Emails (excerpted), Amy Everhart, policy director, Office of Mayor Lee Leffingwell, City of Austin, April 1-2, 2013

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April 1, 2013

...our source was Mayors Against Illegal Guns:



Amy Everhart

Policy Director

Office of Mayor Lee Leffingwell

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Did the mayor have a poll basis for his reference to US opinion in general?


My sense from some research is that support has lately slipped below 90 percent. Also, the NRA result drew on responses from current and former association members, as PolitiFact noted in another recent fact check.




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April 2, 2013

...we’re basing polling claims on what the Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition and Mayor Bloomberg’s office has put out. I am asking his office for the specific polls they are citing, so I’ll get that to you when I receive it.


This is from the day before the press conference:

1:16 pm

April 2, 2013

Here is the answer I got from Bloomberg’s office:



Recent polls by Mayors Against Illegal Guns showed likely voters in a wide range of states and congressional districts overwhelmingly support background checks for all gun sales. The average support for background checks for all gun sales among 41 congressional district polls was 89 percent; the average among 21 statewide polls was 86 percent.  The findings of these surveys can be found here.  These findings are in line with recent independent polls that have found more than 90 percent of Americans support background checks for all buyers.   Previous polling by Republican Frank Luntz for Mayors Against Illegal Guns also found that 82 percent of gun owners – including 74 percent of National Rifle Association members – support requiring criminal background checks for anyone purchasing a gun.


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Thanks. Who is John and what is his title?


Is our mayor a member of the group? Why or why not?



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April 2, 2013

John McCarthy is a staff person in Mayor Bloomberg's office who works on guns. ...


Yes, Mayor Leffingwell is a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. He is one of just a handful in Texas ( and has been a member for about a year, as he mentioned at the press conference last week. He joined the coalition because public safety is one of his top priorities as Mayor.



Amy Everhart