General Body Meeting


9:00PM-12:00AM, Benjamin Franklin Room, Houston Hall

  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  3. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Meetings
  1. Cabinet FRES (Facilities and Real Estate Services) Meeting
  2. Fall Semester Administrator Meetings
  1. Upcoming University-wide Events
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. Past Steering
  2. Next Steering
  1. UA Report
  1. Member of the Week
  2. Committee Meetings
  3. The UA Lobbyist
  4. New Student Representatives
  5. Associate Members
  6. Leave of Absence Panel
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. GAPSA Legal Services Funding
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Project Updates
  1. Journal Subscriptions
  2. Improving the xCAT System
  3. American Society and Culture Minor
  4. Faculty Diversity
  5. Half-Credit Courses
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. Proposal for New College-Wharton Minors
  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  1. Project Updates
  1. Hey Day Access
  2. T.V. Remotes in Houston Hall
  1. Social Justice
  2. Student Life
  1. Project Updates
  1. FSAB Update
  2. Penn School Spirit
  1. Communications


President’s Report

  1. Meetings:
  1. Cabinet FRES (Facilities and Real Estate Services) Meeting
  1. On 9/14 Cabinet met with administrators from FRES, including Vice President for Facilities and Real Estate Services Anne Papageorge. We discussed developing the unused field at Penn Park for sports clubs to use, student feedback about the New College House, creating more performing and practice spaces for performing arts groups, renting out Penn dorms to students’ families for a low cost during the week of graduation, and updating the user interface for College House maintenance requests.

We explained to FRES that performing arts groups have been under a moratorium for over 3 years because of a lack of physical performance space. They are going to look into modifying existing rooms on campus by adding pianos, sound panels, mirrors, and bars to make them usable to dance and choral groups in particular. FRES also asked that we get back to them with specs for what type of stage would most benefit performing arts groups. I am going to reach out to PAC to start that discussion.

FRES is working with a contractor to change their maintenance request system so if you have any specific feedback you should get in touch with Kyle. Cabinet is going to reintroduce the ideas of renting Penn dorms to student families during graduation during our Business Services meeting, since they handle conference, housing, and related services. We recommended that FRES develop the existing empty field in Penn Park for club sports to use. We also suggested that going forward all college houses assign RAs and GAs the same number of residents (based on the layout of RA/GA rooms in the building), because there is a huge variation in the number of residents assigned to house staff in the New College House.

FRES wants to solicit student feedback about how to create sustainability-focused academic programs, what kind of vendors students would like to have on or around campus, and more. Sola is going to work with the FRES leadership team to bring them to a Steering meeting this or next semester so that they can engage with the student body about their work.

  1. Fall Semester Administrator Meetings
  1. Almost all of Cabinet’s fall semester administrator meetings have been finalized.

Still in progress:

  1. Upcoming University-Wide Events
  1. The President’s Office asked that I let everyone know about two major upcoming community-wide events. The first is Spectrum Weekend, which brings together alumni and students of color to reflect on issues of cultural identity. The weekend is being held September 23-25. For more information check out The second event is the grand opening of the Pennovation Center on October 28 at 12:30pm. To learn more about the Pennovation Center go to

Vice-President’s Report

  1. Past Steering
  1. This past Tuesday, we had our first UA Steering with Karen Hamilton (Director of Communications), Elaine Varas (Senior University Director of Financial Aid), Sharon Pepe (University Bursar), and Sam Murray (undergraduate chair of Student Financial Services Advisory Board) from SFRS. A reminder that these minutes are off the record. Feel free to reach out to senior management if you have any questions!
  1. Next Steering
  1. Our next Steering will be Tuesday, September 27th at JMHH 350 at 7pm-8pm. Please note the time change. The special guests will be Craig Carnaroli (Executive Vice President), Tony Sorrentino (Executive Director to EVP), and Karu Kozuma (Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs). Please submit questions to me if you cannot make Steering but would like to have some points raised.

