Justice League: War Shotcast!

March 2, 2014


 This is the true story…of what happens... when seven heroes get together….to fight an evil alien menace…. things stop being polite and get real!

Justice League: WAR is the animated adaptation of the first story arc told in DC’s New 52 relaunch of the Justice League comic series. The movie comes very close to to the comic story while still being different enough that you don’t feel like you watching what you read.

NOT for little kids (younger than 7ish, I would say) the movie is action packed and could be a little intense for the youngsters, although did anyone else watch “Watership Down” as a kid??? THAT was intense for a youngling.

Justice League: WAR is another nice addition to the DC animated movie stable and a fun way spend some time...Check it out!

Hey DC, What happened to the DC Showcase shorts that preceded the main attraction from a few years ago? Let’s bring those bad boys back again!


Got an idea for a Shotcast! of your own? Let me know and we will see about getting you on the air.