical consequences when a child's behavior interferes with his or her learning or the learning and rights of others.  We emphasize respect, responsibility, and safety.

Each teacher will manage his/her classroom to meet the educational needs of all students. 

Staff employ a wide range of intrinsic and extrinsic reinforcement to help students internalize appropriate behavior.  In instances of escalated misbehavior, the child may be removed from the situation, classroom, or the school.  For further support, the Boise School District employs a behavior support specialist and a couselor.  Both of these employees work directly with the principal and staff to advise and brainstorm ideas in the best interest of the child.  The ultimate goal is to help children succeed socially.

Fighting, including play fighting, is strictly forbidden.  Parents will be notified should their child be involved.  Suspension, either in or out of school, is a likely result of fighting.

Behavior Forms may be completed and sent home depending on the severity, intensity, or frequency of the behavior.  If you receive a slip like this, please discuss the issue with your son/daughter and feel free to call your child’s teacher if you need further information.  

Jefferson Elementary Behavior Form

Student______________________________        Gr.______Referring Staff_________________

Date___________________ Time_________________________________________________

Classroom     Walkways     Playground     Cafeteria     Bathroom     PE     Library     Music
Health     Computer     Bus Zone     On bus     Assembly     Field Trip   Other____________

Problem Behaviors (check the most intrusive)

Minor Violations
        Inappropriate Lang.
        Dress code violation
        Physical Contact

Major Violations
Abusive Lang. /Inappropriate Lang.
Fighting/physical aggression
Defiance/disrespect/ Insubordination/non-compliance

Property damage

Possible Motivation

Obtain peer attention     Obtain adult attention     Obtain items/activities     Avoid tasks/activities     Avoid peer(s)     Avoid adult(s)     Don’t know        

Teacher Comments:

 Administrative Decision
Time in office     Loss of privilege     Conference with student     Detention     Parent Contact  In-school suspension     Out-of school suspension


Bicycles are to be placed in the racks provided on the school grounds. Bikes should be licensed and locked. The school cannot be responsible for lost or stolen bicycles. Bikes are to be walked at all times on school grounds.  This is for the children’s protection.  Skateboards, scooters, and roller blades/heelies are to be carried once students arrive on school grounds.  They should be put in a safe place where they will not pose a potential hazard. These items are the responsibility of the student who brought them.  REMINDER:  Bicycle helmets save students from serious injury.


The classroom teacher is responsible for establishing a procedure for celebrating birthdays in the room. Parents should check with the teacher before sending treats. Other ways for recognizing birthdays should also be discussed with the classroom teacher. We discourage sending flowers and balloons; however, if they are delivered to the school, the teacher will be notified and the child may pick them up in the office at the end of the school day.  Parents are asked to not send birthday invitations to school to be handed out.  


A breakfast snack is available, free of charge, to all students in their classrooms after school starts.  


General bus rules:

• Follow the directions of the bus driver.

• Sit down, and remain seated until arrival at destination.

• Do not change seats unless directed to do so by the driver.

• Keep hands and feet to yourself.

• Keep voices down--no shouting or whistling.

• Do not put hands, or anything else, outside the window of the bus.

• No fighting or swearing.

Students not following the bus rules may be issued a Bus Conduct Notice by the driver.

Consequences of Bus Conduct Notices will be:

First Notice - Warning from the Principal or Behavior Interventionist, parent notified.

Second  Notice -  Parent notified, loss of recess.

Third Notice - Parent notified, loss of bus privileges for 3 days.

Fourth Notice - Parent notified, loss of bus privileges for 5 days.

Continued misconduct may result in loss of bus privileges for the rest of the school year.

Students need to attend school when bus privileges have been revoked.

**Consequences may be modified depending on the severity of the incident

On the Boise School District web-site there is a link to find your child’s bus stop called Bus Stop Locator.

Students are not permitted to ride the bus home with friends unless they are signed up with First Student Bussing.  For further information regarding bussing, please call First Student 854-5230.


Students in grades 1-6 eat lunch in the school cafeteria.  This is located in the basement of our school.  We make a special effort to keep this area quiet due to the echoes that can be heard in other parts of the building.  


Cancellation of school takes place only during circumstances such as extreme weather, equipment failure, or public crisis.  The Board of Trustees and Office of the Superintendent of Schools are aware of the hardship which can be caused by an abrupt cancellation of school.  Therefore, school will not be canceled unless a significant safety risk has been created by unusual circumstances.

Every practical means is used to notify parents of a cancellation, including text message, radio, TV and newspapers.  Parents are also encouraged to sing up for Emergency Text Messaging Service by subscribing to the number 68453.  In the unusual circumstance school must be canceled during the school day, the school will determine that all students have satisfactory transportation and supervision before releasing them from school.


