Imagine Lincoln

 Public Charter School



4207 Norcross Street

Temple Hills, MD  20748 

Mr. Dallas Lee, Principal

   Mrs. RaeShauna Mboma, Academic Facilitator

     Ms. Beverly Botchway, Dean of Students

Table of Contents

Cover Page                                                                         

Table of Contents                                                                 

School Mission Statement / Vision                                                 

Arrival / Tardy Policy / Absences                                                 

Dismissal / Afternoon Pick up – Dismissal                                          

Delayed Opening and Early Closing Dismissal                                  

Immunization / School Breakfast and Lunch Program                         

Field Trips / Participation / Chaperones                                         

School Dress Code / Uniform                                                        

Uniforms / Hair / Shorts / Jewelry                                                 

Grading Scale                                                                 

Homework Policy                                                                 

Study Skills / Grievance Procedure                                                 

Telephone / Cell phones / Visitors / Bathrooms                                

Labels / Lost and Found / Computer and Internet                                 

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) / Student Rights                         

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices                                                 

Search and Seizure Policy / Locker are School Property                         

Seizure / Lost and Found / Student Code of Conduct Mission                

When and Where the Code of Student Conduct                                

Expulsion / Level I Violations                                                        

Example of Remedial Measure Personal / Referral Services                        

School Activities / Maintaining Class Progress                                


Hallway Expectations                                                                

Lincoln PTO / Fundraising / Conclusion                                        

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                        

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The mission of Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School is to provide students with a world-class learning opportunity by creating a caring learning environment, developing the intellect and morality of our students, and preparing children for lives of leadership in a rapidly changing world. We will work together to create a positive school climate, ensure a safe and orderly environment, monitor students’ progress on a frequent basis, and promote effective home-school communication.

The mission is best accomplished through high expectations for all students, staff and family members.  Therefore, to ensure success for all students, the school community is committed to fostering professional growth and development.  


PGCPS will be a GREAT school system recognized for providing education services, which ensure that every student in our diverse school district graduates ready for college and careers in a global society.


Our vision is to develop world-class leaders for tomorrow, create a safe and structured environment where students and staff, along with parents and guardians, come together as a community of life-long learners.

PGCPS Mission

To provide a great education that empowers all students and contributes to thriving communities.


The mission of imagine Schools is to ensure that all students acquire knowledge and develop the skills and understandings that will enable them to become productive citizens and life-long learners prepared to excel in a technology driven society. This mission is best accomplished through a structure characterized by:

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          4


Imagine Lincoln is a member of Imagine Schools, a national family of public charter schools that empowers educators in partnership with parents to prepare students for lives of leadership, accomplishment, and character. Imagine operates 73 public charter schools in 12 states and the District of Columbia. We serve 40,000 students nationwide by providing them with a challenging, effective program of academic study and strong moral development in a safe, nurturing environment. All Imagine schools are

tuition-free public schools of choice.

Each school is uniquely tailored to its community, both in curriculum and structure. Locally, Imagine Schools operates schools in Prince George’s County and Baltimore County, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, with plans to open more schools, in other areas, soon.

Imagine Schools is dedicated to helping parents and guardians fulfill the important responsibility for the education of their children. We operate Imagine charter school campuses where we teach, love, set examples, and have fun! Talented teachers and leaders join Imagine Schools because they sense the hope and energy of those who are driven, passionate, and determined. Parents recognize the special spirit of our campuses and students are excited to be part of schools where they are encouraged to take on new challenges, to explore new concepts, and to become people of character.

At Imagine Schools we celebrate the creativity, tenacity, and courage to take something good and commit to making it great. We are not afraid to try new things, to evaluate ourselves, to remedy and improve. We want students to share the excitement of creating and building something beautiful and enduring. We commit to love with abandon, teach virtue, and help our students to flourish in imagination and hope.

Measures of Excellence

Transparency and accountability are at the forefront of all that we do at Imagine Schools. The same level of transparency and accountability that is expected of Imagine Schools Non-Profit is expected of each of the schools operated by Imagine.

These two indicators are driven by the Six Measures of Excellence. We use these measures each year to grade our Imagine Schools based on several inputs provided by each school. Several data collection methods are used throughout the year to provide indicators of progress toward adhering to the Measures of Excellence.

Below are the Six Measures of Excellence and the methods used to collect the data that are employed to assign a grade in each:

Academic Achievement

STAR Testing

PARCC Testing

Stanford 10 (2nd grade only)

MSA Science Testing (5th & 8th grade only)

Parent Choice

Annual parent choice survey — This survey is administered in the spring of each

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          5

school year to all families. The results are used to determine the level of satisfaction that our families have with the schools we operate.

New student enrollment and eligible returning student re-enrollment rates — Parents who are satisfied with the school will generally re-enroll their children for the following school year. In addition, successful schools will generally have a high number of new student enrollments and wait lists.

Character Development

Successful implementation of a Character Education Program — Teaching character education is required in all Imagine Schools. Twice a year, we conduct school-wide surveys to monitor the effectiveness of these programs.

Shared Values

Shared values of Integrity, Justice, and Fun are at the forefront of the Imagine

Schools’ operating philosophy of “Joy at Work.” Ensuring that our schools and their respected leaders adhere to and teach these values to their staff is critical to our overall success. Each year we conduct a shared values survey with each staff member. This gives us feedback on how their school is operating under this philosophy.

Economic Sustainability

In simple terms, our schools are required to live within their means by financially breaking even each year. Receiving a high grade under this measure is conducive to operating a fiscally sustainable school. In order to do this, all school stakeholders need to understand the budget and do everything in their control to spend in alignment with this budget.

New School Development

Although existing schools aren’t directly responsible for developing new schools, they are expected to operate high-quality programs that will provide Imagine Schools with the ability to open and develop additional programs.

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School

4207 Norcross Street

Temple Hills, MD 20746

301-808-5600 office  

240-619-4890 fax

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Before School Care 6:30 a.m. - 8:15 a.m.

Breakfast 8:10 a.m. - 8:25 a.m. (in the cafeteria); students must arrive on-time to receive breakfast

Student Arrival 8:15 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.

Tardy after 8:30 a.m.

Student Dismissal 3:10 p.m.

After School Care 3:10 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Students are expected to line up on the sidewalk across the street and will be permitted to enter to the building at 8:10am.  Staff will not be on duty to support students prior to 8:10am.  All students will be offered breakfast in the cafeteria from 8:10 – 8:25am.

All students arriving after 8:35am are considered tardy and must sign-in and obtain a tardy pass to enter your classroom.

Dismissal will begin at 3:10pm.  The flow of dismissal will be as follows:

Van riders and walkers will be dismissed by announcement at 3:00pm.  Specialist and resource teachers will monitor student activity in the hallway.  Older students will be permitted to pick-up their younger sibling(s) as they proceed to the front door.

