United Nations Relief Team



Our Mission Statement

The United Nations medical department has been called into takistan due to the volatile environment and current warfare status. For the past year we have been stationed in Takistan to try and improve living conditions in addition of medically supporting the state. We are a determined group of medical professionals that are designated to helping any and all that require it.


UN Chief

Failure to comply with the rules, regulations and terms of membership will result in punishment and/or removal from the United Nations

Please Note:The Trainee Paramedic is an entry level position. The rank of Junior Paramedic is attained by successfully passing a multiple choice test given by Human Resources. Trainee Paramedics who have not taken the test within one week of their hire date will be removed from the roster.

Information About The United Nations

The United Nations Relief Team is a faction based in Takistan, the main focus within the specialist faction is to ensure that all people in the Afghani region are being treated with the best medical care that we can provide using the resources we have.

We aim to respond to 100% of all requests made however we are responding to an average of 85% which is a staggering response rate.

Although at times medics are pushed to the extreme with the lack of support, they make a good show of responding to all the calls they can reach in time.

For further information about the United Nations, visit a member of command and they will happily tell you more.

The main steps to getting promoted in the UN are simple just follow these steps


  1. Be active                
  2. Roleplay
  3. Don’t ask for promotions
  4. Don’t break SOP’s
  5. Offer to help
  6. Be polite
  7. Enjoy yourself
  8. Don't ask for aviation training (if applicable)
  9. Don't harass command



Always follow the SOP’S.


Always respect your superiors and follow instructions given to you.

Follow instructions given to you by TMPB when arriving on scene.

Do not go AFK unless you call 10-7 over the radio.

If any medic is seen disobeying the laws of takistan then NATO or TMP will pull you over and ticket you a fine.

If you don't pay the ticket then NATO or TMP will put you in jail for the crimes you have committed.

Ensure you have received the proper training before going on duty.

Medics that are online and not command have to get permission to go down south, if that means going into TS and asking a command member for permission!

UN are allowed to travel in pairs but no more than 2, same rule applies for helicopters.

Always obey all traffic laws in general, don’t break the laws(when on duty)

Never loot backpacks or pick up ANY items from the ground.

Always call out on the radio, when you’re responding to a call.

We are not a taxi service, Do not give lifts (Exceptions can be made for Casualties in remote locations without transport).

The UN Department is a neutral party, do not engage in conflict of any type.

Do not lend / give any other player money, you could be funding terrorism.

Do not lend or sell UN equipment to civilians.

Always ensure you are on the correct frequency (Short Range 33.4).

UN Must not possess any type of firearm and if you are found holding or firing a firearm you will striked / points immediately !

DO NOT ASK FOR AVIATION TRAINING!Command will select candidates to be trained.

If you arrive on a scene and a TMP/Nato asks you to “Hold on dont revive him yet”. Then give the officer at least 20 seconds to get ready for the revive. If he isn't ready then you may revive the patient because he might sustain further injury.

If you jump the border as a medic you will receive a suspension.

As a member of the UN you must be polite and respectful to civilians, TMP and NATO. If you are disrespectful or rude to them in any way you will be punished.

There is no medical custody. Always allow TMP/NATO or armed civilians to take a patient or ridealong from your vehicle.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning, further failures will result in permanent dismissal from the UN Department.


10-1: Unable to copy

10-2: Solid copy

10-3: Stop all transmissions

10-4: Acknowledgement

10-7: Out of service/AFK

10-8: In service/back from AFK

10-9: Repeat

10-12: Stand By


10-20: Location

10-22: Disregard

10-23: Arrived at Scene

10-24: Assignment completed

10-70: Vehicle Fire

10-76: En-route to (Patient Name)

10-78: Requesting Backup

10-81: Discharge of firearm

10-97: Medic Down

UN Standard Equipment

The equipment provided is for UN Department use only. Anyone caught selling or purchasing equipment for TNP or civilians will face immediate dismissal.

UN Standard Uniform

Clothing Rules

Please ensure you are wearing the correct uniform at all times. Deviation from the specified uniform could lead to a warning followed by dismissal from the department.


No Hat

UN  Uniform



Standard Vest


Junior Paramedic

UN Hat

UN Officer Uniform




Paramedic 2nd class

UN Hat

UN Uniform



Vest [MUST]

Paramedic 1st class

UN Hat

UN Uniform




Vest [MUST]

Senior Paramedic

UN Hat

UN Uniform



Vest [MUST]



UN beret

UN Command Uniform



Command Vest



Any Uniform

Any Gear

Assistant Chief:

Any Uniform


Any gear


Any Uniform


Any gear