We encourage parents to call or e-mail teachers with questions.  Every staff member at Jefferson can be reached via e-mail by using the following format for e-mail addresses:

first name.last 


During the first week of each month, a calendar and newsletter will be sent home.  Parents are asked to review the newsletter for valuable information and note special dates listed on the calendar.   Important notices, PTA announcements and student information will be sent home on Mondays/Fridays.  

Parents can also access information through our school website:  

as well as the district website:  

Quarterly report cards will be sent to parents/guardians via the students.  In addition, parents can log in to Infinite Campus.  Grades and attendance will be recorded as it is entered by teachers, counselors and staff.  Please contact the main office if you need a username and password to the portal.


Mrs. Bauer is the counselor at Jefferson. She is a resource for parents, students and teachers.  Mrs. Bauer works in a variety of capacities at Jefferson.  She is a resouce for parents, students, and teachers.  Parents are encouraged to call or come in and meet with Mrs. Bauer should they have questions.  


Revealing clothes such as low-riding pants, bra straps, and shirts exposing the chest, back or midriff are not appropriate for the school environment.

If it is determined that a student’s attire, hair, grooming or make-up is disruptive to the educational atmosphere or is detrimental to the health and safety of the student or others, parents will be notified to bring a change of clothing.  If a parent cannot be reached, emergency contacts will be called or a change of clothes may be provided.


Some emergency situations require special procedures due to the nature of the situation.  Bomb threats, hostage situations, earthquakes and brandishing of weapons are examples of these types of emergencies.  Our goal in any such emergency is to protect the lives of all students and school personnel.  Circumstances may dictate the total or limited evacuation of the building.  Should there be a need to be evacuated from the building for an extended period of time; All Saints Church has agreed to temporarily house our students.


Parents coming to school early to pick up their child need to come to the office and sign him/her out. Students are not allowed to be picked up directly from the classroom. The child will be called from the classroom to the office, when the parent arrives at the office.  Also, students are not allowed to leave school early with someone not listed on their enrollment form unless the school has a signed note or received a phone call from the parent or guardian. Note: Picture ID may be required to verify permission for student pick-up. If parents have authorized another person to pick their child up after school, parents need to let the classroom teacher or office staff know by note or phone call.


A field trip permission form for the year is attached to this packet. The permission slip only needs to be signed once for the whole year. As trips are scheduled, parents will be notified by the classroom teacher. Parents may be asked to help cover the costs of field trips.  


The Boise School District is currently exploring new sound grading practices.  The purpose behind this exploration is to focus on the learning of the content and provide practices that install an optimistic view towards learning.  These practices are also meant to stress the importance of turning in work in a timely manner while simultaneously providing students the opportunity to learn at different rates. In general, the changes address the following areas:  Re-takes of content that has not been mastered, late work is accepted to reinforce the learning, and providing a score that is based on knowledge of content. Teachers will be studying these policies/practices over this year and begin to implement over the school year. The new policies will be fully implemented in the 2017-18 school year. If you have a question about your child’s grading, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher.  


It is the policy of the Boise School District to maintain a learning environment free from harassment, bullying, and/or intimidation.  Each student has the right to work in an atmosphere that promotes equal opportunities, free from all forms of discrimination and conduct, which can be considered harassing, coercive, or disruptive.  Sexual harassment refers to sexual overtures or conduct that is not welcome, is personally offensive, affects morale, and therefore interferes with a student’s ability to study or participate in school activities.  Any student who believes she/he is being harassed, bullied, and/or intimidated should immediately report the situation to a school staff member and their teacher.  Once reported, a thorough, objective investigation will take place.  Students who harass, bully and/or intimidate others will receive consequences which may include suspension and/or the involvement of law enforcement.


An emergency phone number must be in our records to contact parents at any time during the day.  Students must have a pass from their teacher to see the nurse.  After evaluation by the nurse, health technician, or other adult, a student will either be sent home if she/he is too sick to be at school or sent back to class.  

Immunizations - The State of Idaho requires that all children be immunized against Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Polio, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. The Hepatitis B series is also required if your child was born after Nov. 22, 1991. The DPT is given every ten years after the initial series. The Measles, Mumps, and Rubella are given as a one-time injection. These immunizations can be given by a family doctor or by the Central District Health Dept. Parents can obtain the Health Dept.’s current schedule by calling 375-5211. Children must be immunized and certified information given to the school nurse before they can be enrolled in school. For more information contact the school nurse.

If a child is taking a prescription medication that needs to be given at school, parents must contact the School Nurse or the Health Technician to complete the necessary paperwork. Prescription medications must be in the correctly labeled prescription bottle in order to be given at school. They will not be accepted in baggies, envelopes, etc.  Non-prescription medications may be given only if the medications are in the original bottle with clear instructions from the parent as to how they are to be administered (dose, time, etc.) ALL medications are to be stored in the Nurse’s office.