Car riders will be dismissed by announcement at 3:10pm.  All teachers will escort car riders outside to the blacktop area.  Teachers will release car riders only to student’s parent/guardian, or to an adult designated by the parent/guardian over the age of 18 years.


Students are expected to be in attendance every day. Regular school attendance teaches responsibility and establishes a daily routine for students. It is equally important that students report to school on time. There is no supervision before 8:10 a.m. for students who are not enrolled in the before school program. All students dropped off before 8:10 a.m. will be placed in the before school program and charged the daily rate. In addition, if the problem persists, a mandatory conference will be scheduled between the parents of the child(ren) in question and administration.  

Breakfast Drop Off

Morning Drop Off

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                  7


Students are considered tardy if they arrive after the school day has begun.

Tardy students must go to the front desk and obtain a late slip before being admitted to class. Parents must walk students into the school when the student is tardy.

Five (5) unexcused tardies will equal 1 unexcused absence.


Anytime a student returns to school after an absence, a note signed by a parent or guardian MUST be brought from home. If a student is going to be absent, please call the school office before 9:30 a.m. Acceptable excuses for students’ absences are illness, death in the family, a school sponsored event or activity that has been previously approved and/or a religious holiday.

Children who have excused absences will be permitted to make up any missed assignments. The student will be permitted to make up work for each excused absence per the schools make up policy. If the absence is unexcused, the student will receive a zero for all missed assignments, tests, or class projects. At the teacher’s discretion, makeup work can be provided.


After dismissal, parents/guardians must wait for their children in the parent pick up area of the school (rear of the building). Students that are not picked up by 3:30 pm will go to our After School Care (Springboard) for a nominal fee. Parents are responsible for paying all After School Care fees accumulated due to late pick-ups.

Afternoon Pick Up/Dismissal


If your child will need to be dismissed prior to the end of the school day, we ask that you come to the school office and sign him/her out with a school employee. The office staff will send for your child. Early dismissal ends at 2:30 p.m.  Following that time, regular dismissal will commence; any parent who picks up a child early more than two times without relevant documentation will be required to meet with school administration about the matter. Only individuals listed on the EMERGENCY CONTACT FORM will be allowed to pick up students from the school during the school day. A valid picture ID will be required for any individual picking up students. If someone arrives at the school to seek the release of a student and the person’s name is not on the emergency contact card and/or the person does not have valid photo identification, the student will not be released. Additionally, early dismissal after a field trip is not permitted.  Parents must

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          8                      

contact the school before 2:30 p.m. to change a child’s dismissal procedure for the day.  


An Emergency Information Card will be sent home with each child for parents to give specific plans for children during emergency situations. It is the parent’s responsibility to return the required card to school and to make sure that Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School has updated contact information if or when the emergency contact information changes.  In addition, the procedures for emergency dismissal should be discussed with each child.


If it is necessary to delay the opening of school because of inclement weather, dangerous road conditions, or any other emergency, which might arise, an announcement will be broadcast over radio stations before 6:30 a.m. It will also be broadcast on Channel 96 and various other television stations, and posted on the PGCPS’s web page – or After 6:00 a.m., staff and parents can also access the school system’s Voice Mail Bulletin Board by calling (301) 952- 6000. Wait for the opening message, and then press number 1. A recorded message will indicate delayed openings or school closings. In addition, the school system’s cable television station, Channel 96, will broadcast a “crawl” message. TWO-HOUR DELAY: Schools will begin two hours later than normal. All fieldtrips will be cancelled. EARLY CLOSING FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER, EMERGENCIES, AND OTHER PROBLEMS – Dismissal of schools prior to the regular closing time: An announcement will be made prior to 10:15 a.m. if possible. All after-school activities and events will be cancelled. Food services will provide breakfast and lunch.


The importance of regular attendance cannot be over emphasized, however, students should not be sent to school when they are ill. If a student becomes ill during the school day and it appears that they would be best cared for at home, a parent will be contacted to pick the student up. Those sent home with fever, vomiting or diarrhea should not return to school until they have been free of each symptom for 24 hours.

School personnel must be notified of any student’s chronic illness (i.e. asthma, diabetes, heart conditions or seizures) or new diagnosis. This heightens awareness in case of emergency. Please keep the school informed of phone number changes and emergency contact information.  


Medicines, including over-the-counter ones are forbidden in school. If it becomes absolutely necessary that a child takes medicine while he/she is in school the parent must provide a signed Physician’s Authorization Form for medicine to the school nurse along with the labeled medication. The label must match the form signed by the child’s physician. This form can be obtained through the Prince George's County Public Schools website at via Health Services or from the school nurse. All medications are secured and will only be administered by the school nurse or the Certified Medication Technician.


The Procedures listed below will be followed for an injured student:
1.  Teachers will send the student to the nurse’s office if the injury is minor.

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          9

  1. Teachers will notify the nurse’s office if the student is unable to be moved.
  2. Trained personnel will administer basic first aid.
  3. The parent (s) will be called and the injury described.  For a minor injury, the parent will make the decision about removing the student from the school.  Emergency contact persons will be called if the parent cannot be reached.
  4. The paramedics will be called for critical injuries that require the type of care that school personnel cannot offer and the parent or emergency contact will be notified.
  5. An accident report will be completed and filed for every major accident.


Students entering the school system must be compliant with their immunizations, unless exempt for religious or medical reasons. If not, they are given 20 calendar days to become compliant before being excluded from school. For a list of recommended immunizations per grade level or immunization catch up schedule you may access the section for parents under Health Services on the Prince Georges County Public School website at or see the school nurse.

Overall, all families updating immunizations must include:


ILPCS participates in the Maryland Meals For Achievement (MMFA) Classroom Breakfast Feeding Program for the 2015-2016 school year school.  Our school is one of 95 participating schools in Prince George’s county.  Classroom breakfast programs like MMFA are credited with improving students’ academic achievement, behavior, and well-being. The program allows breakfast to be offered to all students in the classroom at no cost to the students regardless of eligibility status. State funding helps to cover the costs of providing a free breakfast.


The lunch program remains to be of cost and allows for students to purchase healthy, balanced school lunches (using the prescribed information above).   Occasionally, students lose or forget lunch or lunch money and will report to the office after opening exercises (before 9:00 a.m.) for support. A parent will then be contacted and asked to deliver the money or a lunch to school. NO LUNCH CHARGES can be made since public funds do not allow schools to extend credit.  Students are not allowed to bring sodas or candy to school. Any soda or candy bought to school will be discarded. Parents are not permitted to bring fast food to school that is to be consumed in the cafeteria.  Only family planned lunches (with Admin approval) can be eaten in the cafeteria in lieu of the school provided hot lunch.  


All parents are encouraged to pre-pay for lunch monthly. This can be done online at or with the school cafeteria manager. However, if lunch money can not be obtained in a timely fashion students will be issued the PGCPS county

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          10                                                                

prescribed lunch options when students don’t have lunch money (i.e cheese sandwich, milk, etc.).

