Boulevard Manor Civic Association

DRAFT - Wilson Boulevard Priorities - DRAFT

The Wilson Boulevard Position Committee is seeking feedback on the following priorities. The priorities, gathered from comments made at meetings and from the listserv, are listed in alphabetical order. Once the priorities are established a separate voting process will place them in order which represents the will of the association. At the bottom is a time of day traffic statement which will accompany the priorities when then are published.

DRAFT Priorities

  1. Bike safety
  1. Safely ride a bike on Wilson

  1. Costs
  1. Minimize tax dollars spent on making changes to Wilson

  1. Cut through traffic
  1. Minimize cut through traffic between Wilson and Route 50
  2. Minimize speeding of traffic in the neighborhood

  1. Pedestrian safety
  1. Safe pedestrian crossings
  1. Livingston
  2. Manchester
  1. Safety walking on Wilson
  1. Locations were telephone poles make sidewalks non ADA compliant

  1. Traffic speed on Wilson
  1. Keeping traffic to the speed limit on Wilson

  1. Travel time
  1. Minimize travel time on Wilson
  2. Minimize wait time to merge onto Wilson
  3. Minimize backups on Wilson (this is separate from travel time)

  1. Vehicle safety
  1. Safely making a turn onto Wilson at
  1. Livingston
  2. Manchester
  3. Larrimore
  1. Safety going up/down the Wilson hill during inclement weather (snow)
  2. Safety crossing Wilson

Time of day traffic statement

“BMCA understands that traffic on Wilson varies based on the time of day and acknowledges that reasonable expectations for all priorities is time of day dependent.”