In and Out Guide for Transformus 2016

The whole point of our In and Out plan is to get all you freaks where you are going as efficiently as possible.  If you are driving a vehicle, you are not stuck in traffic, you ARE traffic.  Be a part of the solution, not the problem, by helping out your community and sticking to this plan.  Get your car in, unloaded or loaded, and out, ASAP.  The fewer cars on property at any moment in time helps free up the roads for more cars to flow through.  Pack efficiently!  If all your things are in watertight labeled bins and you have a tarp to toss over them, your things won’t get lost, or wet, and you will feel better about leaving them in a pile while you go park your car.  Carpool, or if you have very little stuff, get shuttled in from the parking lot and avoid getting your car on property entirely!  Lastly, instead of getting road rage, offer to help out!  Volunteers are always needed for GTFIO, parking, traffic, DMT, etc.  We prefer you work shifts you’ve already signed up for, or stepping in when help is needed is always encouraged.

Entry and exit procedures for all Mysterians is essentially the same this year as last.  In 2015 we started using Transfer stations to assist the movement of people and things around the grounds, and should help keep all the freaks moving while reducing our impact to the land. Everything from Gate hours to Greeters to driving paths have small alterations so please read this guide carefully so you know how to get in and out smoothly! We’ve also created an interactive map for you to use to visualize the process: 

Gate Hours


 9am to 9pm

 Theme camp set up teams with entry passes and volunteers with shifts the following day only


 9am to 9pm

General theme camp members and volunteers with shifts the following day.


 9am to 12am

 Public Entry opens!


 9am to 12am

 Public Entry continues!


 9am to Noon

 Public Entry wraps up!


9am to 8pm

Exodus begins! You can’t bring in your car until you get a stamp from GTFIO


9am til...

Exodus continues! No cars come in without a GTFIO stamp

Gate hours this year will be strictly enforced, so plan accordingly. Arriving 5 minutes after gate closing means you won’t be allowed in until the next morning. Don’t forget your printed ticket, signed waiver and identification for entry.  All three must be present for entry. 


Daytime before 7pm, all transfer stations open.

7pm to 9pm, only Argonath, Eden, and Nutopia stations open.

9pm to midnight and all day Saturday, only parking lot station open, no cars drive in.


Important Tips!

If you want to make your entry and exit at Transformus as smooth and painless as possible be sure and follow these tips. They will make your life easier and help out your fellow Mysterians and volunteers.

Transfer Stations

Check the map and turn on the Transfer Stations layer for details: 

This year everyone arriving during public entry and exodus, will be using one of our 6 new spiffy transfer stations. This means you will not drive to camp, instead you’ll be diverted to the closest transfer station to your campsite where you will load/unload your gear.

Utility carts with attached trailers will be available to help haul gear from stations to campsites and vice versa. Most trailers will be 5x8’ and able to hold plenty of gear. These carts and trailers will each be dedicated to a single transfer station and be able to make very quick round trips to keep you and your gear moving.

For Entry: One member of your party (because you carpooled right?) will drive the vehicle back to the parking lot while the other member(s) hang with your collective gear at the station. If you don’t carpool, or can’t, never fear! Our GTFIO team will  be managing the transfer stations and keep an eye on your gear till you get back from parking. Utility carts with trailers will be on hand for you to load your gear on and will take your gear to your campsite nearby.

For Exodus, the process is  simply reversed: pack down your camp, load  your gear on a trailer, head to the transfer station, drop your gear there, get your GTFIO stamp which lets you get your car and drive back to the transfer station, load and leave.

Making sure you have all your gear in containers of some kind and not just loose will make your transfer station experience much easier. Make sure you have a couple of tarps to cover your gear and to keep it corralled in one spot. By flowing through a transfer station you are keeping cars out of the neighborhoods which can reduce our impact to the grounds and this keeps traffic moving, ensuring as little frustration during entry and exodus as possible.

We plan on having the main transfer stations at the following locations. Some small shifting may take place on site depending on weather, land condition, and location restrictions we may discover. Yellow areas are spots to park your car while you load or unload.


Located at the very beginning of the neighborhood, on the left as you enter. This area should be newly graveled to reduce the mud and ruts. A white 20’ x 20’ canopy will be here to keep your gear dry. This station serves all neighborhoods as an overflow station but primarily is for those camping in Argonauth, Narnia, and Eden.


Located at the turnabout just before the gifting tree, this transfer station will have a white 20’ x 20’ canopy. This station serves as an overflow station if needed, however primarily serves Narnia and Eden. Those camping in Avalon or Nutopia may want to use this station to make the drive easier.


Located behind and west of Darkstar Cabin, this station serves Nutopia, Elysium, and Eden. This station has a bright orange 10’ x 20’ canopy. There’s a gravel path looping behind the station for cars to pull off or you can pull up on the road in front of it (if necessary). This loop of road is open to Mysterians as long as we drive carefully and don’t damage the grounds in front of the cabin.

