Canal Tide Behavior Visualization

This web application allows you to see the level of the water in different segments of the canals in relation to the water level at Punta Salute at the same times. The water levels displayed were data for the time interval consisting of a full tide cycle. There is data for every ten minutes between November 10th to November 30th, 2014. This application demonstrates how the water propagates through the canals in relation to the value at Punta Salute. Click on the image below to go to the web page.



Credits:  This visualization was produced in 2014 by the WPI Venice Project Center Piera Alta Team: Rafael Angelo (Programmer), Andrea Chan, Daniel Hill and João Maurício Vasconcelos.  

Thanks: We would like to thank the Canals Team from 2013 for all the help in the development of this application, as well as for providing the Canals Hydrodynamics Model, which served as the basis for this application. We would also like to thank Georg Umgiesser, Marco Bajo, Elisa Coraci, and ISMAR for providing us and assisting us with the water level forecasts, as well as their hydrodynamics model, from which the water levels were extracted.

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