Children should not be sent to school if they are ill. Students should be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.  If a child is injured, the basic first aid will be administered. If the injury is judged to be serious, the parent/guardian will be notified. If someone cannot be located, the school will call 911 to have the child transported to the nearest medical facility.  It is extremely important that the school has CURRENT home and work phone numbers and at least two “emergency” names and numbers to contact.

If lice are found on a child, parents/guardians will be called and typically the student will be sent home. After treatment, the affected children may be readmitted to school. Normally the presence of nits will not exclude the child from school. In repeated cases, however, the school may continue to prevent a child from returning to school until both lice and nits are removed. This decision will only be made by the principal after consulting with the School Nurse/Health Tech.


Homework assignments can help reinforce skills taught in the classroom, develop responsibility and instill independent work habits. Teachers may assign homework to practice, extend, and/or enrich skills taught in the classroom.  If homework is assigned it should be based on the individual needs of the student and the materials and ideas being studied at the time. Parents/guardians can encourage good study habits at home by providing a quiet, well-lit place to study, setting aside a regular study time and showing interest in the child's work. If a parent feels like his/her child is spending too much time on homework, she/he should contact the classroom teacher.  If a child is absent and is able to work, homework may be requested by calling the child’s teacher.


        Parents are encouraged to have medical-hospital insurance to cover injuries at school.  Often parents are under the impression the school carries medical insurance for students, which is not the case.  IF A CHILD IS INJURED AT SCHOOL, IT BECOMES THE PARENTS' RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY FOR DOCTOR AND HOSPITAL BILLS.  Each year the school sends home insurance forms which can be taken advantage of if a family does not have insurance.  Parents should read and seriously consider the brochure "Student Accident Insurance."


Each year many articles of clothing, lunch pails, etc. are lost.  It would be helpful to have students’ names put on clothing prior to being worn to school.  Parents and students are encouraged to check the lost and found on a regular basis.  Each semester we will donate the clothes left at Jefferson.


Jefferson provides Provision 2 meals. Provision 2 is an alternative program within the National School Breakfast and/or Lunch Program. Provision 2 is determined, in part, by the total percentage of free or reduced price meals served at the school during a baseline year.  Under Provision 2, all students enrolled in the school (grades 1-6) receive meals at no cost to the students regardless of family income.


Parents are welcome and encouraged to become involved in PTA.  Meetings are typically scheduled once a month.   It is the school’s hope to establish a strong connection between school, home and the community.


Only those items on the school supply list or requested by the teacher should be brought to school.  Students need to leave personal playground equipment, toys, tape recorders, cameras, MP3/Ipod type players, electronic games, radios at home.  No money should be left in desks or in the building overnight.  The school is not responsible for money or valuables lost or stolen.

Personal cell phones, Ipods, and other types of audio equipment are difficult in the educational environment.  If sent to school with one, the student must have it turned off and stowed a backpack or given to the teacher until the end of the day.  Electronic devices that are visible during the school day (8:15 – 3:45) will be confiscated, and held in the office for the first offence.  Second offenses may result in the item being held for a parent to come in to claim.  Repeated offenses may result in additional disciplinary action.  

The classroom and main office phones are for school business only.  Permission to use the phone during break and/or lunch may be granted by the teacher or the office.  Do not ask teachers to use the phone EXCEPT IN EXTREME EMERGENCIES.  Parents should communicate fully any instructions for the day for their child before school.  Students are not allowed to use school phones to call home to arrange for after school plans with friends.

Phone calls for teaching staff will only be transferred to classrooms before school, during breaks and after school to avoid classroom disruptions.  Parents are encouraged to send an e-mail to teachers if they would like to schedule a phone or face to face conference.


Students are to remain on the Jefferson play field or blacktop area during outdoor recess.  Wet and muddy areas will be designated as off limits.  Students are expected to exercise respect, responsibility and safety for each other in all areas of play.  Students should play games according to rules, be positive and share.  Swearing, hitting, throwing objects (this includes snow and/or snowballs,) kicking, tackling, wrestling, fighting and play fighting are not permitted.  This includes tackle football or other games of physical contact that are rough and potentially harmful.  If these guidelines are not followed, students will be removed from the playground.

Weather permitting, students will be sent outdoors for recess each day.  Decisions to have outside recess during cold weather depend upon the temperature, precipitation, and wind chill factor.  Shorter outside recess times are scheduled on very cold days.  Students should always dress for outside recess.  All students must be on the playground during outside recess.  Only students with medical excuses from a doctor will be allowed to remain in the building during scheduled outside breaks.