UA Report

  1. Member of the Week.
  1. This week’s member of the week is…
  1. Committee Meetings
  1. All of our committees had their first meetings keeping your committee director up to date on project progress and external seat updates. Please remember to always cc your committee directors when you are emailing administrators.
  1. The UA Lobbyist
  1. This is a great resource for everyone on the body in regards to everything related to the UA, but I think this has traditionally gone underused. I sent out an email and want to hear your feedback on how this could be a better resource for you all, or if you think there is another way this information could be accessed that would be better. Please respond!
  1. New Student Representatives         
  1. New Student Representatives will be joining the body on Friday (assuming there is not an FPC hearing). Get ready to welcome them to the body!
  1. Associate Members
  1. An associate membership form will be made available this week (and will be available after the new student rep. elections in case anyone who ran would like to become an AM). We have already gotten some interest. Associate members will be interviewed and ready to be active members for the first week of October.
  1. Leave of Absence Panel
  1. Kat, Eric, and I attended the Leave of Absences hosted by Active Minds Penn. We heard student accounts of what the leave process was like and were also informed more about the policies that guide a leave of absence in each undergraduate school. The panelists included the following students and administrators:
  1. Dr. Sonya Gwak of Engineering (Director of Student Life)
  2. Dr. Scott Romeika of Wharton (Director of Academic Affairs and Advising)
  3. Ms. Katrina Glanzer of the College (Assistant Director of Advising Services and Academic Support)
  4. Dr. Christina Costanzo Clark of Nursing (Assistant Dean for Admissions and Academic Affairs)
  5. Ms. Sharon Smith (Student Intervention Services)
  6. Ms. Gerdin Falconi (Engineering Student)
  7. Ms. Blake Mergler (College Alum, Current Penn Med Student)

Treasurer’s Report

  1. GAPSA Legal Services Funding
  1. The UA and GAPSA provide legal services to all students in Penn’s community.  We are supposed to both be contributing equally to these services but it was recently discovered that for the past couple of years, the UA has been funding legal services at $1200 and GAPSA was funding them at $900.  This year, due to a decrease in demand, UA funded these services at $800 while GAPSA funded them at $900 still.  Clearly there was a miscommunication here and GAPSA has invited the UA Treasurer to sit ex officio on their finance committee in order to avoid future situations like this.

Academic Initiatives

Project Updates

Journal Subscriptions

Authored by: Nile Nwogu

After Sam Shea presented the loss of our Financial Times subscription, I wanted to look into why most students do not take advantage of these subscriptions. After speaking with several librarians, I learned that Penn Libraries subscribes to several newspapers/journals around the world for all Penn students. This is a great resource for students that we pay for in our fees! Students just have to go to the Penn Libraries website and open a database called Factiva. From that page they can choose any journal of interest and read full articles that are mostly up to date. I will be creating a page-size infographic explaining how to use the resource so that we can raise awareness and more students take advantage of it.

Improving the XCAT System

Authored by: Taylor Becker

Background: XCAT is the online External Course Approval Tool used to determine transfer, credit away, and study abroad courses for all students across all four undergraduate schools. Students request and departments evaluate transfer and study abroad credit with XCAT. There are two main components I am interested in improving: The actual website, which is very clunky and crashes often, and the personnel side, in which the department-approvers can often take weeks or months to review units that students need. (This is important because students do not know which courses to register for or what their standing is if they do not know which classes they will receive credit for.)

Progress: Over the summer, I reached out to the Transfer Student Organization (TSO) exec board to solicit their input on how to improve XCAT. They said that they are constantly working to improve the functioning of this for transfers, and have seen some success with specific slow departments they reached out to. Firstly, I would like to see a university-wide policy that ensures that department approvers are regularly checking and approving/rejecting units so that students can consistently know where they stand with units. Secondly, Naomi has met with Rob Nelson, who will be giving us the contact information on who to follow up with on the website side, and hopefully integrate XCAT improvements into NGSS.

American Culture and Society Minor

Authored by: Sam Iacobellis

I reached out to two interdisciplinary professors regarding the American culture and society minor and am in the process of scheduling a meeting to discuss logistics. Will meet Thursday or Friday with David Fox of Theatre arts/English dept.

Which other depts would be integral to such a project?

Which professors would be good resources to reach out to?

Faculty Diversity

Authored by: Calvary Rogers

I am meeting with ARCH leaders from La Casa Latina, MAKKU and PAACH on Sept. 16. I followed up with a second email to the Faculty Senate and am expecting to receive a response by Friday. I am currently researching ways to expand political and religious ideology amongst faculty. One way I am doing this is that I emailed Yale’s Faculty Diversity team, should receive a response team.

