My term 2 goals

curriculum area


how will I achieve my goals




My goal is

to learn my 3x tables

I will achieve my goal by practicing at home

I achieved this goal by counting in 3’s  at home

I have evidence  because I have 3x in my maths book


My goal is to use literature circle

I will achieve this goal by taking part in literature

I have achieved this goal because I have been taking part in discussions of literature circle.

I have evidence in my reading book because there are questions in the story


my goal is to use a range of a punctuation ! ? , . ; ‘

I will achieve this goal by

using the harder books to

I have not achieved this goal yet

no evidence


powerful learners

my goal is to be responsible on the mat    

by not sitting next to people that distract me

I have achieved this goal

by ignoring people that distaract me

 no evidence


get better at my rugby

get better at maths

join a different sport