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Haplogroup R1b, Lineage Group 5


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Charles Christopher Mitchell b. 1811 Warren Co. KY m. Elizabeth Bevirt d. 1881 AR

    James Mitchell b. 1848 AL m. Sarah Harmon d. AR?

        Rufus A. Mitchell b. 1873 AR m. Alice Putnam d. 1906? OK


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James Madison Mitchell b. 1830 MS m. Mary Ann Dear d. 1863 Warren, AR

    James Morgan Mitchell b. 1855 Drew Co. AR m. Laura Sturgis d. 1921 Warren, AR

        Almond Haygood Mitchell b. 1896 Cleveland Co. AR m. Sarah Belle Leona Coon d. 1923 Warren, AR


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James H. Mitchell b. 1811 Bedford Co. TN m. Susannah Turner 1817 d. ca. 1880 MS

        George Turner Mitchell b. 1840 TN m. Henrietta Margaret Hemingway 1836 MS d. 1897 MS

            William James Mitchell b. 1871 MS m. Nettie Spain 1875 MS d. 1963 MS


Kit 65730

Capt. William Mitchell res. Chichester, Sussex, England m. Margaret Boys d. 1658 Anne Arundel Co. MD? 

    William Mitchell m. Jane Biggs? d. by 1685 Anne Arundel Co. MD

        William Mitchell m. Rosemond

            William Mitchell b. 1700 m. Elizabeth Elliott 1736 Baltimore, MD

                Thomas Mitchell m. Elenor d. 1777 Alexandria, VA

                    Ignatius Mitchell  b. 1775 m. Sarah Mitchell d. 1853  res. Bedford Co. VA

                        Jabez Mitchell b. 1807 m. Eleanor "Nelly" Lynch 1827  res. Bedford Co. VA

                            John G. Mitchell b. 1830 m. Ann Eliza Turner Tate 1857 d. 1892 Bedford Co. VA

                                Elijah Bruce Mitchell b. 1860 m. Segasta Pearl English 1893 d. 1954


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Kit 709 William Mitchell Sr. b. 1728 d. 1807 Wilkes Co. NC

 William Mitchell Sr. b. 1728 MD? d. 1807 Wilkes Co. NC

    William Mitchell Jr. b. 1760 MD

        Jonathan Mitchell b. 1782 Wilkes Co. NC

            Anderson Mitchell Sr. b. 1807 Wilkes Co. NC

                Anderson Mitchell Jr. b. 1846 MO

                    Anderson Wheeler Mitchell b. 1886 MO

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