What else should I look into? Is targeting post-docs and PHDs helpful? Would a bi-annual report be helpful?

Half-Credit Courses

Authored by: Calvary Rogers

I emailed the department chairs of Computer Science, Biology, and History in order to set up an initial meeting with them. Some courses I am considering are half credit computer science courses and an introduction to computer science for non-majors. What other courses should I look into? Any other feedback on this?

Discussion Papers

Proposal for New College-Wharton Minors

Authored by: Naomi Kadish and Nile Nwogu


Last year, I began to work on a general business minor in order to give students in the college another option for a quantitative applied business background. The body passed a resolution to continue to work on giving students in the college an opportunity to demonstrate their interest and expertise in business acumen. After discussion with Rob Nelson, the Executive Director for Education and Academic Planning, I learned that the minor would be more successful through an inter-disciplinary approach -- something more Penn than a general business minor.

Nile joined the project this semester in order to bring a Wharton perspective. He added that it is important to understand the academic culture at Wharton. Since Wharton students earn a B.S. in Economics rather than a Bachelor's of Business Administration like students at NYU Stern, Umich Ross, or Georgetown McDonough, a minor in "business" does not fit. Nile and I have drafted two potential interdisciplinary College-Wharton minors that would target students who have clear and expressed intentions in a technical background. Our goal was to look at unmet demand and act on realistic opportunities.

Proposal #1: Business Analytics Minor (6 CU’s)

Core Requirements (3 CU’s)

OIDD 101, STAT 101&102/ STAT 111&112/STAT 430&431

Breadth requirements (3 CU’s covering all 3 areas)

Data Collection: methods for acquiring and manipulating data

Advanced Data analysis : working with data sets in a computing environment

Optimization: computer-based prescriptive decision making

Proposal #2: Financial Economics Minor (8 CU’s)

Concurrent Courses: MATH 104/110 and STAT 101 (2 CU’s)

Core Requirements (3 CU’s)

ECON 001, ECON 002, FNCE 100

Upper Level Economics (2 CU’s)

ECON 101, ECON 102

Upper Level Finance (3 CU’s)

3 finance electives that will be approved by the department

Discussion Questions:

  1. These minors would be tapping into more popular departments at Wharton, raising the problem of overcrowding in important intro classes (i.e. FNCE 100, OIDD 101). Should students have to apply to the minor to mitigate this?
  2. Should there be a cap of students who will be accepted do you think that students should apply during their freshman year?
  3. Do you think that there are other departments at Wharton that you've seen demand for more inclusivity?
  4. Do you think that these proposals strongly overlap with other offerings and would not add value?
  5. Should we send out a survey about the minor? If so, who should we send it out to?

Dining, Sustainability, and Facilities

Project Updates

Hey Day Access

Authored by: Kyle O’Neil

Monday afternoon I met with Licinia “Lulu” Barrueco Kaliher, Ed.D. (Director of First Year Houses & Paraprofessional Training for the Office of College Houses & Academic Services) to discuss allowing students into freshman residences on Hey Day, an important Penn tradition. Ms. Kaliher encouraged me to:

1) Demonstrate that returning to one’s freshman year dorm room on Hey Day actually is a Penn Tradition

2) Figure out why Penn students only want to return to their dorms immediately following Hey Day Activities (I.e. last year students were allowed to enter the Quad peacefully at 3:00pm and could have returned to their dorm rooms at any other time period)

3) Be constructive in determining a new form of this tradition that will be fun and exciting for everyone, in addition to not disrupting the freshmen who appreciate a safe space in their dorm room.

One idea that has been discussed collectively is a hall or house “mixer.” This would introduce freshmen to the Hey Day tradition and allow rising seniors to mingle with rising sophomores in their hall or house inside the Quad with some music and/or food after the conclusion of official Hey Day activities. Groups that would be interested in supporting this include Penn Alumni, Penn Traditions, and OSA.

On Tuesday, I met with Makayla Reynolds, who will also be bringing this idea to Class Board.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

TV Remotes in Houston Hall

Authored by: Kyle O’Neil

Yesterday at 9:30am I met with Mr. Tony Klaumenzer (VPUL Facilities) to talk about placing TV remotes in the Houston Hall cafeteria. I found out two things:

1) The TV’s in the back alcove were donated by MTV and are stuck on MTV programming &

2) The TV’s in the main cafeteria and Bistro can be changed currently with the buttons on the side of the televisions.

