When you smile, the part of me in your heart will also smile.I will dream of the bloody rain tonight.Widowed before her wedding.

“When you smile, the part of me that’s in your heart will also smile.”

Name: Yukishiro Tomoe

Nicknames: None

Age: 18 at the time of death

Weapons and Attacks: Tanto

Love Interest: Kiyosato Akira, Himura Kenshin

Closest Friends: None

Enemies: Hitokiri Battousai

First appearance: Revenge Arc (Tsuiokuhen flashback)

Biography: Tomoe's life was changed forever the day her mother died while birthing her little brother, Enishi. At age eight, Tomoe had the responsibility of caring for her little brother thrust onto her shoulders. Due to having such responsibilities from so young an age, Tomoe's heart darkened and she seldom smiled and never laughed. The only one who could bring levity into Tomoe's life was her childhood friend Kiyosato Akira, the second son of another Edo samurai family. When they reached their late teens, Akira asked Tomoe to marry him. When Enishi got wind of the engagement, he flew into a jealous tantrum. Because of the guilt she felt over her little brother's jealousy, Tomoe never told Akira how happy she was to be engaged.

Taking Tomoe's silence as a rejection due to his status as a second son, Akira decided that he must be known as a strong warrior for Tomoe, then postponed their wedding and went to Kyoto to patrol the dangerous streets with the Mimawarigumi. While on assignment one night, he had the great misfortune to cross blades with Hitokiri Battousai, and never returned for the wedding.

Upon hearing the news of her fiance's death, Tomoe's heart darkened even more as she was consumed by guilt, grief and rage. In this state of mind, Tomoe forsook her family and home and set out for Kyoto to seek revenge on Hitokiri Battousai.

Personality: Tomoe is understandably very sad at the loss of her fiance. She is very quiet and reserved and is almost always frowning.

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