Burn Field:

This station will be located on the burn field. A bright orange 10’ x 20’ canopy covers it. This station serves Avalon, Elysium, Xanadu and Nutopia. Pull off to the side of the road or back onto the gravel. Be sure to unload quickly and get your car out. Caution: do not block the road and be patient, traffic on these roads are one way only and will switch direction as the traffic team dictates.


Found at the edge of Xanadu and Valhalla, this station has a bright orange 10’ x 20’ canopy. Pull off onto the gravel path beside the station or off the side of the road where possible. Be careful not to block the road! This station is conveniently located near the portajons just in case you have to make a quick stop after parking. Campers in Xanadu, Valhalla, and Avalon can load/unload here.


Located at the very end of Valhalla where the road splits to Paradise Plateau and Shangri-la, this station has a bright orange 10’ x 20’ canopy for your gear. NO cars will be allowed into Shangri-la at all, thus this station will serve that neighborhood as well as Valhalla and the Plateau. Pull to the side of the road or up towards the plateau to stay off the road while loading and unloading.

Parking Lot:

This station will be used during dark on Thursday and Friday and all day on Saturday or more if weather requires. When this station is in use it will serve all neighborhoods and cars will stay in the parking lot.

Gate, Ticketing, and Greeters

Everyone arriving at Transformus must go through Gate and Greeters before entering the city.

Day Specific Arrival Steps

----------Tuesday and Wednesday, 9am to 9pm----------

Arriving before 7pm

Tuesday and Wednesday arrivals are open to Mysteria Infrastructure and Theme camps only (by pre-registration and inclusion on a limited entry list). Want to get in early? Then volunteer for a shift on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday or be a infrastructure set up member of a theme camp. Volunteers are allowed to enter on the day before their shift so they have time to get settled and then get to work. Not sure if you qualify? Check with your team lead or theme camp organizer.

Arriving on Tuesday or Wednesday is the ONLY way to be able to drive to your campsite, weather permitting. Transfer stations will be open for your use but will not be manned on Tuesday and Wednesday unless weather calls for it. Feel free to unload your gear at the stations, particularly if you are camping in Shangri-La as NO CARS will be allowed into that neighborhood at any time, ever, period. We will have utility carts with trailers available to help Mysterians get their gear where it needs to go.

Once you’ve been greeted, head to your campsite, or as close as you can get while staying off the grass, and set up your camp. Note that NO CARS are allowed on-site after dark on Wednesday and all of them must be in the parking lot. The only exception being specially permitted vehicles as part of a theme camp, see city planning for this exception.  Please get your car off property and to the parking lot as soon as possible.

Arriving between 7pm and 9pm

You will not be allowed to drive into the city. Instead you will unload your gear in the Parking transfer station and you and your gear will be carted to your camp. This will help keep cars out of the city after dark. Exceptions may be made for certain large vehicles with significant amounts of camp infrastructure.

----------Thursday and Friday, 9am to 12am (Midnight)----------

Check the map and turn on the Entry layer checkbox for details: 

Entry 9am to 7pm:

Public entry starts on Thursday. Cars will not be allowed to drive to campsites except by special permission of the GTFIO team. Once your ticket has been scanned and you have been greeted, drive to the transfer station closest to your campsite that serves your neighborhood. A member of the gate, parking, traffic, or greeters team will make sure that your neighborhood is written on your car windshield so that traffic and GTFIO team can make sure you get to the right place, or in case you forget where you are going.

Once you arrive at a transfer station, pull your car off the road and into the indicated areas. GTFIO or Traffic team will help you figure out where to go. Unload your gear and stage it in the transfer station so it stays dry and gathered in one spot. Lay out a tarp over/under your gear to help keep the weather off it and to ensure your gear is identifiable and grouped. Our GTFIO team will help you keep things straight and will keep track of who’s gear is in which spot.

If you have carpooled then one member of your party can drive the car out the high road back to the parking lot while the others hang out at the station. If you don’t carpool then the GTFIO team will do their best to keep an eye on your stuff while you return your car to the parking lot. Once you return, by catching a ride or on one of our DMT carts that will be shuttling people from the parking lot, you will be able to load your gear onto one of the trailers that will be available at each station (or your friends you carpooled with can do this while you are heading back in). Each transfer station will have a utility cart with a pull behind trailer assigned to it. This cart/trailer will haul you and your gear to your campsite in the nearby neighborhood for you to unload and then head back to get the next load of people.

The GTFIO team members will make sure that trailers are loaded on first come first serve basis so everything is nice and orderly. While waiting for your turn why not help others load and unload their gear? Many hands make light work and you’ll make some new friends while you are at it. Also, if your camp is close, feel free to walk some or all of your gear over to your campsite and set up.

