Spring 2017

Antique & Design Center of High Point

Exhibitor Procedures and Guidelines


Amanda- 843-422-0316

Chandra 404-428-0260

AnnaDell 336-852-5556

Herbert 336-965-8382


*It is very important to schedule your arrival time. Please e-mail karen@hpadc.com.

*Move in through our double doors at 316 W Commerce Ave, to unload.  All traffic will enter from Green Street, then Tomlinson.  Have your name and phone # and space # on the dashboard of your vehicle.

*If you use the Market Square loading docks, there is a $200 fee and be prepared to wait. This dock is used for trucks longer than 26 feet. Call Lynn 336-821-1535

for an appointment at this dock.

  *The ADC crew can co-ordinate a larger truck, directing it to back up West Commerce Ave., but only if other vehicles are not in the way.

*Dealer is responsible for paying porters at least $20.00 minimum per hour which includes unloading and loading trucks as well as set up help. Helpers are paid exclusively by your tips. The only exceptions are for moving sold inventory to storage or sold inventory to the customers vehicles.  The ADC pays for this service. Dealers are expected to pay helpers every time they receive their help, so please come prepared to have small bills to pay them.

*Any dealer living within 1 ½ hrs of High Point is encouraged to move their load in before Monday the 17th- to get it all in the building. Those coming from long distances have priority access in the 3 days before the show.

*We will have 8x8 storage spaces on a first come first serve basis for your boxes and back up inventory.  Each space will cost $190.00.  



*You have one month to pick up merchandise after the show.  After 1 month, there will be a storage fee of $150 per month until the month before the next show.

* We will be open officially until 5:00 pm on Wednesday.  If, for extenuating circumstances, you need to pack out earlier than this, please let us know when and why, so that we may schedule a time that works for all. Early loading out cannot be done during regular ADC hours.

*It is very important to schedule your departure time as soon as possible. Email karen@hpadc.com to request a departure time.  The schedule is made with consideration of distance to travel and other circumstances.

We need to know:

1) how many hrs. it will take you to have all of your items packed and ready in your space

2) how large your vehicle is

3) how many hrs. it will take to load your vehicle

4) how many hours away you will be driving                                          

5) how many porters you will need, if any

6) which day you prefer to load out- Wednesday or  Thursday or later.         

*You will be called when it is your turn to get in line. Any one pre-parking ahead of time by our entrance will be asked to return to the parking lot until they are called. Please always have your contact info on your dashboard for identification.


*During Set-up: Please coordinate any issues you need help with on your space with AnnaDell Pharr 336-852-5556   Help requests will be first come first serve. Please remember to tip your set up helpers each time one works with you. Waiting until the end of the show to pay each porter is problematic.


*All items must fit within the tape marker lines, including sticking out above the ground-up to 8 feet!

*Nothing can be hung on any LIVE pipes ie. Plumbing, electrical, sprinkler pipes- If you’re not sure, please ask.

*No dealer signage will be allowed over walkways.

*Any light fixtures, especially chandeliers, cannot hang lower than 8’ over walkways.

*Be prepared to supplement the lighting that you have in your booth. We supply spots and floods for equal lighting for each space at the beginning- If you need more, please bring your own or purchase them here. 50-75 watts is good.  Bring Light Bulbs and Drop Cords.  The skylight area has Halo tracks- The wood and brick has Inline. If you have extra compatible cans, please bring them along, too. Please Do not take bulbs, cans, or track outlets from other dealer’s spaces.

*Please bring your own tools such as nails, screws, hooks, hammer, screw drivers, electric drills, etc.  It is also helpful for you to bring enough trash bags for the week for your space.

*We have an assortment of ladders, brooms and vacuum cleaners on site, but they may not be available when you need them- Please bring your own (with your name on it) for instant availability. -there are 70 other dealers to share with.  Any borrowed supplies should be returned to our front office after use.

If you need a ladder, rolling cart or vacuum cleaner,etc., please contact AnnaDell  or search for it yourself. Please don’t ask the porters who are walking by to find things for you. They are usually working on something else and too much time is wasted when this happens.

*There is a Home Depot a couple miles from the show going north on Main.

*Any issues that come up during the show, ie: lighting, heat, water dripping, security or anything crazy that needs to be addressed quickly ---Please call one of us immediately! Don’t worry that it will be perceived as a complaint! We are here to solve your problems! If it’s not an emergency, you will be put on AnnaDell’s list and it will be taken care of in the order in which we receive the requests.

If any issue comes up concerning another dealer or problems with a customer, please contact Karen.  Again, we would like to solve problems as they come up.  We can’t help you, if we don’t know that there’s a problem.


*We provide 24 hour security starting Tuesday, April 18th at 6:00.  Please call one of us if you have any problems.  Also, they are available to let you in and out of our doors before and after hours if necessary, so please ask them for their phone #s before leaving if you’re planning to enter early or late.

*You must have approval for any parking by our entrance to unload before, during and after the show for any size vehicle- If you don’t have an approval from us, you are subject to being towed without notice…And please, have your dealer information on your dashboard at all times.

*Market Passes: You should receive an email from IMCenters about registering online for Exhibitor passes.  If you forget to pre-register, you can do so on Wednesday the 19th on the 1st floor of Historic Market Square at the information desk by the restaurant. You are already in the system and you can also get passes for your helpers or family there.

*Internet: We provide minimum WI-FI throughout the ADC with a combination of routers, but we cannot guarantee that you will have constant Internet available in your space.  Please do not rely on this connection to process credit cards.  We would suggest that each of you bring your own wireless hot-spot.  They can be rented at Verizon Wireless or you can have a hot spot on your phone.  Our building is very difficult to provide wireless access with the thick brick walls around us.  We will not be adding or moving routers during the show.

