Suggestion from Anonymous on July 31, 2017

Question / Comment:

What happened to the Find it @ Georgia Southern / Library Links option for looking up articles on Google Scholar? I noticed that Georgia Southern University is no longer accessible through Google Scholar's library links. I checked on multiple devices.

Can you please fix this so Georgia Southern's library link is available on Goggle Scholar again? Otherwise, this will kill my research productivity and I have several projects currently going on.

Please and Thank You!

Google Scholar Library Links for Georgia Southern University are temporarily unavailable. GALILEO is working with Google to restore this services. We anticipate that Georgia Southern's Library Links will be available again in the next couple of weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience.

For the time being, please conduct your search via our library webpage at Our discovery tool, Discover @ Georgia Southern, provides similar results to Google Scholar as well as direct links to the full text of articles and other resources.

Response update (8/31/17):

Google Scholar Library Links have now been restored and work with the new GIL-Find. Google Scholar Library Links allows you to access the library’s resources while searching Google Scholar. These links appear to the right of the item in Google Scholar and say “View It @ Georgia Southern.” When you click on one of these links, you will be given options to access the article through the library. These links will automatically appear any time you search Google Scholar on-campus. However, for these links to appear off-campus, you will need to configure your personal Library Links settings in Google Scholar. For setup instructions, please visit 


Suggestion from Anonymous, July 7, 2017

Question / Comment = For Faculty, has there been a change in the status of the online subscription to the New York Times? Starting in July 2017, clicking on an article no longer displays content but rather a message stating I have reached my limit of free articles and I will need to subscribe (at the academic rate). Yes, I have checked that I have correctly logged into my GS NYT account (on the message page, you can clearly see I am logged into my usual account).

Response: Please visit this library webpage for instructions to create or renew your New York Times account for the new semester.


Suggestion from Anonymous, April 1, 2017

Question / Comment = A predominant part of a college students career is the library and the things it provides. My concern is on days (weekends) when the hours are restricted, why must students leave 30 minutes or even 15 minutes before closing. I understand that on the weekends it is less of a demand and workers would like to go home as well, however 10:00 p.m. is 10:00 p.m. If the other reasons are for safety concerns then perhaps suggest over the intercom students move to the second floor or another beneficial alternative for everyone (with the students prioritized first). Another idea is to extend the library hours.

Response: We are sorry you were hurried at the end of our Library hours on the weekend.  Patrons do have until 10 o'clock to exit the building.  However, in order to close shortly after 10, the staff must start the process earlier in order to ensure all patrons are aware that we are closing.  Many patrons on the weekends are not aware that we close at 10, so announcements are necessary.  Again, we are sorry for your inconvenience.  Fred Smith, Access Services Department Head


Suggestion from a student, October 16, 2016

Question / Comment = I needed help registering for something so I used the "Ask A Librarian" link. I Spoke with Zack and he knew exactly how to help and I had my problem solved within 10 mins.

10 out of 10

Response: Appreciate your feedback.

Suggestion from Anonymous, August 8, 2016

Suggestion: Please put more new books for sale. Thank you.

Response: Thanks for your suggestion, but I’m afraid you are unlikely to find newly published books on our sale shelf. We only add books to the shelf (every Tuesday and Friday, if space is available) when we have donated books that we are not keeping for our permanent collection, either because we already have enough copies or they do not meet our selection criteria. People almost never give us recently published books, and when we do we usually add them to our permanent collection unless, again, they do not meet our selection criteria.

Dean Bede Mitchell, Zach S. Henderson Library


Suggestion from Anonymous, May 3, 2016

Question / Comment = I use the stand up desks when I need to print something real quick. They're pretty nice.

Response: Thank you for your comment.

Question from Anonymous, February 9 2016

Suggestion: Need public phone for students and community access.

Anyone who needs to make a brief call, such as to get a ride home, or make an emergency phone call, may apply to use one of the telephones at the Access Services desk.  However, we see no need for a public telephone devoted to social or non-emergency calls.

Dean Bede Mitchell
Zach S. Henderson Library

Question from Anonymous, July 20 2015

Comment: Just wish it was a quieter place to use the computers w/out children talking loud + interrupting while using computers.

Response: We are sorry you were disturbed by loud children in the Library. We have a policy which states that children must be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian, and in most cases the parents or guardians are able to make sure children don’t disturb other patrons. Most of the children in the Library tend to be near the computers set aside for community use. This area is on the second floor and it is not a designated quiet area. Nevertheless, we understand excessively noisy people are a disturbance no matter the age. Any time you feel others are being too noisy, please report the problem to the Checkout Desk.

Question from Anonymous, June 24 2015

Comment: May we please have some more iPhone 5 chargers? You should also have Androids.

Response: Thanks for your suggestion. We will purchase some of each as soon as the new fiscal year begins on July 1.

Question from Anonymous, June 2 2015

Comment: Why is there only one (1) person working at the Circulation Desk on Sundays between noon and 3 p.m.?

Response: Thank you for your question concerning Sunday staffing. Our current staff consists of four employees who are responsible for providing the majority of Library services for twelve hours between noon until midnight. That makes it necessary to limit desk service to only one person at times during each Sunday. There is relatively little activity on Sunday afternoons during the summer, and this level of service seems to be working reasonably well based on patron feedback.