Gangs, hate groups, and similar organizations or groups which advocate hatred or discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ancestry, national origin or handicap are against the fundamental values of the educational environment of the Independent School District of Boise City.  The activities of such groups and their members are prohibited on school district property and at all school sponsored functions.  Such prohibited activities include, but are not limited to, the congregation of members, the solicitation or recruitment of members, the possession of group paraphernalia and materials, verbal harassment, the intimidation of others, the advocacy of discrimination and any other behavior.  Some examples include the wearing of gang colors or insignia, the use of language, codes and/or gestures that provoke violence or seek to advocate the purpose and objectives of such groups.  Disciplinary action may include suspension or expulsion.



The Independent School District of Boise City has "zero tolerance" for students who bring to school weapons, look a like weapons or other objects/substances which are a threat to the health and safety of other students, staff members or visitors, or are a disruption to the educational process.  Possession and/or use of these objects/substances at the elementary school or at any school sponsored activity without prior permission of school officials will result in in-school or out-of-school suspension.


        Administrative Procedure

Any or all personnel employed by the Boise School District at the elementary level having knowledge of students with weapons or other objects/substances which are a threat to the health and safety of other students, staff members, or visitors or are a disruption to the educational process shall notify the building principal immediately.  


Supervision is provided before school begins at 8:15 AM.  Parents should not dorp a child off or allow a child to walk to school so that he/she arrives before 8:15.  Students are not allowed in the halls before school unless prior arrangements have been made.

Student drop off and pick up is to take place at the street in front of the school.  Crosswalk assistance is provided for students.  Once students are dropped off, they will proceed around the north side of the building to our playground located in the back of the building.  When the first bell rings, students need to line up at their designated classroom location.

For student safety, the parking lot is ONE WAY only.  The South driveway is the entrance and the North driveway is the exit.  Cars cannot enter that loop to park in the parking lot inside the bus loop between  8:15-8:40 A.M. or  3:10-3:30 P.M. This ALLOWS the busses to use the curb next to the school and prevents children from walking between the busses.  All cars must be parked in a designated parking spot. Daycare providers drop off and pick up between the designated signs.


Suspensions from school are given by the principal for severe or repeated infractions of school rules and policy.   Parents will meet with the principal before a student will be reinstated to school following a formal suspension.


Out of school suspensions are given only as a last resort.  A suspension signifies that the student's behavior has been so disruptive or harmful that removing the student from the school environment is necessary.


Students are expected to be on time.  Classes promptly begin at 8:45.  School board policy notes that a 7th tardy per semester may result in loss of credit unless successfully appealed in writing.


A variety of testing measures will be used throughout the school year to provide specific data on our students. Data will be carefully assessed to assist the teacher in meeting student’s educational needs.  This data will also be made available to parents.  Parents are encouraged to contact the school if they need assistance interpreting this data.  

State/District testing includes:


Parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit school. Parents needing to talk to a staff member can request an appointment at any time.  An appointment is necessary since the teacher is not able to talk to parents while the class is in session and/or when they are preparing for class.  ALL ADULTS MUST SIGN IN AT THE OFFICE AND RECEIVE A VISITOR BADGE, before entering the hallways and classrooms.  Students may not bring visitors to school.  Non attending students are not allowed on campus at any time.  


Volunteers are welcome and encourage to get involved!  Volunteers can enhance education in numerous ways both at home and at school. For more information on how to become involved, volunteers can contact the school office or the classroom teacher.  All volunteers are required to sign in at the office and receive a volunteer identification badge. Volunteers are asked to sign out prior to leaving.

Jefferson Elementary School

Student - Parent - Teacher Compact 2016/2017

Sign and return this page.  Keep the attached information for your records.

This compact is an agreement between the student, parent, and teacher.  Participation in this agreement is essential for each child’s best educational experience.

As a Student I will:

As a Parent/Guardian I will:

As a Teacher I will:

After having read and discussed the Student Handbook and Compact with your child, please, sign and date this agreement.  Return this page (front and back) to your child’s classroom teacher and keep the handbook for future reference.

Student - Parent - Teacher Compact 2016/2017

Student’s Signature_______________________________________________Date______________

Parent’s Signature________________________________________________Date_____________

Teacher’s Signature_______________________________________________Date______________


Sign and return this page.  Keep the attached information for your records.

Student’s Name __________________________________________

Grade/Teacher ____________________________        Date ________

  1. My child and I have read and discussed the attached expectations for Jefferson Elementary School.  I understand what is expected and will support the school staff by discussing and periodically reviewing the rules with my child.

  1. In addition, I give permission for my child to attend field trips.  I understand that I will be informed of all field trips, and I have the right to withhold my child from attending at any time after notifying the teacher.

  1. I also give my permission for my child’s picture to be used for educational purposes such as Jefferson’s newsletters and our school website.  If no documentation is provided it will be assumed that permission has been granted.


Parent/Guardian Signature

I understand what is expected and will do my very best every day at school.


Student Signature


If you have further questions about this release, please contact your child’s teacher or the school office at 854-5260