Narrative Planning Sheet

Characters (Major and minor characters - give names, descriptions, traits, feelings … etc)

Ben Aggressive Cool Hair  \Jack Quiet person Sad person\Jen Helpful person helps people\Tom Strong person\Henry Bad person\Ruben Helpful Pig

Minor Characters


Setting (When, where, … be descriptive)

TreeHouse Monster Building competition


Problem/Conflict (The main dilemma that leads the characters to act in the way they did)

Monster Victor

Plot (Major sequence of events in order … the action)




:Ben Jack Jen Tom Sparky lived in a treehouse.

:Ben Jack Jen Tom Sparky

went to a building competition.

:Ben Built a robot

:Ben put the fireworks at the  back and activated the fireworks but it also activated the statue is on.

:Ben’s pet Sparky went missing because it got scared of the robot.

Ben goes to find his pet Sparky

He goes to find Sparky

:Ben saw a bush shaking he was very scared and he went closer and closer and then a dog jumped on to Ben.He jumped up and ran away and he hided behind a tree


:The dog went past him and then he saw Sparky

:Ben was so Happy! to see Sparky But he was angry at the same time because he can't run off like that without Ben.

:But now they have to stop the statue from hurting people!

:Ben rushes to the building competition and tells

up everyone to follow him and go to a safe place.

They went to a basement and thought of a plan to defeat the robot.

They have thought of a plan the plan was to all go and distract the robot and Ben will go and pull the off switch but didn't work very well because Ben fell down and the robot looked around and he saw Ben on the ground.

: Ben didn't give up he standed up and he said stop this right now and the robot said no and Ben said if you don’t I will have to switch you off by myself. The robot got really angry and he charged at Ben and the robot punched Ben and he got back and kicked the robot  and the robot fell down and Ben came and flicked the switch and turned the robot off everybody said thank you so much!!

The End!

Solution/Resolution (How the problem got solved) Ben kicked the robot and fell down and Ben switched flicked the switch and turned the robot.

Theme/Author's  message (What can you learn from the story? How should the characters avoid this problem in the future?)

What I found tricky was to get interesting sentences and to put all of the question mark and exclamation marks too.

The characters can build something else than a robot next time when they go to the building competition.