MySchoolBucks, owned and operated by Heartland Payment Systems, is an online payment service that provides parents the ability to securely pay for meals, monitor student cafeteria purchases, make tuition payments for Before and After School Extended Learning programs, and receive email notifications for low account balances. With MySchoolBucks, payments can be made 24/7 using a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, credit or debit card, and mobile app. - See more at:


An application for Free or Reduced Price meals will be sent home with students on the first day of school.  Parents must apply for this benefit annually. It should be completed and returned to the office as soon as possible. Notification pertaining to qualification for free/reduced lunch will be sent promptly.


Monthly breakfast and lunch menus will be sent home at the beginning of each week and/or month in the Monday folder (at the teacher’s discretion).  As an added convenience, parents may view breakfast and lunch menus online at  


Lunch time is a time when students enjoy socializing with other classmates and friends, however, students are expected to use proper table manners during the consumption of meals.  Student lunch periods are 30 minutes in length. Students are required to remain silent during the final 10 minutes of the lunch period in order to finish eating, trash collection and to prepare to return to class.


Student Breakfast $1.60

Elementary Full Priced Lunch  $2.75 (K-5); Secondary Lunch $3.00 (6-8); Adult lunch $4.50

Elementary Reduced Priced Lunch  $0.40 (K-5); Secondary Reduced Lunch $0.40 (6-8)

Milk  $0.55

NOTE: Due to health department regulations no outside food is permitted for student breakfast or lunch that was not prepared at home or school.



Participation in field trips is a privilege. Students serve as representatives of the school.  We ask that each parent review proper behavior with your child to ensure the safety of all students. If a student has a pattern of disruptive behaviors, he/she will not be permitted to attend school sponsored field trips. All students are required to be in full school uniform on field trip days. Any student that is not in full school uniform the day of a field trip will not be permitted to attend and will not be provided a refund (unless prior

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                                11                                                        

approval from administration is provided or indicated by the teacher).  Eagle buck balances will also be required for field trip participation.  


Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School will seek to provide experiences beyond the classroom walls in the form of field trips.  Parents may be asked to assist the teacher as chaperones. Parents serving in this capacity may not have other children accompany them. Additionally, all chaperones must have a background check completed with the PGCPS security office prior to requesting a chaperone assignment.


Written permission must be given for students to participate in field trips. A field trip permission slip will be sent home with details about the trip that will take place. Please make sure that you send the forms back in a timely manner so that we can adequately prepare for the field trip. Without a signed field trip permission slip and/or money, the student will not be permitted to participate. Permission slips and/or money submitted after the advertised date will not be accepted.  Please be mindful of the date to return permission slips and money, as late payments cannot be accepted.


All field trips must be paid with cash or a money order.  Sorry we cannot accept checks. Payment plans are accepted as long as final payment is made by due date.  


Early dismissal after a field trip is strictly prohibited.


Students not attending the field will be divided into another classroom and expected to complete a review work packet.


Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School is a uniform school. A higher standard of dress encourages greater respect for individuals, students and others, and results in a higher standard of behavior. Our dress code guidelines indicate appropriate school dress during normal school days. Imagine Lincoln reserves the right to interpret these guidelines and/or make changes during the school year.  Students are expected to follow these guidelines. Every student in attendance shall wear the school uniform.  


Any student who is partially out of uniform will receive a uniform demerit. Any student that is missing a major component of the school uniform will not be admitted and/or allowed to remain in school. In the unfortunate event that this happens a parent (s) will be contacted and expected to bring the appropriate uniform to school immediately.  

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          12

Student uniforms are checked regularly after student arrival (i.e. 8:45am). If a student receives a uniform infraction, he/she will face consequences for that particular day the infraction was issued. Uniform violations will be accounted for in Class DOJO and it will notify the parents of the violation and a report will be generated for uniform violations by grade level and from that detention notices will be generated.  

If a student comes to school out of uniform, a parent will be required to bring the correct uniform to school.


White short or long sleeve oxford with logo to be worn with Khaki pants, shorts or red/white/blue necktie and red cardigan, pullover or vest with school logo.

Dress/casual shoes must also be worn at all times.  However, for the 2015-2016 school year all athletic shoes are permitted (black and brown still preferred).


White short or long sleeve oxfords with logo to be worn with Khaki pants, shorts (no skirts or skorts), white short or long peter pan blouse worn only with red/white/blue plaid jumper, red/white/blue cross bow tie and navy tights.  

Dress/casual shoes must also be worn at all times (sandals not allowed). However, for the 2016-2017 school year all athletic shoes are permitted (black and brown still preferred).


White short and long sleeve oxfords with logo to be worn with khaki pants or shorts, red/white/blue necktie and red cardigan, pullover or vest with school logo.

Dress/casual shoes must also be worn at all times (sandals not allowed). However, for the 2016-2017 school year all athletic shoes are permitted (black and brown still preferred).

Note: Capri’s are NOT permitted.  


Hair must be neat and clean with no “unnatural” colors (i.e. fluorescent, bright green, Mohawks, etc.).  No hats or bandanas may be worn.  Any hairstyle or headpiece (i.e. headbands should be modest) that is deemed disruptive to the learning environment by school administration is strictly prohibited.  Hair or hair accessories worn by students should not become a distraction to the learning environment: preferred plain red, white, blue, or black headbands with no accents.


Khaki uniform shorts may be worn for boys or girls from the start of the school year until October 1 and from April 15 to the end of the school year. Students are expected to wear all of the other components of the school uniform with the shorts.


Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                                                        13

Excessive and expensive jewelry is not permitted. Students with nose, lip and facial piercing will be required to remove the jewelry while attending school or any school related event. Earrings must be no larger than dime-sized and studs are preferred. Necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc. must be simple and only one necklace, watch or bracelet is to be worn at a time.  All jewelry should be modest and should not be a distraction to the school uniform (i.e. Oversized BRAT necklace).  

Recommended Purses: All student purses recommended to be no larger than an 8x10 in. piece of paper.


There is no PE uniform.  All Students are permitted to change into tennis shoes for physical education class. The school is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  



Parents or guardians should submit a copy of any legal documents, which indicate who has legal custody of the child and their school records.  This will be kept in his/her permanent student file.  In the absence of legal documentation, school officials will only release the student

and/or records to those individuals whose name appears on the student’s data card.  This process must be completed annually with the registra on record.  


The revised Family Rights and Privacy Act became a Federal law in November 1974.  The intent of this law is to protect the accuracy and privacy of student educational records.  Without your prior consent, only you and authorized individuals having legitimate educational interest will have access to your child’s educational records.  In special instances, you may waive this right of access to allow other agencies working with your child to have access to those records.


Parents/guardians are encouraged to check their children’s grades, attendance and disciplinary actions on SchoolMax.  You can access the SchoolMax Family Portal database from the PGCPS website’s homepage.  Contact the professional school counselor to obtain login access.


