by The Fermentalists


100g water kefir grains

65g raw sugar (1/3 cup)

5g black molasses

1 lime cut in half

2 dried figs

1.5kg cold filtered water

100g hot water


kitchen scale

2L glass jar with lid

measuring jug


- Dissolve sugar and molasses with hot water in the 2L jar

- Add the 1.5kg cold water into 2L jar

- Add water kefir grains, lime and fig to the mixture

- Loosely fit lid to the 2L jar

Once this has been done, allow to ferment for 2 days, taste on the first day as fermentation time may vary. Once the batch has reached a level of ferment you are happy with, strain out the grains and separate the liquid into smaller bottles and put the lids on firmly. Allow to sit outside fridge for a further day to carbonate and move to fridge.

Be careful with the final bottling as the bottles may explode if not refrigerated in time.

Repeat the process with the strained grains adding them to a fresh sugar/molasses solution..

Secondary Ferment:

After allowing to ferment for a minimum of 2 days, separate your kefir as you would usually. measure out 750mL of the liquid and add 250 mL of your desired juice. Tightly screw on lid and sit out for a following day. Put some of the mixture into a plastic bottle and use that as a guide of how carbonated it is.

Email info@thefermentalists.com with any questions.