*If you would like a dedicated phone line in your space for credit card machines, this can be ordered directly through North State Communications-#336-886-7539. (You also pay them directly for this service) Just tell them that you are located within Historic Market Square in the Antique and Design Center and your space number. If you know exactly where you’d like it placed, please tell us and we can mark it in your space ahead of time.

*We hope you all have a wonderful show!  Look for our full-page ad in the Spring Milieu Magazine as well as the Designer Preview, Furniture Preview and Resource Guide.  We have been busy spreading the word to designers from the East Coast to the West Coast that High Point is a must for all of their design needs.  

*Get Social!  Please invite your social network (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc) to the show and share photos tagging Antique & Design Center @antiquedesignct and High Point Market @highpointmarket and use the hashtags #HPADC and #HPMKT so people searching for Market info will find you! Be sure to mention your location at the Antique & Design Center at Market Square.  You can abbreviate your location by saying for example,

 “MS-M 48 ADC”  or “MS-G 54 ADC” which stands for Market Square Mezzanine or Ground, space #, Antique & Design Center.

We have promoted our show at Design events, showrooms and antiques shows such as the Legends of La Cienega in Los Angeles, Design Blogger Conference in LA, NeoCon in Chicago, Design Miami, Maison & Objet Miami, Decoration & Design Building NYC, New York Design Center, Washington DC Design Center, not to mention the Nashville Antique and Garden Show, Brimfield, Charleston, Atlanta, Asheville and many more.  We are convinced that High Point is becoming The Place to meet all designer’s needs.  Make sure you read the blog posted on HPADC.com about the significance of Antiques and “one of a kinds” in High Point.

*We will be passing out APPLICATIONS FOR THE FALL  during the show and if you would like to join us, we require a 50% deposit before you leave to request your space.


*Remember that this is a wholesale show! 

Our customers are professional buyers and Interior Designers. If you offer a special price or discount, please have this displayed.  But do not have “SALE” signs. ie.. “end of show markdowns or big sale 50% off”.   Also make sure that everything is priced and tagged.

*Come and set up your space as early as possible.  Have your contact information in your booth available for early shoppers when you are not in your space.  We have designers shopping as they set up their showrooms, and our staff will not have the time to help sell your pieces or find your contact information,  when you are not present.

*Keep your space open enough for customers to walk through and touch.  Keep it sparse and replace sold merchandise with fresh items daily.

*Greet each customer ---and then try to allow them to shop quickly without too much interference---These buyers have limited time to shop with us and need to concentrate---Don’t talk yourself out of a sale!  

*We prefer that floral arrangements be fresh or real.  We have several places here that have plants available. Please, No plastic or fake silks!

*Parking: You can purchase a weekly parking pass from one of the lots on Russell Street.

*Dealers can park in our lower lot when setting up but must move off site when the show begins. Our 42 spaces are reserved for ADC staff and customers. (Yes, we know you buy while you’re here too, but that doesn’t count. ☺ )

*You should have received an email from info@highpointmarket.org

Follow the steps to list your business and the type of merchandise that you have so your buyers will find you when they are searching the High Point Market Web site.

 If you can’t find the email with your log in info, please email us at info@hpadc.com and we can get it for you.  

*Every night there are parties and entertainment in Market Square and in High Point.  Check out the web site for more Information.  Be sure to invite those you meet to our show.  http://www.highpointmarket.org 


*During Happy Hour we provide, beer and wine and whiskey drinks for our customers and would love it if you could supplement in your spaces with light hors d’oeuvres and beverages as well! This always helps to get the buyers to linger longer!

*We will have complimentary coffee outside our office for our dealers each day. If the pot’s empty, feel free to start a new pot!


*Every item sold must have the following information on it:  Seller, Buyer name and phone, Shipping information

*UPS is available on the ground floor for smaller merchandise to pack and ship.  Office is located  by the smokestack next to the Boiler Room Bar..  Call them to get a quote on pricing.   Ross Houston 336-316-0577

*Ampac - available for national (all 50 states) and international shipments --They can crate, or blanket wrap, and ship domestically and internationally. It is great to have someone that can do all the International paperwork!!  Kregg Kinnear  336-899-6077  office number 336-889-6617  www.ampacforwarding.com 

*JWS Transport - Michelle Fuertes  336-749-6358  www.jwstransport.com 

*W Design Services LLC– Call 336-474-0019 for information www.wdesignservicesllc.com

*Please leave your phone number and email address on each order so that the shippers can communicate with you. Also include all of your customer’s information! If an item is a Rush order with a hard deadline, please make it very clear to everyone!  Have each shipper sign off on your paperwork when they pick up from you.

*PLEASE REMEMBER:  The shippers we have on site have the insurance that is required in case of an accident or your merchandise is damaged. For other shippers you use, you are responsible for checking their credentials.


 *We are not responsible for shipping mishaps.  We will be glad to help assist as long as all the information that is needed to ship is left on the merchandise.


*If you need to have something removed from your space after selling, call your shipper and have them pick it up. Each shipper should have paperwork for you and it must be completed by you or your customer for pickup. Your customer also needs to call each shipper to verify payment before shipping. If additional insurance is needed, it, too must be paid for before shipping.

There are many other shippers in the area during Market. Offering you options within our ADC doesn’t mean that they are a part of the ADC. They are separate businesses and are here for your convenience.