Grades K and 1


  1. In reporting to parents/guardians, a grade is used to indicate the performance of each pupil in relation to the attainment of learning outcomes and approved curriculum.
  2. A student enrolled for twenty-one (21) days or more after the start of the quarter must receive a grade for that grading period.
  3. The grades of students who transfer into Prince George's County Public Schools from an accredited/approved school will be averaged with grades earned at Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School for similar subjects to determine a marking period grade.  If necessary, questions

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                                                 14                                  


  1. about transfer students’ grades will be referred to the Division of Academics.
  2. Interpretation of the meaning of grades as they appear on the report card are as follows:

Kindergarten and Grade 1

PR= Proficient- child can reliably demonstrate indicator.

IP= In Process-child demonstrates indicator with assistance.

ND= Needs development-child does not demonstrate indicator.

TL= To be taught later.

Grades 2-5

A= Excellent Progress at the level of instruction indicated 90-100%

B= Above Average progress at the level of instruction indicated 80-89%

C= Average progress at the level of instruction indicated 70-79%

D= Below Average progress at the level of instruction indicated 60-69%

E= Unsatisfactory progress (failure) at the level of instruction indicated below 60%.

All Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School students are required to meet the Prince George's County Public School System requirements for promotion to the next grade.

For more information on the PGCPS Promotional Policy visit

Honor Roll for Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School is A’s and B’s in all subject areas on the report card in a quarter.  Principal’s List for Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School is all A’s in every subject area on the report card in a quarter.


The purpose of homework is to reinforce important skills that were taught throughout the day and develop good study habits in children early on in their academic lives.

Guidelines for Homework

The National PTA recommendations fall in line with general guidelines suggested by researchers include: 10-20 minutes per night in the first grade, and an additional 10 minutes per grade level thereafter (i.e. 20 minutes for second grade, 120 minutes for twelfth).  

Additionally, a student that does not complete class work in class during the scheduled time may have to complete class work as an additional homework assignment.

These times are a guide and are based on the average child’s ability and on concentrated, undistracted time for doing homework. There will be occasions when the homework assignment may take less time one day and may take slightly more time on another day.  By keeping children on a regular study routine, it will establish academic discipline while enhancing reading and writing skills.

Each student will be given time during class to write their homework assignments in their Daily Agenda books so it is the sole responsibility of the student to make sure that he/she has written down the correct homework assignment. After

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                                                   15

completing the homework assignment, the parent/guardian(s) should review the assignment and sign the daily agenda book.  If a child does not understand the home assignment after trying to complete it at home, there are several places that provide homework assistance to students. By using the following web address, you will be directed to several sites that are recommended by PGCPS. _resources.html

Homework should be completed by students.  Parents may help in the following ways:

If the student is still unable to complete the assignment, please contact your child’s teacher for further clarification/assistance.


Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School takes educating our students very seriously. Here are a few tips on how parents can assist their child work toward academic success. Please make sure your child does the following:


If a student or his/her parents feel they have a grievance or complaint they should do the following:

  1. Carefully analyze the problem-be sure that you have all of the FACTS from all parties involved.
  2. Arrange a conference with the teacher (s) involved.
  3. If not resolved, arrange a conference with the school administration.



Parents are encouraged to volunteer 40 hours per two family households. Single parent households are encouraged to volunteer 15 hours per school year. Parents have many opportunities to volunteer their time both at school and at home. Any

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                                                16

parent (s) interested in volunteering at the school should speak with your child’s teacher first.

In order to volunteer in a classroom parents must be fingerprinted at the PGCPS Board of Education.


Communication is absolutely essential for success in any human endeavor. The Imagine Lincoln Public Charter administrative team and staff recognize this and strive to facilitate open and frequent communication with parents at all times.

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School communicates between school and home via:

  1. Wednesday folders
  2. Class Dojo communications
  3. Principal Newsletters or email communications
  4. ILPCS Website postings
  5. Daily student agenda books
  6. SchoolMax Parent Portal
  7. Parent/Teacher conferences
  8. Progress Reports
  9. Report Cards
  10. Telephone calls
  11. Email
  12. Administrative Meet and Greet opportunities
  13. Family Surveys
  14. Student Surveys

From time to time, surveys will be sent home to ask your opinion. Additionally, the End of the Year Survey will be conducted and your participation is crucial so that the school can determine areas that are working well and areas that need improvement.

In addition to the report cards and conferences, school correspondence will be sent home in a folder on Monday from your child’s teacher. The parent/guardian will be asked to sign and return.  All students will receive Monday folders, which contain important notices for parents and students. Students should return the folders to their homeroom teacher at the beginning of the following week.

Your child’s agenda book is the teacher’s primary means of communicating to you homework assignments, daily student behavior, test scores, etc. It is imperative that you ensure that your child has his/her agenda book each day and that you check your child’s agenda book daily for teacher correspondence.  Please make sure that you check your child’s backpack daily for informal notes from the teachers or from our staff.

Please feel free to consult with your child’s teacher regarding any questions that you may have. It is the desire of the Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School administrative team and the faculty to be of service to both parent and student, and every teacher welcomes the opportunity to speak with any parent about their child’s progress. We do urge, however, that such visits be made by making an appointment with the teacher at a convenient time before or after school hours.  Parents are asked not to meet with a teacher before or after class unless a conference has been scheduled.

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          17

School sponsored parent conferences will be scheduled twice per year for each student.  It is important that every attempt be made to attend these meetings to keep abreast of the progress of your child. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please contact the school to reschedule for a more convenient time.


The school has a business telephone to help transact the business of the school and the lines must be kept open. Students may not use the telephone except for emergencies with Administrative approval.

It is difficult to deliver a personal message to an individual student without interrupting the instructional program. Please do not ask the staff to deliver messages to students except in an emergency.

All cell phones need to be powered off during school hours and can only be used before and after school by the student, unless provided other direction from the school team (i.e. teacher, administrator).  To eliminate all cellphone distractions throughout the school day the following regulations will be practiced:


For the safety and protection of all students, visitors (including parents) must sign-in out in the office, leave identification, and obtain a written pass before proceeding to a classroom.  Formal fingerprints and background checks through PGCPS is required for all participation in classroom visits, and classroom supports.  

Parent and Community Volunteers are ALWAYS welcomed at Imagine Lincoln PCS.  In an effort to maintain this partnership, it is a PGCPS' annual requirement that interested individuals must complete the fingerprinting process.  This includes but not limited to field trips, classroom assistance, shadows, and etc.  Please find the below information to further assist you with completing this process:

The Fingerprinting Office

14201 School Lane
Temporary 472 (rear of building)
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

NOTE: Office Hours are Monday through Friday, 8AM to 11:45AM and 12:30PM to 3:45PM

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          18

Chaperones for a day are only required to undergo the background check.  For an overnight fieldtrip, chaperones must complete a full fingerprint background check and form.