The TV’s will have posted channel guides with an explanation that the channels can be changed and a disclaimer explaining management has final control over the televisions in the upcoming weeks. Houston Hall will host a kickoff event to increase awareness about the televisions when the Channel Guides are posted (I suggested Sunday afternoon football and free wings) that we can help them advertise.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to make the statements welcoming to students changing the television channels while still preventing conflicts from rising between students and the general public (particularly during lunchtime)?  

Separately, Houston Hall is having trouble advertising their open spaces. The Bistro is a space available for Student Groups to reserve. Furthermore, the lounge in Williams Hall (open 24/7) has been underutilized (pictured below). I was told Facilities would be happy to buy new couches and furniture for the space if we could increase student use (lack of which I attribute to a lack of student knowledge of the lounge). To combat this problem, Houston Hall management hired two new marketing assistants (and has many work-study positions open) to help advertise the space for this semester and was hoping we could pitch in.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to make students aware of/utilize this space?

Social Justice

Student Life

Project Updates

FSAB Update

Authored by: Sam Shea

The purpose of this board is "to establish a framework for fraternity/sorority governance, and to hold fraternities and sororities accountable to standards of conduct." We met last Monday (9/12) and discussed a variety of topics, from sanctions, to council updates (IFC, IGC, PanHellenic) and the re-accreditation process for fraternities and sororities. I am hoping to meet with the director of OFSL soon to discuss off-campus greek life, so if you have any suggestions or comments regarding fraternities or sororities, please email me.

Penn School Spirit

Authored by: Sam Shea

About a week ago, I met with Josh Craggs, The Director of Marketing and New Media for Penn Athletics, and we were brainstorming ideas how to raise school spirit here at Penn. I ask you to brainstorm amounts yourselves, and in about a week or two I am hoping to have a discussion paper going further into detail about this subject. In the meantime, go support Penn's teams! Go Quakers!


  1. Roll Call
  1. Public- IFC Exec
  1. Griffin Rubin, Bradley Freeman, Adam Rawot, Dylan Love, Steven Acchione, David Moore
  1. Public- David Scollan (NEC)
  1. Open Forum
  1. Kat- Thrive at Penn
  1. We are meeting with Provost Price this week. And they wanted feedback on TAP and whether  it should be connected to registration.
  1. Tonna- Is he asking whether we should uncouple it?
  1. Kat-If we uncouple it, does it devalue TAP
  1. Tunmise- If they want to continue emphasizing it, they should. If they want to market it better that is a different issue
  1. Kat- 30% had completed it. They still believe in the value of completing it
  1. Tonna-How did the students register if they are on hold?
  1. No this is for the spring
  1. Cal- Have sexual assault stats been decreasing?
  1. We don't know yet. There isn't enough information
  1. Jay- I do think that they should be decoupled for the Spring given that all the logistics are not figured out yet. In the future, it should only be tied in with registration if there is new information added.
  2. Naomi- I went on it. I would be concerned given all the logistical issues that are here right. It is not fair to hold people accountable right now. This semester it should be decoupled
  3. Ian- I do think that it should be mandatory, but this semester we should decouple it. They haven’t really followed up and be more proactive
  4. Tunmise- I agree with everyone. For future semesters, maybe they could put it in PenninTouch like in red font like for some of the forms. They haven't talked about registration hold
  5. Tonna- I think we should uncouple it because it wasn’t communicated well. A lot of students here right now have never done TAP so they don't know about it. Maybe they could form a focus groups
  6. Eric- If there is a way to integrate a shorter quiz or google form quiz
  7. Naomi- On the email it didn't say registration hold
  8. Tonna- For the short term if they want to keep it coupled, they should send an email
  9. Kat- Can we do show of hand if you think it should be detached? Keep it?
  1. Overwhelming detach
  1. Hannah-Got consent campaign
  1. Hannah- ASAP is starting their got consent campaign. Groups take pictures and they would say got consent and then flyers would be passed out. We don't know when this is right now, but we can figure it out. I can send out a whentomeet
  1. Tonna- I think it's great that Hannah brought this up. It makes us feel like we care
  2. Tunmise- Do you know who the contact is for other groups
  1. Hannah- If you reach out to anyone in the group they could point you
  2. Tunmise- I know they sent emails to 5 B groups
  3. Tonna- Is there a deadline for groups? Is this open to all groups
  1. No deadline. It is open to all groups.
  1. David moore- IFC updates
  1. What we are doing to tackle this issue. I hope you have read our op-ed in DP. We have put a task force together and they are going to 6 groups on campus. They will be in meetings with leaders looking for advice and strategies to best combat this issue. We are doing this because we believe that it would be rash if we just came up with a strategy. I will open up to questions
  1. Tonna- You said leadership is going? Are you looking to get members education?
  1. Yeah we are encouraging them. Some of the presidents have come up to us for training. We are open and happy to do any education  program
  1. Kat- We do not hold you guys accountable with the actions of groups that are not part of your group. We really appreciate that. If you need any help from the UA we are here to help
  2. Tunmise- You said you are collaborating, are you looking to foster deeper collaborations?
  1. The entire meeting was focused on collaborating and coming up with strategies to prevent something like this from happening again. We are implementing this for the IFC chapters only
  1. Sam S- Can you talk about the education that members go through?
  1. One of the things right now, 80% have to attend training. Members of the chapters attend an open forum about sexual assault, greek sex workshops,
  1. Ray- Is there anything that the UA can be doing to help you guys it?
  1. We will let you know. One thing we ask if tell admins is how dangerous off campus groups are
  1. Sola- The UA steering is a great way so I can help send it out this way?
  2. Calvary- Can you explain the 80% requirement?
  1. 80% are required to go. We have 1700 people and to accommodate them
  1. Tunmise- How are you trying to expand dialogue? These issues are pervasive and not just off-campus
  1. Flyer being posted did a great job creating dialogue. We will continue it
  1. Sam S- There is a page from the admins telling the Universtiy telling parents telling not to let their children not join these groups
  2. Tonna- I do understand that you have a lot of people, but I am concerned about the message it sends. I think it would be better if you said that we require 100%  
  1. That is a very good point
  1. Kat- I just want you guys to know that UA Cabinet is meeting with Amy Gutman on Sept 28th. So if you guys have anything that comes out of your meeting, you can let us know and we can incorporate the ideas.

