Frames and Columns 2018

Unpack the Crate

CAUTION: The frosted acrylic and finishes scratch easily.  Please handle with carefully.

You will need a cordless drill with a number 2 phillips bit to open the crates. Remove the red screws only. 

You will find something like this:

Set Without Feet: If your set does not include feet VERY carefully remove your frames, one at a time, and lean them side by side against a wall.  Please do not place them horizontally on the floor or any other surface. The frames should always be handled one at a time. Please do not stack them as they will scratch.

Feet for Frames

Remove the feet from the crate. The feet slide into the bottom of the frames so they can stand vertically.

Building Straight or Curved Set Walls

The frames are labeled alphabetically on the back.  Start with A.  Two people should handle each frame.

If you are setting up a straight or curved wall of frames place a foot under each side of the first frame.  Once the first frame is stable begin building your wall by adding each consecutive frame along with one foot.  It will look like this:

Bolting Frames Together

Frames bolted to frames use bolts labeled “A.  Hold the top hat in one hand while tightening the bolt with the hex key.

Columns and Frames

Your set may contain a combination of columns and frames.  To build this combination begin by placing your column upright.  Place one foot under the outer edge of the connecting frame and slide the frame next to the column.


Now bolt the two together using the bolts labeled  “C”.  Hold the top hat in one hand while tightening the bolt with the hex key

Corner Frames

If your set contains a corner, start there.  Bolt the two corner frames together and then build your walls out from there.  To connect the corner pieces use bolts labeled “B”

Just as with the column/frame assembly, attach the frames use the bolts labeled “B”.  Place the top hat and the bolt so the black bolts are closest to each other.