Early on in Genesis we find the Lord pronouncing a curse on the Serpent, the Devil, and announcing the perennial and persistent enmity between two seeds, the Seed of the Woman (the Lord Jesus Christ, as of the woman, Israel) who would end up crushing the Devil’s head, and a Seed of the Serpent, and the Devil would bruise  the Lord’s heel (Genesis 3:15). 

The Development of the Doctrine, the clues given in Scripture.

 A pattern is seen in Genesis 4:1and that is that a man first  knows his wife, and she then conceives, in order to bare (deliver, birth) a child. Pay attention to grammatical punctuation, for it is perfect in the King James Bible, and first notice that it is written, And Adam knew Eve his wife;’ (Gen 4:1). Then after that it is written that she bare Cain, (assuming in error that Cain came from the Lord), to immediately say that she bare (birthed) his brother Abel (Gen 4:2), a second child out of the same pregnancy, not twins (neither fraternal not identical) but of two separate conceptions in a single pregnancy (superfecundation).

The Genealogy of Cain, which is separate from that of Adam.

Genesis 4:17 records that Cain knew his wife, who conceived, and bare Enoch. Reading from Genesis 4:17 down to 24 we read a list of Cain’s descendants, list that does not coincide with that of the descendants of Adam.  Adam’s genealogy would have included Abel had it not been that he was murdered and had no progeny from which would come a line, for the line of Adam by which the Seed of the Woman would come resumed at the birth of Seth (Gen 4:25 to 5:5), of which it is written a genealogy separate from that of Cain. Notice that in Genesis 5:3 the name of Cain is absent, for Adam’s genealogy is resumed in Seth, whose own genealogy is found in Genesis 5:6-31, a line not having commonality with that of Cain’s.

The Corruption of the line of Seth by the fallen angels, angels of the Devil.

 Details are expounded  in the biblically mentioned but non-canonical book of Enoch. The matter is in Genesis 6, when the sons of God (see Job 38:1-7) came down to provide seed (genetical material) to the daughters of men, of whom they took wives (Gen 6:1-2, 4) and these women bore them children, who were giants, mighty men, men of renown. The key verse  is, “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men….”  (Gen 6:4). Immediately two questions come to mind, the first one being, where did the giants in the earth in those days come from? The answer is from Cain, for as the child of the Serpent in time he began to be a Nephillim, (which hidden rests have been found throughout the entire world, and taken over by governments) and from him came giants. Now Satan’s plan was to corrupt the line of Seth by a group of his angels leaving their first estate (‘kept not their first estate’), by abandoning their positions, stature, or official level, and moving to a new habitation (these ‘left their own habitation’) meaning an earthy tabernacle, a new abode of dwelling, came down to corrupt the line of Seth. This is recorded in Jude 6, and by their deed these lost their freedom, being now in everlasting chains under darkness, and awaiting the day of judgment, the punishment due them, which will come on the very last day of the Lord, at Armageddon. The same is recorded in 2 Pet 2:4, 9, and in Isaiah 24:21, 22. From their place of incarceration these will be cast down to the (Bottomless) Pit in Hell which at the Great White Throne Judgment, all the ones in Hell will be thrown together into the Lake of Fire (Rev 20:14).

And the second question ought to be, where did the new Nephillim come from? The answer is obvious for as there were giants in the land already that came initially by Cain, there were new giants of the corruption of the seed of Seth, the sons of God taking wives to themselves, so that all ended up corrupted ( excepting of Noah and his sons!). Brethren who read this, you actually are going to have to read the respective verses given if you wish to gain understanding of the validity of the proofs being given. But on with the doctrine.