  1. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Meetings
  1. Cabinet FRES (Facilities and Real Estate Services) Meeting
  1. We met with FRES this week. Unused field at penn park, feedback on college house, dorms during graduation,
  2. Aaron- Performing arts space?
  1. Kat- We last met with FRES in spring 2015. They didn't know that there was a moratorium on PAC groups. FRES executes tasks assigned to them. But they don't design a building. They are looking at implementing like sound panels to put in so rooms can be transformed into spaces. We also have to give them information about sizes for stages
  1. Tonna- Did you include the issue that Pottruck charges? Is someone tasked with getting this information
  1. If anyone is interested they can do it. It makes most sense for SL. We can also get info from DAC.
  1. Calvary- Can you expand on what kind of vendors?
  1. Every 5 years, they send out a survey to students asking what students would want.
  1. Kanishka-Which ones are people more interested in? IF they could lift the ban on Acapella groups
  1. The biggest issue with stages. The biggest thing is that PAC groups have performing arts spaces. SAC has its own recognition process.
  1. Aaron- Do we have an estimate for how many spaces need to be added or conditioned?
  1. They last time this was mentioned was Craig Carnaroli. They said that they would look at it.
  2. Aaron- Do we have a plan?
  3. Kat-right now as many as we can
  1. Fall Semester Administrator Meetings
  1. Look through them
  1. Upcoming University-wide Events
  1. SPECTRUM weekend, alumni run weekend. Focus is for students of color to reflect on identify
  2. Open of the Pennovation center
  3. Krone-Perry world house opening this week
  4. Tonna - why does it occur every 3 years
  1. No clue
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. Past Steering
  1. This past week we had our meeting with SFSR. The minutes are available
  2. Tonna- Would we be able to submit the
  1. Yes you can send in questions
  1. Kat- We try to prioritize non UA members just because they don't meet with admins that often
  1. Next Steering
  1. Next week we are meeting with Craig Carnaroli, Karu, and Tony Sarontino
  2. Tunmise- Is attendance for steering groups publically available
  1. No not currently
  1. Calvary- Is there advertising for students?
  1. There are 40 groups. If a group's want to be in steering they would go through a process
  1. Tonna- Is there a limit?
  1. Sola- We do have a process and they go through a voting process.
  1. Kat- There are very specific rules in the bylaw so that it doesn't get out of hand
  1. UA Report
  1. Member of the Week
  1. Hannah
  1. Committee Meetings
  1. I just want to commend everyone on their meetings. If you have any concerns or ideas, please tell me anytime.
  2. Ian- How high of an admin are we talking about?
  1. You should always keep your directors looped in
  1. The UA Lobbyist
  1. It has served as a resource for us. External seats, background info etc. It has been underused. What can be done to make it a more effective tool?
  1. Tonna- I think we should have a thing at our retreat
  2. Aren- Is it like the UA’s internal website?
  1. Its information that wouldn’t go on the website.
  2. Aren- I think it would be helpful to have a centralized google drive. And have information stored as PDFs and then you can just search it up
  1. Eric- It constantly has to be updated. I think its fine the way it is.
  1. New Student Representatives
  1. Announcements will be made Thursday night and I will be greeting them on Friday
  2. Kanishka-the midnight breakfast is tonight so we can go
  1. Associate Members
  1. I will be releasing the forms on Wednesday and will run until the following wednesday
  1. Leave of Absence Panel
  1. Kat, Eric and I attended this event on Friday. They went over policies for leave of absences. Going forward, it is a good opportunity for the UA to show support
  1. Tonna- Could we have something similar for un-coordinated dual degrees
  1. This was hosted by by a specific group, Active Minds
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. GAPSA Legal Services Funding
  1. We partner up with GAPSA to fund this. We are supposed to be doing 50-50. In the past we funding 1200 while they did 900. Now they are funding 800 while they are funding 900. We are looking for a way to figure this out.  
