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Program Goal: To implement virtual strategies and programs to help businesses grow and become more efficient. We help negotiate Telecom contracts on a global basis and these negotiations includes wire lines, cellular and data.

Affordable, reliable phone communications solutions!

MaxQV Communications Consultation

  • A low-cost, hassle-free alternative to traditional on-premise PBXs
  • A reliable phone and internet fax service that is both easy to use and scalable
  • Delivers advanced PBX functionality for multiple locations and virtual employees
  • No setup or installation fees with low monthly service costs
  • Service and phones can be set up instantly
  • One number for all your phones
  • Take advantage of all of the features of without changing your phone number with Number Porting

  • Forward your VOIP to your mobile phone. Then, set up your VOIP number as a contact on your mobile phone and, from your mobile phone, set up a special ring tone and voice message for callers coming from that number
  • Voicemail as easy as email - get transcribed messages delivered to your inbox
  • Free calls & text messages to the U.S. & Canada and low rates on international calls
  • Customize how you treat callers by giving you the ability to play a custom greeting depending on the caller ID or send someone straight to voicemail.
  • People in your address book: this allows you to customize the experience of all contacts in your address book. This also works by exclusion. For example, you can set a special greeting just for people in your address book, or screen anyone not in your address book.
  • For anonymous callers: these are callers who do not have a caller ID. They sometimes appear as unknown, or restricted, depending on why the caller’s number is not shown. You can use this group to for example screen any call without a caller ID.
  • Set your account to "Do Not Disturb" for a predetermined length of time. During that time, calls will go straight to voicemail.
  • Customer support portal & management
  • Monthly bill analysis and reporting
  • Peak traffic studies
  • Feature optimization and training
  • Technology reviews and recommendations
  • Phone & User database administration - includes user extensions, phone groups, phone types, speed dial mapping

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