The Tolles Family
Our Family cares for Yours”

Island Terrace Nursing Home

is a well-known family-run business.

What makes the Tolles Family special?

Our Family lives where we work!




Besides our very short commute, the Tolles Family is always immediately at hand for our staff to seek highest-level first-hand assistance in critical life-safety decisions. This is a fantastic benefit to the well-being of the Residents who live here and depend on us.

Carol Tolles, Brenton Tolles, and Jemma Tolles are three siblings of Grant and Lucille Tolles. All three live in their own houses on the Island Terrace campus. The entire Tolles Family is effectively on-call “24-7-365”.

As children, Carol, Brenton, and Jemma started out in the kitchen as the first formative steps in learning how to run the nursing home. As they became adults, their responsibilities increased and they moved into positions that best suited their skills.

Carol has been our Marketing Maven and Director of Human Resources for over 25 years. Carol is married to David Singer, our "IT Guy." We use Electronic Medical Records (computers affixed to walls and mobile on medical carts) which requires a very secure network for privacy.

Brenton has been the nursing home's Administrator for over 30 years. Brenton is married to Jean who is a Registered Nurse and was in the past our Director of Nursing Services. Jean is now retired, but still helps with product ordering and Friday receptionist to greet our visitors.

Jemma participates in several departments that brings her in regular close contact with the Residents for meals and social activities.

Sarah Tolles-Chaney is the daughter of Brenton and Jean. Sarah is married to Brian Chaney and lives on The Cape, but frequently overnights on-island to participate with evening and night shifts. Sarah handles all aspects of the Payroll and a significant part of Human Resources as it relates to day-to-day management of the complexities of being Lakeville's second-largest employer.

The Tolles Family personal motto is "We are granted the privilege to live here, so we make sure everything about the Nursing Home is as nice as can be."