Weather and volume of entrants depending, we may shut down transfer stations friday at some point and instead have everyone unload from the parking lot. This will minimize the number of volunteers needed and make for smoother transfers if the number of people incoming is low.

Entry From 7pm to 9pm:

Much like daytime entry, you will drive to a transfer station to transfer your gear. However from 7pm to 9pm each night we will be shutting down the Valhalla, Xanadu, and Burn Field transfer stations. This way there are fewer cars rolling through areas that are heavily populated with people having fun. All entrants will instead use the Argonath, Eden, or Nutopia transfer stations after dark.

Entry from 9pm to Midnight:

All traffic will be stopped at the parking lot. You will unload your gear into the Parking transfer station and DMT will haul you and your gear all the way to your camp.

Friday from 9pm to 10pm is the Lake Effigy burn. Traffic may be stopped entirely during this time. Be prepared to wait if arriving during this hour.

----------Saturday 9am to 12pm (Noon)----------

Check the map and turn on the Entry layer checkbox for details: 

Unlike Thursday and Friday all cars on Saturday will unload right in the parking lot and then go park. No cars will be allowed inside the city on Saturday. Instead all the utility carts and trailers will be dedicated to the parking lot and hauling Mysterians and their gear all the way to their campsite. GTFIO team members will make sure that trailers are loaded on first come first serve basis so everything is nice and orderly. While waiting for your turn why not help others load and unload their gear? Many hands make light work and you’ll make some new friends while you are at it.


Check the map and turn on the Exodus layer checkbox for details: 

Every year exodus is a slow and often frustrating process. To help reduce problems and keep traffic moving this year you will not be able to pick up your car until you have packed your camp down and moved your gear to a transfer station. The major traffic snarler is cars parked randomly around the city, in the grass and in the road, while people pack up camp slowly, say goodbyes, and finally pack the car. Instead of doing that, say your goodbyes first, then pack up camp, and THEN get your car. That way all you have to do is drive in, load the car, and drive out.

Transfer stations will be open for exodus and will be used on a sliding scale depending on the weather and how dry the land is. Utility carts with trailers will be available to help you haul your gear to a transfer station then you can go pick up your car and loop through to load up. In some cases theme camps may be able to drive some vehicles to campsites in order to load large structures and items.

You will not be able to pick up your car until you have packed down your camp. GTFIO volunteers and select others will have an ink stamp which you must get on your hand or other select body part. This stamp is proof of packing down and will be checked at the parking lot before you can get your car out. Don’t waste time going to get your car without having this stamp on your hand.

----------Sunday 9am to 8pm----------

Daytime Exodus:


  1. Pack down your camp completely. No one can get their car unless camp is packed down first.
  2. Get your gear to a GTFIO transfer station or get approval from a roaming GTFIO volunteer. The GTFIO volunteer will have an ink stamp and put one on your hand (or place of your choice) as proof that you have packed down your camp.
  3. Catch a ride on a DMT cart to the parking lot or walk if you are feeling frisky. Only one person per car needs to go to the lot, this makes room for more Mysterians per cart.
  4. Show your stamp to the DMT driver, the Parking Team, and the Traffic team. All of them will be making sure you have it before letting you get your car and drive back in.
  5. Drive to your transfer station, or if given permission drive to your camp (weather depending)
  6. Load your gear into the car and drive out home. See you next year!!

Note: If you have very minimal gear feel free to pack it up and walk out to the lot. If you are a backpacker type camper then catch a ride on a golf cart.  You only need a stamp from GTFIO if you need to get your car back on property, so if you get all your things to your car in the parking lot, awesome!  Just go!  

Leaving after temple burn: If you want to stay for temple burn and leave after dark that’s totally ok. No one wants to miss temple burn! However you cannot bring your car on site after dark. Instead you should follow steps for daytime exodus above. You can park your car back on the road outside of the gate or back in the parking lot and walk/catch a ride back inside. Then after temple burn you can walk to your car and head home.

----------Monday 9am to Noon----------

Exodus follows the same procedure as Sunday daytime exodus above.

All Mysterians who are not volunteering and are not part of critical infrastructure must be packed up and out of Mysteria by 12 pm Monday.

If you are volunteering Monday or Tuesday the above exit time does not apply to you and you have until Tuesday afternoon to pack up and head out. Volunteers on Monday and Tuesday will be able to drive to their campsite or close to it (weather depending).

Entry overall Map.

Enter low road, proceed to proper transfer station, unload then exit high road.

Green lines = inbound path, Red lines = outbound path

Exodus Map

Enter high road, proceed to proper transfer station, load up and head out low road.

Green lines = inbound path, Red lines = outbound path