Patron Request for Purchase

Patron requests can be a valuable tool in collection development efforts.  The library is here to serve the needs of its patrons, and patron requests point out areas in which the collection is lacking.  These requests may serve as constructive, informed suggestions in the selection process, augmenting the usual library sources.  Patron requests should be accepted and solicited in an effort to ensure that patron needs are being met as well as to enhance the library’s collection.

The same criteria used for the purchase of new materials will be applied to requested items:  reputation of author, usefulness in collection, favorable reviews, patron demand, and timeliness of material.

If the requested item meets these criteria, and funds allow, the book will be ordered and placed on reserve for the requesting patron.  If the decision is made not to purchase, the patron will be notified.

Request for Withdrawal

The request of an individual or group to withdraw material from the library shelves should be made in writing to the Director of the Library.  This request should be made on the “Citizen’s Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials” form.  This form is available at all branches of the library.

The Director will provide instructions to the branch librarian(s) regarding changes, if any, that will be made in regards to the material’s availability.  The Director will communicate the decision in writing to the patron who made the complaint.  If the individual is not satisfied with the action taken, he may appeal to the Board of Trustees of the Copiah Jefferson Regional Library.