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Project Updates
  1. Journal Subscriptions
  1. I wanted to look in who gets subscriptions. I found out that the whole student body has access to this all of these journals via the library. It’s in our tuition and our fees. I wanted to create a PDF
  1. Kanishka- I think this PDF could be useful
  2. Ian - It would be good if you could make an infographic
  3. Kat- i can send it in all school
  4. Tonna- I think it's great that we are creating it. Is there a way we are marketing it to all the classes?
  5. Krone- If you need any help with it, let me know.
  6. Eric- There are a lot of places it can go in, especially with the library
  1. Improving the xCAT System
  1. It is for transfers and people to take credits elsewhere. I want to fix the website which crashes a lot and is from the ‘90s. Once you get it in the system, there is a approver for each department. There is no deadline for how quickly they have to approve it. I have talked with TSO. Naomi will get me Rob Nelson's contact
  1. Aaron- This is a great project because I had to do this over the summer and it was tough
  1. American Society and Culture Minor
  1. I believe that this school lacks is American Studies. I am looking into a minor that includes music, culture, society etc. I think there are a lot of pillars that go unnoticed. I am meeting with a professor that I have worked with in the past. What other things should be included?
  1. Naomi- One thing we talked about is that, we wanted this to be expansive. So please reach out to Sam if you know any good professors. There was an American civilization that got pushed out.
  2. Justin- I think this is really cool. When would we see this?
  1. I would definitely not see this in my time. This won't be done in an year
  1. Aaron- Are you visioning taking one course in each area or more depth?
  1. I think it would be structured as any other minors with a few cores and then electives.
  2. Sam- that is something we are looking at
  1. Kat- There is a European history minor. 8 classes 2 core, 5 electives, 1 language. This is a big minor I would suggest making it smaller making it 6. People like flexibility, and we'll engage more people. Notre Dame has an American studies major
  2. Ian- It would be good to include Africana or ASAM studies
  1. Faculty Diversity
  1. Calvary-We have a large disparity with people of color and women. I met with La Casa, Makku. I also sent out an email to Faculty Senate. I reached out to Yale and they have been very successful to this.
  2. Kat- This is a great idea. We are talking about Faculty Diversity at the Amy Gutman meeting. CC me on emails so they are more likely to respond. Maybe look into specific departments and have a non-mandatory survey
  3. Ian- The dean finalizes the selection so it would be good to include him. Maybe push for an annual report. Make sure you ask them to have a consistent reporting
  4. Tunmise- The parameters for how they are describing faculty diversity is consistent. One of my professors is about to get tenure and they usually require student feedback for the process. Maybe talking to Finance or specific groups
  5. Eric- Anita Alan, they play a significant role in the hiring process
  6. Tonna- I think you should keep in mind the approach that you want to take. Whether department or by college. It would be good to get info from other Ivies.
  7. Naomi- We have spoke to Rob about an annual report. He said that it is not as effective. Maybe if you guys can put us in touch with the 5-B
  8. Ray- Pay attention to the dept by dept especially the STEM fields. For religious, talk to Chaplains office
  9. Tunmise- What was the rationale for not being statistically useful?
  1. Naomi- Year to year there isn't much change. But we do need consistent wording
  1. Nile- For some of the classes I have taken, they have been great. Maybe look into seminars
  2. Ian- WHen you are communicating with Yale, can you find out how many are temporary.
  3. Aaron- What will measure progress?
  1. I don't think there should be a quota. But what we should look for is an increase.
  2. Kat- maybe it could represent america
  3. Nile- Do people feel comfortable answering questions?


