Special Soft Cocktail Range

A delicious, themed corporate cocktail will have your clients talking long after the bar closes.

Cocktail Bars

We are also able to offer speciality cocktail bar operations. There is a separate charge for a cocktail barman and the ingredients are charged on consumption.

Please ask for details.


Special Soft Options

Apple and Ginger Fizz        

Cocktail of Cloudy Apple Juice with Ginger Beer


Sparkling Lime and Lemongrass                                        

Decorated with Herb Garnish and Crushed Ice                  


Watermelon, Coconut and Fresh Lime Crush                                                

Decorated with Mint and sliced watermelon


Homemade Lemonade                                                                        

Decorated with Fresh Lemon and Lemon Balm (if available)


Orange and Cranberry Sunset                                                        

Made with:-

1 Litre Fresh Cranberry Puree                              

8 Litres Fresh Orange Juice                                   


Exotic Fruit Punch                                                                        

Served with lots of ice and if appropriate decorated with fresh Strawberries and Pineapple

Made with:-

1 Litre Fresh Mango Puree                                    

1 Litre Passion Fruit Puree                     

1 Small Bottle Lime Juice                                        

4 Carton Pineapple Juice                                        

4 Mineral Water                                      

Sparkling Elderflower and Mint                                        

Made with:-

Homemade Elderflower Cordial                            

Sparkling Mineral Water        

Garnished with Sprigs of Fresh Mint


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