Corinth Holders High School

Process for Obtaining Parent Portal Access

We are pleased to announce that we can provide you with access to the PowerSchool Parent Portal. The PowerSchool Parent Portal gives parents and students access to real-time information, including attendance, grades and assignments.

You will be able to view your child’s information on any computer with internet access, your smart phone, or at the local library.  This versatility allows for easier access to your child’s academic standing.


Complete Online PowerSchool Parent Portal Application

In order to complete an online application, please click HERE. Fully complete and submit the online application form. If you have other children, you will need to complete this same process for EACH child at their site.

STEP TWO - (Please skip this step until Mid-September for Parent Portal.)

After step one is completed, wait 24 hours AFTER application is submitted and visit Student Services to present your photo ID to receive login information.


You will receive a letter at the school with an auto-generated username and password. YOU WILL USE THIS USERNAME AND PASSWORD TO ACCESS INFORMATION. At the bottom of your letter is your child's username and password for them to be able to access information as well. Please give this information to your child.

STEP FOUR- Accessing PowerSchool Parent Portal

Use the following link to access PowerSchool Parent Portal:

Click HERE for Parent Directions for PowerSchool App

Click HERE for Parent Directions for Parents with Accounts for Previous Year


  1. My phone PowerSchool APP won’t accept the District Code PTXX -- solution:
    1) Launch the app

2) Click on 'Where is my district code?' (under the 4 boxes)

3) Scroll to the 'Search for Your District' and click on it

4) Type the following in the 'PowerSchool Server Address' box: 

5) Click submit. (Once Submit is clicked, it should auto populate the code in the 4 boxes.)

6) Enter username and password

7) Click Sign In