Samuel Stowers

Kansas City, MO (soon Berlin)  ∙  +1 (816) 797-4277  ∙  ∙


Minerva Schools at KGI

San Francisco, CA

Candidate for Bachelors of Science, Computational Sciences.

Expected 2020

  • Accepting only 1.9% of applicants, Minerva combines four years of world travel with rigorous, interdisciplinary study
  • Volunteered bi-weekly as a coding mentor for other students
  • Worked with R and Python for data science & algorithms classes


Kansas City, MO

High School Degree


  • GPA 3.95, ACT 33
  • Self-taught most subjects, took community college classes on the side (GPA 4.0)


Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

Research Intern

Nov 2016 – Aug 2017

  • Conducted research on the use of analytical techniques in complexity science for use in community development, working with the Aspen Institute
  • Assessed 50+ multi-sector initiatives; provided overview of mission, KPI’s, current traction and fundraising sources for each initiative
  • Developed case studies on how complexity science applies to organizations

Freelance & Various Companies


Web developer & IT manager

Jan 2015 – Present

  • Managed projects from start to finish working directly with clients - designed mockups and completed development, maintenance, and billing
  • Built and modified 10+ Shopify sites and 40+ WordPress sites
  • Worked with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and React Native

Leadership and Accomplishments

  • Organized TEDxYouthKC, a youth-focused TEDx conference in Kansas City
  • Found, curated, and worked with speakers individually on their talks
  • Handled logistics for an event with 300+ attendees
  • Designed application process for the UN sustainable development goals accelerator Young Sustainable Impact (YSI) to process 10,000+ applications for 25 spots
  • Later, worked to find and coordinate 30+ remote mentors for the YSI accelerator in Oslo
  • Attended Effective Altruism Global SF in 2017
  • Attended the invite-only 2015 Thiel Fellowship Summit in San Francisco
  • Named Kansas City Startup Village Fellow for involvement in local startup community
  • Founded, prototyped, and tested Converse, a chat app designed to bridge cultural gaps
  • Built a working prototype with no prior coding experience within 4 months
  • Tested the prototype with 20 users, most of whom were international

Skills and Interests

  • Technical Skills: Self-taught JavaScript frontend; Mobile mockup and graphic design;
    data analysis with R and Python; React Native app development
  • Interests: App design; ukulele performance; urban rollerblading; game design