May 2 Tuesday

P5 (120 minutes)

Volcano Presentations

Dante’s Peak

May 4 Thursday

P5 (90 minutes)

Mineral Notes

Notes handout

Mineral Properties lab

May 8 Monday

P5 (90 minutes)

Mineral Warm-up

Finish Mineral Properties Lab

May 10 Wednesday

P5 (120 minutes)

Mineral ID lab

Eyewitness: Rocks and Minerals

May 12 Friday

P5 (80 minutes)

Saturday May 13 Prom

Sunday May 14th Mother’s Day

Weathering and Erosion Notes

Weathering and Erosion Lab

May 16 Tuesday

P5 (120 minutes)

Finish Weathering and Erosion Lab, go over answers

Vocab (minerals, weathering)

May 18 Thursday

P5 (90 minutes)

Finish Vocabulary


Bill Nye: Erosion

May 22 Monday

P5 (90 minutes)


May 24 Wednesday

P5 (120 minutes)

Test corrections

Rocks notes

Rock type flip book

May 26 Friday

P5 (80 minutes)

Mon. May 30 Memorial Day, No School

Rock cycle computer lab

May 31 Wednesday

P5 (90 minutes)


Relative Ages notes

Superposition and activities in packet