But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

 By returning to Genesis 6 we learn first that the co-mingle of genetic material, angelic-human, not only violated or did violence to the way of God (Gen 6:12) which way He stated over and over in the earlier chapters, that all procreation must be according to its kind, (Gen 1:24, 25), but also generated degradation of conduct in that the progeny would be wicked, with every imagination of their hearts being evil continually (Gen 6:5-7). But God found Noah perfect in his generations (his 3 sons) for the corruption of the line of Seth had not affected them (Genesis 6:8-13) and GOD sent the Flood to wipe out all life but that which was saved in the Ark. The indication is that when Satan thought that he had outsmarted God, he failed to consider His Power to drown all life, but that of Noah and his family. The battle of the Seeds continued after the Flood (1653 years after Adam), for from the wife of Ham, Serpent Seed herself came new lines of giants by  their sons Cush, Mizraim, Phut, Canaan. The Hamitic lines listed in Genesis 10 give the origins of those lines that from the Bible we can easily tell they were giants in stature, as the Philistines (of David and Goliath), the later a descendant of Mizraim; from Canaan the Amorites/Canaanites and those listed as Rephaim and /Horites in Genesis 14:1-16, recorded as defeated by the Captain of the Hosts of the Lord (Jesus Christ the Lord) in Joshua 5:13-15.

The Children of the Devil, the Tares of Matthew 13.

 The tares among the wheat is one of the parables by which the Lord explained to his disciples, now that he had been rejected as Messiah the King by the rulers of his day, the progression in time till the kingdom of heaven would be, the Millennial kingdom where He would occupy the throne of his father David, heaven ruling on earth. In this parable we find that as the Lord sowed his seed yet was another time in which Satan sowed his own seed, those called in the context the tares, children of that wicked one (Matt 13:24-30; 36-43). The Devil does have his own children, as it is written in 1 John 3:10, and are called “children of the devil”. In the same breath, in verse 12 it is written, “Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one and slew his brother…” Cain is the very seed of the Serpent, who slew his brother because as the very Serpent’s seed, he refused to offer a sin offering (whole burnt offering or holocaust) for his sin, a sinless innocent’s animal’s blood for his life (Gen 4:4-7; Hebrews 11:4). But this should not be surprising to anyone for the children of the devil are adversaries, enemies of God as written in the Psalms, Thine hand shall find out all thine enemies: thy right hand shall find out those that hate thee…Thou shall make them as a fiery oven in the time of thy anger: the Lord shall swallow them up in his wrath, and the fire shall devour them…their fruit shalt thou destroy from the earth,  and their seed from among the children of men” (Psalm 21:8-10). The spirit of the Serpent seeds are unclean, are the demons, enemies/adversaries of God, for that is whom they are!

Indeed God speaks of their seed, exactly in Isaiah 14, where it is written the fate of the Devil (Is 14:9-18) and of his seed [Cain, Nimrod, Amraphel, Pharaoh in the days of Israel sojourning in Egypt (Rom 9:17 with Is 52:4, the Pharaoh is the Assyrian or founder/builder of Assyria; Micah 5:5,6; Abaddon/Apollyon of Rev 9:11)], and that fate extends to his children, as God says the opposite of what he says in Ezekiel 18:3-4; 20, that He does not hold the children responsible for the sins of the fathers  nor the fathers for the sins of the children. But in Isaiah 14:20-22 in referencing the children of the Devil it so happens that He hath prepared slaughter for them  because  the sins of their fathers! These children of the Devil, Serpent seed that they are, continuing in the same passage it is written that these will not rise, will not resurrect..nor fill the face of the world. The companion verses are found in Isaiah 26:13-14, where it is written that not only are these Serpent seed will not rise, but that God will destroy them all to the point that the memory of them shall perish! This is not the case of those of the Seed of the woman who do not receive the Lord Jesus Christ by faith, for these will perish to resurrect to a resurrection of condemnation (John 5:28, 29) and be resurrected to be  judged at the Great White Throne Judgment and by the ‘books of works”, and their names blotted out of the Book of life (Rev 3:5) will be cast down to the Lake of Fire 20:12-14). Men are wicked by a knowing about the Lord Jesus as the Saviour and refusing to receive him, a bible definition. The Serpent seed are all wicked by nature, for they are not on the same page as those of the seed of the woman, given that their names were never written in the Lamb’s book of life as told us by the Holy Spirit in Revelation 13:8 and 17:8.  Therefore there are two kinds of peoples, the seed of the Serpent people and the Seed of the woman people.

One must notice also that the make-up of one is not said to the equal or the same as that of the other. The soul-spirit of a person of the Seed of the woman comes from Heaven (Eccl 12:7) to where it returns at death,  while the soul-spirit of a person of the seed of the Serpent comes from the earth, for they are beasts (Eccl 3:21-22; also 2 Pet 3:2, Jude 4), not of the way of God.  In that all are creatures of God, as all life comes from the Father of spirits, (Hebrews 12:9; Prov. 16:4; Is 42:5; Numbers 16:22), for Satan can give life to no-one, not one! So the Serpent seed all have earthly spirits that by nature  are genetically unclean, and not because the Father created them unclean. . The physical bodies of both seeds, of the Serpent and of the woman are all from the dust of the ground, earthy bodies, and to dust all return, as the bodies of all animals do (Eccl 3:18-20). But there is resurrection to all of the seed of the woman, and as we have seen in John 5 the saved will rise to a resurrection of life and the lost to a resurrection of damnation or condemnation. There will not be resurrection to any of the seed of the Serpent for they not only will perish, but it is written they will be extinct, ceasing to exist (Is 43:17).

And yet there is more for the Serpent seed, by virtue that their bodies are earthy and their soul-spirits are earthly, can not leave ever the abode of the earth, for these cannot live outside the earth’s atmosphere and are restricted in their whereabouts. So, if you read or hear anyone saying that the UFO’s (actually fallen angelic activity) are the demons, you are hearing error in the adjudicating to the demons a space they can not occupy nor rise to.

One thing does come to mind in reasoning from Scripture is why God destroys the Serpent seed utterly,  but does not punish them eternally, for the seed of the Serpent are not to be held in contempt of God in the manner by which they came, not as the way of God, over which they had no control. On the other hand, these have no right to be here, for if they prevail in life, then it means that ‘that Wicked’ has thwarted the will of God in this sense and gotten away with it, overthrowing it in the doing of violence against his Sovereignty. It is right to destroy them all, and save none, for the salvation of the Lord is for his seed, that of the woman. Soteriological salvation from their sins again is something for which these neither qualify  nor any of them wants, by the nature of their own beings as enemies/adversaries of God, whom they hate.

Why did God not make it abundantly clear that there are Two Seeds in Conflict?

 But God has made it abundantly clear, even if the veil of the hidden things in the Bible are taken away by the Spirit that teacheth all things. Yet, there is a very good reason and it comes from the Book of the Revelation in which we come to realize that the seed of the Serpent is a tool in the hands of God by which to obtain good. And explaining, God will use the Ss in order to have them chase humanity of the seed of the Woman to Himself, to get them if you will to get off the fence of indifference and luke-warmness, and have them come running to his side, albeit if it requires a little chasing from behind by the Ss. From the very beginning of the Revelation, starting with chapter 6, we see that a fourth of the population is killed by the earth dwellers as the AC is released to go conquering, cause wars, famines, pestilences, all unto death. These Martyrs of the Tribulation are killed by the Ss and they run to Jesus Christ. Though God is taking the Martyrs to Himself as these die in faith, “who loved not their life unto the death” (Rev 12:11), preferring physical death than to side with those in opposition to God. These are saved by the word of their testimony, and overcame him (the Devil) by the blood of the Lamb. Be not surprised that God has kept them around so that the reluctant ones of the Seed of the Woman be convinced that life eternal in Christ by the redemption through his blood  for whosoever will  is that which God seeks so that no one should perish but all come to repentance.

Had it been known in recent past centuries that there was such a thing as Two Seeds, and the Serpent seed been clearly identified (which it can be, chase after the descendants of Mizraim, Cush, Phut and Canaan) there would have been the move or drive to destroy them physically by armed conflict, and not allowing them to be available for end times and their role God has for them, for the LORD is in control of all things. As well keep in mind that as God removes his own from the earth to whom He will give resurrection, the same does not hold true for the Serpent’s seed. To these who are not given resurrection, God will bring in time utter destruction to extinction, so that the earth will, by the time of the Millennial kingdom, be freed and unencumbered evermore by this Serpent seed: no more earth dwellers, no more demons, all fallen angels in the Pit, Satan chained in the Pit and Antichrist with the False Prophet in the Lake of Fire. A great work of God! I say, rejoice!

For Publication February 23, 2017

Of the BSB, DB/TitoSS.