Costs of these Services are: Fingerprinting ($63.82); Commercial Background Check ($7.00)

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, Visa, Mastercard and money orders.  Personal checks are not accepted.  Full cooperation will enable the school to provide a safe and orderly learning environment for all students.


The textbooks issued for student use is the responsibility of the student and/or parent.  Any damaged or lost books must be paid for before another book is issued for student use. Any student who has not paid for a lost book will not be permitted

to participate in school activities, field trips, dances, etc. if they have an outstanding lost book debt.  Parents that are interested in purchasing a textbook for student use at home should contact a school administrator.

Students will be expected to provide all basic supplies such as paper, pencils, crayons, rulers, scissors, markers, glue, etc. Any additional supply needs will be requested in writing by the classroom teacher. Please help your child come prepared for school by packing his/her homework and supplies in the evening to avoid the last minute morning rush. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to check and be sure that everything needed for the next day has been packed.


Students will follow the classroom teacher’s procedures for bathroom use; however, the teacher is required to limit student bathroom use during instruction and to monitor student behavior during these times. Students must have a Bathroom Pass when using the bathrooms.

Students will:

- Use the facilities properly

- Keep the noise down

- Return to class promptly

Students caught defacing school property in the bathrooms or exhibiting other inappropriate behavior will be subject to disciplinary action as determined by the Code of Student Conduct and school administration. Students are not allowed to use the bathroom the first 10 minutes of the class for attendance purposes.  Only students who provide medical documentation will be allowed to use the bathroom outside of the bathroom standards.


Please label all personal property such as: lunch boxes, sweaters, raincoats, uniforms, etc.  Unfortunately, it is not the school’s responsibility to replace lost or stolen items.  

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          19


Throughout the school year, items, which have been lost, are turned into the school office.  If a student loses an item, he/she may come to the office to claim an item that belongs to them. There are many items lost and never claimed each year.  These items are donated monthly to various charitable organizations. Therefore, please label your child’s personal belongings.



For the 2016-2017 school year, student birthdays may be recognized during the end of the school day (2:45pm). Food may not be included in the celebration.  We encourage parents to provide goodie bags (pencils, crayons, small toys, etc.) to be distributed to students only.  


Imagine Schools adheres to the federal requirements and guidelines stipulated under TITLE XVII—CHILDREN’ S INTERNET PROTECTION ACT.  Visit to view this document in its entirety.

  1. Educational Purpose

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter school uses activities that are acceptable to include classroom activities, career development, and high quality personal research. You may not use the Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School network for entertainment purposes (except for those periods of time that the school has designated as “open access” when school is not in session).

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter has the right to place reasonable restrictions on the material you access or post through the system. You are expected to follow the rules set forth in Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School disciplinary code and the law in your use of the network.

  1. Internet Management

Embracing the Internet as a critical and essential component in today’s world is essential if our students are to become functional members of society. The benefits attained by the advancement of technology bring with it associated costs and a wide range of risks, in particular, the exposure of students to inappropriate material and people.

  1. Student Internet Access

The Web is a global database system providing access to information from around the world.  Students may have access to Internet Web information resources through their classroom, or school computer lab. E-mail is an electronic mail system, which allows students to communicate one to one with people throughout the world.

  1. Unacceptable Uses

The following uses of Imagine Lincoln PCS Network are considered unacceptable:

  1. Personal Safety and Personal Privacy

You will not post personal contact information about yourself.  Personal contact information includes your address, telephone number, school address, home address, etc.  This information may not be provided to an individual, organization, or company including web sites that solicit personal information.  

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          20

You will not agree to meet with someone you have met online.  You will promptly disclose to your teacher or other school employee any message you receive that is inappropriate or makes you feel uncomfortable.

  1. Illegal Activities

You will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School Network or to any other computer system through the network

or go beyond your authorized access.  This includes attempting to log in through another person’s account or access another person’s files. You will not make deliberate attempts to disrupt the computer system or destroy data by spreading computer viruses or by any other means. You will not use the network to engage in any other illegal act, such as arranging for a drug sale or the purchase of alcohol, engaging in criminal gang activity, threatening the safety of person, etc.

  1. System Security

You are responsible for your individual account and must take all reasonable precautions to prevent others from being able to use your account.  Under no conditions should you provide your password to another person.  You will immediately notify a teacher or the system administrator if you have identified a possible security problem.  Do not go looking for security problems because this may be construed as an illegal attempt to gain access.  You will avoid the inadvertent spread of computer viruses by following the virus protection procedures.  No software is to be downloaded on the computer systems at any time without the explicit consent of the system administrator.

  1. Inappropriate Language

Restrictions against Inappropriate Language apply to public messages, private messages, and material posted on Web pages.  You will not use obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening, or disrespectful language.

You will not post information that could cause damage or danger of disruption.  You will not engage in personal attacks, including prejudicial or discriminatory attacks.  You will not harass another person.  Harassment is persistently acting in a manner that distresses or annoys another person.  If you are told by a person to stop sending them messages, you must stop.

You will not knowingly or recklessly post false or defamatory information about a person or organization.

  1. Respect for Privacy

You will not repost a message that was sent to you privately without permission of the person who sent you the message.  You will not post private information, including personal contact information about another person.

  1. Respecting Resource Limits

You will use the system only for educational and career development activities and limited, high quality, self –discovery activities.  You will not download large files to the computer desktop.

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          21

You will not post chain letters or engage in “spamming”.  Spamming is sending an annoying or unnecessary message to a large number of people.

  1. Plagiarism

You will not plagiarize works that you find on the Internet.  Plagiarism is taking the ideas or writings of others and presenting them as if they were yours.

  1. Copyright

You will respect the rights of copyright owners.  Copyright infringement occurs when you inappropriately reproduce a work that is protected by a copyright.  If a work contains language that specifies appropriate us of that

work, you should follow the expressed requirements.  If you are unsure whether or not you can use a work, you should request permission from the copyright owner.  If you have questions, ask a teacher.

  1. Inappropriate Access to Material

You will not access material that is designated for adults only or is profane or obscene (pornography), that advocates illegal or dangerous acts, or that advocates violence or discrimination towards other people (hate literature).

If you mistakenly access inappropriate information, you should immediately tell your teacher.  This will protect you against a claim that you have intentionally violated this policy.  Your parents should instruct you if there is additional material that they think would be inappropriate for you to access.  The school fully expects that you will follow your parent’s instructions in this matter.

  1. Disciplinary Actions

The Imagine Lincoln Public Charter Network is a limited forum; therefore, the school may restrict your speech for valid educational reasons.  The school will not restrict your speech on the basis of a disagreement with the opinions you are expressing.

You should expect only limited privacy in the contents of your personal files or record of Web research activities.  Routine maintenance and monitoring of the network may lead to discovery that you have violated this Policy, the school disciplinary code, or the law.  An individual search will be conducted if there is reasonable suspicion that you have violated this Policy, the Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School disciplinary code or the law.

Your principal and the system administrator have the right to eliminate any expectation of privacy by providing notice to the students.  Your parents have the right to request to see the contents of your e-mail files.

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter will cooperate fully with local, state or federal officials in any investigation related to any illegal activities conducted through the school network.

In the event there is a claim that you have violated this Policy or the school disciplinary code in your use of the network, you will be provided with a written notice of the suspected violation and an opportunity to present an explanation before a neutral administrator or will be provided with notice and

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          22

opportunity to be heard in the manner set forth in the Imagine Lincoln Public School disciplinary code.

  1. Limitation of Liability

The school makes no guarantee that the functions or the services provided by or through the Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School will not be responsible for any damage you may suffer, including but not limited to, loss of data or

interruptions of service.  The school is not responsible for the accuracy or quality of the

information obtained through or stored on the system.

The school will not be responsible for financial obligations arising through the unauthorized use of the system.  Your parents can be held financially responsible for any harm to the system as a result of intentional misuse.

The Legal and Educational Analysis of Internet Use policy upon which this model policy is based is available on the web site:


A great portion of each child’s day is spent at school; therefore, his/her growth and development become a joint responsibility between the home and school.  Everyone is urged to become active in helping further the goals and growth of the PTO.

The faculty, staff and administration hope that all of the parents will become active members supporting the school and the association.  Officers will be elected yearly according to the school’s bylaws and district/state guidelines.

The PTO will sponsor fundraisers throughout the school year.  Monies generated by fundraising events will be used to purchase materials and equipment for the students.

PTO board meetings are held regularly and are open to anyone who wishes to attend.  All members are eligible to vote on issues brought before them for consideration during the general PTO meeting.


Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School reserves the right to search the student’s person and belongings in the event the school suspects the student possesses an unapproved or missing item. The principal, Assistant principal, or security staff may search a student.  Additionally, a principal may designate, in writing, a teacher who may conduct searches while students are on a school-sponsored trip if he/she has a reasonable belief that a student has possession of an item.  

Authorized personnel conducting a search of the student’s person, possession, locker or assigned personal space will make a reasonable effort to inform the student prior to the search.  When items are returned, it will be only to the parent. If illegal items are found, the principal will schedule a parent conference to discuss what action is to be taken, and determine whether or not the authorities will be notified.


Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          23

All lockers assigned to pupils are the property of the school district. At no time does the school relinquish its exclusive control of its lockers. The school principal or his/her designee shall have custody of all combinations to all lockers or locks.

Pupils are prohibited from placing locks on any locker without the advance approval of the school principal or his/her designee.

Unapproved locks will be cut from lockers and discarded. No financial liability for these locks rests with Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School and no restitution will be made for their damage in removal.


The school assigns lockers to its pupils for the pupils' convenience and temporary use. Pupils are to use lockers exclusively to store school-related materials and authorized personal items such as outer garments, footwear, grooming aids, or lunch. Pupils shall not use the lockers for any other purpose, unless specifically authorized by school principal or his/her designee, in advance of pupils bringing the items to school. Pupils are solely responsible for the contents of their lockers and should not share their lockers with other pupils, nor divulge locker combinations to other pupils, unless authorized by the school principal or his/her designee.


Random searches of school lockers and their contents have a positive impact on deterring violations of school rules and regulations, ensure proper maintenance of school property, and provide greater safety and security for pupils and personnel. Accordingly, the board authorizes the school principal or his/her designee to search lockers and locker contents at any time, without notice, and without parental/guardianship or pupil consent. The school principal or his/her designee shall not be obligated, but may request the assistance of a law enforcement officer in conducting a locker search. The school principal or his/her designee shall supervise the search. In the course of a locker search, the school principal or his/her designee shall respect the privacy rights of the pupil regarding any items discovered that are not illegal or against school policy and rules.

LOST AND FOUND (K-5) (6-8)

It is inevitable that a student at some time in the year misplaces something. Lost items will be placed in a “Lost and Found” box. These items will be available for parents and students to look through as needed and will be displayed for open houses and parent educator conferences. Due to high volume, the “Lost and Found” items will be donated to charity after a minimum of three weeks in lost and found bins or following a display at an open house or conferences. Any item of value, such as jewelry, etc., will be kept in the office for identification prior to return. We strongly advise that you label all clothing and personal property so that misplaced items may be returned.

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          24


Imagine Lincoln PCS is dedicated to creating and maintaining a positive learning environment for all students. Teachers, administrators, parents, and students must assume a responsible role in promoting behavior that enhances academic and social success. Courteous, respectful, and responsible behavior fosters a positive climate for the learning community. One of the most important lessons education teaches is discipline. While it is not a formal subject, it underlies the entire educational process. Discipline is the joint responsibility of students, parents, family, staff, and administration. Discipline includes self-control, character development, orderliness, and efficiency. Proper conduct and consideration of others are goals of student discipline.

The Code of Student Conduct sets forth student rights and responsibilities while at school and school-related activities, and the consequences for violating school rules. When determining the appropriate action to be taken as a consequence of student misconduct, school officials may use intervention strategies and/or disciplinary actions, depending upon the severity or repetition of misconduct; age and grade level of the student; circumstances surrounding the misconduct; impact of the student’s misconduct on others in the school community, and any other relevant factors.

The Code of Student Conduct will be administered uniformly and fairly, without partiality or discrimination. Information obtained from the student discipline log will be considered when preparing behavior plans for individual students.


The Code of Student Conduct applies before, during, and after school:

“When a student is at school”.

“At school” means in a classroom, elsewhere on school premises, on a school bus or other school-related vehicle, or at a school-sponsored activity or event, whether or not it is held on school premises;

When a student’s conduct at any other time or place has a direct and immediate effect on maintaining order and discipline, or on protecting the safety and welfare of students or school district staff; and

When a student is using school telecommunications networks, accounts, or other district services. This includes text messages, phone calls, letters, notes, emails, and internet communication.


Student misconduct is classified into three levels. In addition to these three levels of discipline, a student may be suspended for his or her conduct in a class, subject or activity. The definitions of misconduct at each level are not all-inclusive, but only representative and illustrative. A student who commits an act of misconduct not listed herein is nonetheless subject to disciplinary action.

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School staff may use intervention strategies such as teacher/student conferences, auxiliary staff/student intervention, and teacher/parent/guardian contacts for Level I and Level II violations. The staff will refer Level III violations directly to school administrators, because of the serious and/or unlawful nature of the misconduct. At the option of school administrators, a student accused of any violation of the Code of Student Conduct may be referred to

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          25

a school social worker or counselor, in conjunction with or in lieu of other disciplinary procedures. Where the misconduct is subject to mandatory discipline under state law, however, the school board will act to impose any mandatory sanctions. A suspension may be issue for up to one day. The principal or assistant principal may issue short-term suspensions. The district’s board of education or its designee may issue long-term suspensions or expulsions.

Any student involved in the investigation of a possible violation of the student code can be required to complete a written statement of their recollection of events upon request of school staff. Failure to do so will be viewed as interference in the performance of school personnel's duties and insubordination and will result in consequences being levied. Any false information given in these statements will be viewed in the same manner with the same or greater consequence.


A short-term suspension occurs when a student is suspended for one (1) school day, up to three (3) school days. During a short-term suspension, the student’s rights and privileges of attending school, including extracurricular activities, are suspended.


A long-term suspension is when a student is suspended for four (4) to ten (10) school days.

During a long-term suspension, the student’s rights and privileges of attending school, including extracurricular activities, are suspended.


An expulsion occurs when the school district’s administration terminates the student’s rights and privileges to attend school, including extracurricular activities. An expulsion is for an indefinite time, unless otherwise specified by the school board or state law. The parent/guardian of the student may petition the school board to request the student’s reinstatement to school, as permitted by state law.

Any additional information regarding the PGCPS Code of Student conduct and how we respond to disciplinary infractions please see the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.  


The ILPCS prohibits acts of harassment or bullying. The board of education has determined that a safe and civil environment in school is necessary for students to learn and achieve high academic standards. Harassment or bullying, like other disruptive or violent behaviors, is conduct that disrupts both a student’s ability to learn and a school’s ability to educate its students in a safe environment. Demonstration of appropriate behavior, treating others with civility and respect, and refusing to tolerate harassment or bullying is expected of administrators, faculty, staff, and volunteers to provide positive examples for student behavior. "Harassment or bullying" is any gesture or written, verbal, graphic, or physical act (including

electronically transmitted acts – i.e. internet, cell phone, personal digital assistant (pda), or wireless hand held device) that is reasonably perceived as being motivated either by any actual or perceived characteristic, such as race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression; or a mental, physical, or sensory disability or impairment.

 Hallway Expectations/Parking Lot                                                                                               26                                        


Students are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and courteous manner in our hallways. When in the hallways at Imagine Public Charter School, students are expected to:

Walk in a quiet, single-file line on the right side of the hallway.

Students are to refrain from running, pushing, shoving, hitting or tripping other students.

Students are to refrain from slamming locker doors, banging on lockers or walls, or yelling.

Students are not to jump, touch lights, doorframes, ceiling tiles,

walls, or school clocks.

Students are to refrain from touching any school artwork or class projects displayed on  tables or walls in the hallway. *There are several safety alarms throughout our hallways and touching them may trigger them. Students are not to touch these alarms and may face disciplinary consequences should they do so.  General Classroom Expectations: Each teacher will provide their students with a copy of their classroom rules and procedures. Students are expected to abide by these guidelines at all times. Whether the class is being supervised by the teacher, other staff member, guest teacher, substitute teacher, or volunteer parent students are expected to conduct themselves by:


Our parking lot and pickup lanes are in a confined space and it is imperative that all parents follow the prescribed rules and school postings. Assigned staff members will be available to assist students for arrival and departure into the building. Pick up/Drop up times have been predetermined and will be provided to all families (i.e. arrival/departure times posted above in the handbook).

Please drive slowly and follow the directions of the staff members directing traffic. Excessive speed or reckless operation is forbidden and may result in notification of the proper authorities. Talk to your child about looking before crossing. Although any traffic jam is frustrating, please remember that we are all in this together and to be courteous and kind for our students’ sake. Parking for any length or time in Fire Lanes or spaces identified as Handicapped Only without proper permits is forbidden and may result in a request to move your vehicle.

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          27


Imagine Lincoln students are allowed to bring the items necessary for proper functioning at school. Such items would include pencils, ink pens, erasers, rulers, protractors, tissues, etc. Any other items such as CD players, MP3 players, portable gaming devices, cameras, playing cards, toys, etc., are not allowed unless required or permitted by school personnel (in writing). Items of great personal or monetary value should not be brought to school as their presence may be a distraction. Also, reimbursement or replacement for the loss or damage of these items will not be the responsibility of ILPCS.


A student who is suspended from school for any reason will not be allowed to practice, participate in, or attend any school activity, regardless of location, during the suspension (including weekends and/or holidays). Students who are suspended out-of-school (OSS) are to be removed from campus immediately following due process and are not to be on school grounds for any reason while suspended according to PGCPS code of student conduct policies.


On some days throughout the year students will participate in assemblies. This is a time of fun, learning, team and school spirit. During assemblies, students and family are expected to act responsibly and respectfully.

When entering, leaving or during the assembly, each student should:

• Walk quietly in a single-file line with their teacher or designated staff member.

• Enter the assembly quietly and quickly following any directions given for seating.

• Pay attention and NO TALKING during the assembly except when permitted.

• Show positive actions only; no put-downs, boos, or laughing, etc.

• Excessive noise will be requested to be controlled and then the student will be removed if not remedied.

• Leave quietly and quickly following their teacher or designated staff member.

• Leave in a single-file line.


Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School will conduct fundraisers during the school year. They are a valuable tool in providing things we cannot purchase otherwise, and can help make up any shortages in the school experience. When fundraising is done, we try to select the least troublesome ones we can find. We do ask our school families to do their part in supporting the effort.


Students have the right to feel safe from threats and bodily harm.  Disruptive behaviors are never acceptable, and when they occur, they will result in time out, exclusion from participation in class activities, detention, suspension or expulsion.

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          28

Parents who have a conflict with a student other than their own child are requested to speak to the administration.  At no time may parents approach the student directly.

All students and employees will be treated with respect.  Slurs, innuendoes, hostile treatment, violence or other verbal or physical conduct against a student or employee will NOT be tolerated.


The code of conduct at Imagine Lincoln PCS is designed to support a positive learning environment.  Any violation of rules and regulations harmful to the rights and privileges of others will not be tolerated.  Imagine Lincoln PCS adopted a disciplinary behavioral policy to monitor, assist, and or further reprimand those individuals who continually violate school policies and procedures.  



Classroom expectations will be communicated using the CHAMPS model. Before directions are given for any activity, the classroom teacher will:

  1. Gain the attention of all students with an attention-getting signal.
  2. Provide precise directions being sure to state:

  1. How students are to communicate during the activity.
  2. How students are to ask for help.
  3. What the activity is.
  4. Expected movement during the activity.
  5. The level of expected participation.
  6. What success looks like.



  1. Conversation - Voice Level 2
  2. Help – Raise your hand
  3. Activity- Eating lunch
  4. Movement – Stay Seated
  5. Participation – Eat your lunch, keep your area clean

Lunch and Assembly

  1. Conversation - Voice Level 2
  2. Help – Raise your hand
  3. Activity – Eating lunch
  4. Movement – Stay seated
  5. Participation – Eat your lunch / enjoy the assembly AND keep your area clean
  6. Success – Great job

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          29


  1. Conversation - Voice level 0
  2. Help – Raise your hand
  3. Activity – Walking in hallway
  4. Movement – Stay in line
  5. Participation – Walk in a straight line; hands to yourself
  6. Success: Get where you are going


Bathrooms are Grade Band specific

(Middle school students are prohibited to use elementary restrooms)

  1. Conversation – Voice Level 0
  2. Help – Take care of yourself
  3. Activity – Going to the bathroom
  4. Movement – Walk
  5. Participation – Use the bathroom, wash and dry hands
  6. Success – Well done!

Positive Feedback ALL Students WILL Consistently Receive:

      1.   Positive Narration: Verbal recognition of appropriate behavior

  1. Relationship Building: Regular restorative conversations or problem solving conferences with students.
  2. Incentives/Rewards: Each classroom will incorporate a positive incentive and rewards system that daily includes:
  1. Regular positive phone calls/notes to family members
  2. Regular phone calls/notes to families concerning student improvement
  3. Scholars (s) of the day to be announced school wide
  1. Incentives/Rewards:
  1. Grades Pre-K through 8th: Weekly shout outs in our Morning Gathering accompanied by certificates and published in the newsletter
  2. Students will be rewarded through our monthly JIF recognition and their teacher’s recognition
  3. Climber’s Award for making positive gains with their benchmark assessments
  4. Students will be rewarded for their academic efforts quarterly for their performance in conjunction with our Handbook.
  5. Students will be recognized at random for their usage of their on-line resources  
  6. Students who wear their full uniform, will earn dress down days for their efforts
  7. Students will be escorted on trips to the movies, skating, and etc. as a result of their performances on benchmark assessments
  8. The entire school will utilize Class Dojo where all students have the opportunity to earn points for their positive work.
  9. Parents will be highlighted in the parent newsletter on a weekly/monthly basis to receive recognition for their participation including:

  Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          30


Inappropriate behaviors, at Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School, fall into 3 categories or levels of offenses.

Each level is addressed either by the classroom teacher or the school administration.

Examples of Level 1 Offenses

Level 1 Offenses

Not following directions

Running in hallways

Excessive talking

Inappropriate laughing/sneering

Derogatory notes/pictures

Teasing/put downs

Inappropriate language

Eye rolling


Consistent tardiness

Name calling

Misuse of materials


Examples of Level 2 Offenses


Level 2 Offenses

Back talking/arguing

Inappropriate gestures/language Taunting

Refusing to work

Open defiance


Throwing objects



Examples of Level 3 Offenses

  Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          31


Level 3 Offenses


Ethnic slurs

Obscene gestures

Inappropriate touching

Damaging property

Direct and willful disobedience of school rules and policies

Disruptive clothing

Disrespect for authority



Threatening bodily harm


Use of profanity

Pulling fire alarm

Excessive truancy

Harassment, including sexual harassment


Zero Tolerance


Weapons/facsimile of a weapon/dangerous instrument

Leaving school without permission

Assault with intent to fight with another student




 Level 1 and Level 2 behaviors handled by the teacher.


Discipline Ladder (K – 2)

1st Infraction

Verbal Reminder

2nd Infraction

Verbal Reminder & Loss of 2 Dojo Points

3rd Infraction

10 Minute Time-Out

4th Infraction

Phone Call Home

5th Infraction

Office Referral – Send to Student Reflection Center  

Discipline Ladder (3 – 5)

1st Infraction

Verbal Reminder

2nd Infraction

Verbal Reminder & Loss of 2 Dojo Points

3rd Infraction

10 Minute Time-Out

4th Infraction

Lunch Detention  

5th Infraction

Office Referral – Send to Student Reflection Center  

  Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          32

Discipline Ladder (6 – 8)

1st Infraction

Verbal Reminder

2nd Infraction

Verbal Reminder & Loss of 2 Dojo Points

3rd Infraction

Phone Call Home  

4th Infraction

Lunch Detention

5th Infraction

Office Referral – Send to Student Reflection Center  


Listed below are some of the school-wide PBIS policies and discipline regulations for K-8 students:


Eagle Points from Class Dojo (K-8)

For the 2016-2017 school year, we are using school-wide Class DOJO for all scholars at Imagine Lincoln PCS.  All accounts have been shared with the entire school team to track the minor incidents and positive student actions.   Moving forward, students in grades K-8 will receive both positive and negative points.  Each child is given Eagle Bucks weekly with resets that occur at the end of the week.

Students can spend Eagle points at the school store and for privileges (e.g. PBIS events, field trips, classroom incentives, etc.).  We encourage students to spend their Eagle Bucks at the school store as a reward for their hard work.   However, Eagle points have no monetary value, and are not transferable.  All Eagle points expire at the conclusion of each school year and previous Eagle Bucks are not permitted.  

ILPCS Behavioral Infraction Indicators

For behavioral infractions, in lieu of only suspensions, detentions will be a prescribed consequence for any student who is not following Imagine Lincoln school policies and procedures (i.e. uniform infraction, behavioral, etc.).  Detentions are held in-house by ILPCS employees both before and after school (i.e. tentatively Tuesday and Thursday am).  Notifications will be made via phone or paper copy of the detention notice for all grades (at the Administrator or designees discretion).  

The consequences indicated above may be reduced or exceeded based upon individual circumstances at the Administrators discretion.  In addition, violations of state or local law will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities when required.  Imagine Lincoln PCS in conjunction with the School Board of Prince George's County Public Schools reserves the right to expel students with repeated offenses in accordance with the School Code of Conduct.  

Note:  It is critical that parents inform the main office, IN WRITING OR VIA EMAIL, when a phone number for work, home or cell has changed. Teachers have expressed a concern that many of the phone numbers we have on file are not current. In order for teachers to contact you regarding your child’s academic progress or for the school nurse to contact you in case of an emergency, we must have current phone numbers on file.

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          33

We will gladly send home family emergency cards at your request, or you may send updated information to Mrs. Poindexter in the guidance office. She will update the phone numbers in the school system’s data base (Schoolmax). We appreciate your support!

ILPCS Character Report Cards for K-8 students

All students at ILPCS will participate in quarterly character report cards that will include teacher, student and parent input.  Additional information will be provided to all families and the character pillars that we acknowledge are listed below:

Imagine Schools Parents

Parents choose Imagine Schools to find a better environment for their child’s education.  They seek personalized education that will build upon their child’s strengths and address any areas of weakness.  All partners must have the attitude that if we work together our children will succeed.  


Establish: Contribute a respectful, transparent school culture that reinforces high expectations.

Equip: Access information about the school’s goals.

Engage: Partner collaboratively to produce positive educational and social outcomes for children and youth.

Evaluate: Collaborate with school staff to ensure the success of the school.  


Establish: Choose a school with innovative academic and character programs operating in a safe and orderly environment.

Equip: Support student success through intervention, enrichment and individualized instruction.

Engage: Celebrate student accomplishments and efforts in academics and character development.

Evaluate: Reflect on child growth and academic achievement.

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School                                                          34



Once again we extend a warm welcome to every student and family. Working together as a team, we can and will have a successful school year. Thank you for your commitment to Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School.