  1. Half-Credit Courses
  1. Calvary-A lot of my friends were interested in STEM courses. Maybe intro to comp sci, poli sci, Right now I am working on a department by dept approach.
  1. Krone- What else do we have besides music courses?
  2. Aren- i think its often. In engineering we do have a lot of half credit courses. A lot of these courses are very hard courses and has the material of a 1 CU course, but only .5 CU. We want to teach them what this subject is about and not the nitty gritty. You should talk to the deans of the schools because sometimes they are more willing to change things
  3. Kat- Provost Price meetings- half credit courses. Maybe Cis could fill a requirement. Maybe this can be viewed that it is the only cis class one will ever take. I am meeting with the undergraduate deans so I can bring it up there. You can mention that it could help with the mental health and that might get them to respond more.
  1. Kat- Two professors came in the UA and said they wanted to get more people into the field. I think you should make CIS 001 a full credit and make it fulfill a requirement. I will tell you what provost price has to say
  1. Tonna- I think it would fall under Qualitative and Data Analysis. Are the 7 week ones fulfilling anything or full semester
  1. Aaron- I think they are half semester. I haven't started mine right now. It is like a full time course while it starts. And it does fulfill a requirement for me.
  1. Eric- Since the course is in another school, I don't think it will fulfill
  2. Kanishka- You can take a course pass/fail. What they are teaching is different. They teach very big stuff with data analysis and not what we expect. It shows us how a computer thinks. How do you make a computer do a task? It’s important not confuse what people what and what computer science is?
  3. Aren- CIS 110 at Penn is unique. It would be beneficial to look at other schools’ curriculum. I think the focus should change so that people understand what computer science is.
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. Proposal for New College-Wharton Minors
  1. Naomi started working on this last year. We are looking at why some of the departments are closed off to minors. We are looking for recommendations for professors aht are student centric?
  2. Tonna- Does it have to be an either or approach? There are so many aspects to business, i don't think it should be narrowed. Are you open to new ones?
  1. Yes we are. For ex. We did not think that management was feasible. And we based this based on other schools
  1. Calvary- what would be the requirements for the applications
  1. We thought about creating a cohort for this
  1. Tunmise- what does OIDD stand for
  1. Operation Information and Decisions
  1. Tunmise- In the first one, I am not seeing the college?
  1. Stat is considered for friendly for all students. For Data collection and optimization you can take classes in the college or ENgineering
  1. Stephanie- Finance 100  is one of the hardest classes to get in? How many people would be in this minor?
  1. There are trying to fix issues with scheduling right now. And we are meeting with Vice Dean. Maybe there is a way to accommodate a larger population.
  2. Steph- I don't think that you can move it to a bigger room just bc the professors try to open up dialogue. They also have some of the highest paid faculty
  3. Nile- maybe they can have some spots left out
  1. Aaron- for the 2nd proposal, i am counting 10 CUs
  1. The pre-reqs don't count
  2. Are you concerned with Econ majors being more able to take this?
  1. Nile-Our target is a wide pool of students that are not Econ students
  1. Kat- Econ 101 has a prereq of Math 114. I have taken most of these courses and i think its important that they are recognized. Math 114  is almost like a threshold. Most of the people in finance are most probably Econ majors.
  1. Math 114 is not a prereq for any finance courses.
  1. Aaron- It seems that its accessible to only Econ majors. This would be inaccessible to someone who is majoring in anthropology
  1. We will look into it further. Many of the other Wharton minor are also intensive
  1. Jay - If you were to implement a cohort system, when would people be considered for the minor?
  1. That is a question we are trying to answer
  1. Sola- Were you looking at other minors like actuarial?
  1. We looked into that. A lot of it is math
  1. Tonna- Do you have to apply to be a Consumer Psych minor
  1. No
  1. Kanishka- There is so much going on in a course like Finance 100. Looking at how Engineering entrepreneurship is with Wharton
  2. Naomi- If you have professors that are student friendly, please let us know
  3. Nile- nothing is definitive, we are still looking into it.
  4. Stephanie- Maybe instead of econ 1 and 2 they could just take econ 10. I think a good spot would be like after freshman year.
  1. Nile- Econ 10 it might be easier to do this
  1. Ian- Some of the nursing minor fulfill some of the sector requirements for nursing. So if you could look into that
  2. Tonna- I don't think there should be an application process. I would like to see if something could be worked out with Management.
  1. Nile- I think we are looking at one department in Wharton and one department in the College. In terms of actually getting something done, there are going to be some limits
  1. Sam- If you are going to do the cohort, WPPI does their certificate program.
  1. Nile- WPPI focuses on policy and is very open to students
  1. Kat- It would make a lot of econ majors happy because they are already doing the work. A good person to speak with is Rakish Vhora
  2. Kanishka- they way engineering entrepreneurship is non-restrictive. Professor Babbon would be a good one to talk to.

