Congratulations Troop 2

While we strive to be an honor troop every year at Camp Barton,

this year, we were recognized by the camp Barton Staff as

THE 2016 Camp Barton - Week 1 HONOR  Troop

Congratulation to our SPL and ASPL Owen Kelly and Josh Ryan.

With Mr. Martin Kelly’s foresight, planning, and carpentry skills, the scouts were able to build THREE picnic tables

for use around the camp.  The camp staff were thrilled.  Thanks also goes to Mr. Scott Ryan who assisted Mr. Kelly.

We also thank Matthew Stedinger and other adults who came out and helped during the week, or just had fun canoeing.

Our scouts were on good behavior all week: no out-of-camp incidents.

Troop 2 started the week by reading the

Declaration of Independence

on July 4th   (2016 as opposed to 1776)

from the dining hall steps. The rowdy crowd shouted their disapproval while some replied “long live the King.”

Clearly both patriots and loyalists were present.

The Canoe trip to Taughannock Falls park was great.

Owen Kelly was the only scout all week to earn Ironman. Owen also got top rifle shooter for the week - 89 out of 100. Great work!

Josh Ryan was the lone scout to earn the coveted Woodsman award.

A number of scouts earned various segments. Many of our scouts earned the “Camp Improvement” segment.

And for the final campfire, the two best skits of the evening were

Stagecoach Robbery

Died in the Ditch

which were our Troop 2 productions.

This year we were 12 scouts, including Riley M. who came back from Pennsylvania to join us,

and Jacob Williamson from Troop 48 in Lansing, who had a conflict with his troop’s summer schedule.

At Camp Barton / End-Of-Year Reflection

After the final Camp Barton campout Friday night, the troop had its own quiet campfire with a reflection on camp, the year, the troop, and the future.

There was strong interest in another bike trip this summer, or in the fall. Will try. We are scheduled to attend the Trophy Camporee in October.

2016-17 should be a year for going rafting again. Martin Kelly will look into Adirondack Mountain options (Black River). Or we can go to Pennsylvania again.

Being inclusive

A challenge we have had this year is to avoid cliques. That may result in other scouts who may be the only scout from their grade or school may feeling left out.  At camp we  had 12 scouts from 6 schools. And some scouts from the same schools were from different grades.

Scouting is a chance to make friends and have fun with other scouts, who are from other schools and other grades. School friends are great. But it is also a blessing to have good friends who are not part of your school circle, or your neighborhood. Next year we can all work on being more inclusive.

Report - EAGLE Business


Because of the auto accident that left Jake with a concussion and unable to work for awhile,

we applied for an extension beyond is 18th birthday. So expect a request for his project at the Cancer Resource Center soon.


Still need final eagle-project reports from Duncan McAllister and Andrew Kidder (senior who graduated).

If you see either of these two, ask them how it is going.

Next Year

The 2015-16 Scouting year has come to a close. Congratulations to Chester Pollack who was elected Troop 2 SPL for the fall semester, which will be here soon. Jeremy and Josh will be his assistants. Patrol leaders will be elected in September. We need to plan a bike trip. Others want to go to the Adirondacks. Mr. Pollack is looking into that. Anyone for a 50-mile canoe trip in the summer of 2017?  We are scheduled for the Trophy Camporee at Camp Babcock Hovey, October 14-16, 2016.

Six seniors graduate this year.  So our troop is smaller.  Scouting, and scouting with Troop 2, is what a great experience.  I hope we can all encourage more boys to join us. So look for friends of yours, or younger brothers and their friends, or neighbors.  Lets see what we can do for recruitment in the fall.

Yours in Scouting,  Scoutmaster Stedinger

Jery Stedinger

Scoutmaster Troop 2 Ithaca, N.Y

Woodbadge NE-III-133; Beaver patrol

Home: 607-257-8016; Work: 607-255-2351

CELL: 607-279-9688

Web Site: