10.01          Admission Policy

Date of Revision:  Jan 2016

Expiry Date: Jan 2019

Accountability:  Executive


Admission to Immanuel Christian School is intended for the children of parents seeking to provide a distinctly Christian education for their child(ren) and who recognize that the primary responsibility for instilling Biblical truth resides with parents.


Aims and Purposes of our Policy



1.         Enrolment at ICS is intended for children of Christian parents and/or guardians who are active members of a Bible believing, Christ-centered church and who sincerely desire a Christian education for their child(ren).


2.         Parents/ guardians must agree to support the bylaws and resolutions of the Society and its Board of Directors.


3.         A child may be enrolled in the Junior Kindergarten program if he/she has reached the age of 4 on or before December 31 of the year of entry to the program. A child may be enrolled in the Senior Kindergarten program if he/she has reached the age of 5 on or before December 31 of the year of entry to the program. A child may be enrolled in the Grade One program that has reached the age of 6 on or before December 31 of  the year of entry to the program.


4.         In the case of a child with special needs (physical, social, behavioural,mental, emotional, or psychological) the parents/guardians and the Principal shall agree on how the school will best attempt to meet the needs of a child. The family will provide any testing or medical reports indicating the exceptional needs. If there are exceptional,unusual or extraordinary needs beyond the scope of our current resource and classroom program, the Principal, shall activate a Special Needs committee to assist and advise regarding the admissions of the child. If the Principal feels that the enrolment of a child would place undue strain on the school’s existing personnel and/or facilities, he/she shall retain the right to deny admission and will advise the Board of the decision.


5.         All home schooled children who are to be enrolled as full-time students at Immanuel Christian School must go through an assessment process which will be administered by a teaching staff member of the school.  If deemed necessary by the principal, an assessment may also need to be done in cases of transfer from another school. A  fee of $200/child (current 2016, subject to change) will be charged for the assessment (see policy 5.07).


6.         Parents/guardians are to accept the financial and organizational obligations of enrolling their child(ren) at Immanuel Christian School.        


7.         No child shall be excluded from enrolment at Immanuel Christian School on the grounds of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin.


8.         The Board reserves the right to withhold or withdraw enrolment privileges for any of the following reasons:


9.         The Board reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy when the following factors are present:


Admissions Procedure for Parents/Guardians

1.         After meeting with the administration and reading the Parent Information package, the parents/guardians apply for admission by completing the Application for Enrolment and, Statement of Parental/Guardian Agreement, and providing a copy of the child’s birth certificate and vaccination information. Adequate assessment information (report cards) from previous schools attended may need to be provided., and all other necessary forms, supplying all pertinent information as requested.  These forms are to be returned to the administration.

2.         Upon receiving and reviewing the admissions forms, the principal shall meet with the family at the school to discuss any further admissions related issues or questions and make a decision regarding admission.

3.         Parents/guardians will be informed as soon as possible of the status of their admissions application.