  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  1. Project Updates
  1. Hey Day Access
  1. *Tabled
  1. T.V. Remotes in Houston Hall
  1. *Tabled
  1. Social Justice
  2. Student Life
  1. Project Updates
  1. FSAB Update
  1. Sam S-We talked about sanctions, council updates for IFC, pan-hel. We are changing the reaccreditation processes so we can better assess fraternities and sororities.
  1. Calvary- is there a way to distribute punishments on an individual approach
  1. Sam S-FSAB only deals with on-campus. The university technically has no power to sanction off campus groups.
  1. Eric- OSE can do something I think
  1. Cal- Can someone do anything?
  2. Sam- There was nothing criminal about the email so that route cannot be taken. There is probably some conduct that was taken. We can pinpoint a specific individual right now
  1. Aren- How would an university figure out if someone is in an off-campus groups?
  1. Sam S- Penn has no jurisdiction over that. That is something that should be brought up to administrations
  2. Kat- I don't think we are going to take the route of Harvard at Penn. There are no rules governing what clubs you can be in. The word sanction can’t be applied to an individual. Student behavior could be reviewed.
  1. Calvary- Some fraternities have off campus houses where they have parties?
  1. Sam S- In the off campus house, there is nothing that ties it to the Chapter.
  2. Kanishka- 5 or more brothers registered as a satellite house
  1. Penn School Spirit
  1. We found out that Penn students have Penn pride but not Penn Spirit. We just got approval from the highest office for Fun Feast. Shoemaker Green
  2. Krone- Its actually Fanfest
  3. Calvary- Classboard is actually partnering up with FanFeast
  4. Aren- I am going to be in touch with Athletics. I am getting dinner with Mak and Darren tom to talk about this. We want to leverage a lot of on campus groups so that they can pool their members
  1. Sam S- Food and alcohol will be cash bar. There will be alcohol for those that are of age.
  1. Tonna- There is no free food, but food brings people so what is the incentive        
  1. Sam- They are trying to have some free food, but they don't have the budget to give out lots of food.
  1. Justin- Why these dates?
  1. I can ask for that
  1. Eric- For Skimmerfest, didn't we have to pay
  1. Aren- No everything was free
  1. Eric- They probably should not do it during homecoming because people already come to that
  2. Tonna- I think that incorporating it with Homecoming will give the idea that it is fun. Maybe partnering with Greek groups could bring in more free food
  1. Sam- that is something that we will talk about
  1. Aren- i think the class boards will handle all the partnerships
  1. Sam- We can help you on policy, but it will be Class Board handling outreach
  1. Ian- I think it might be better to narrow it down to 2 events and make them successful
  2. Krone- Do they want to just keep it a university type thing?
  1. Sam- There are a lot of admins that are against the tailgating culture. It is a compromise between the students and admins.


  1. Communications