QR Codes in the Classroom

QR Codes or "Quick Response" codes are similar to barcodes and extremely easy to create. You can scan a QR code with apps such as i-nigma or a smartphone, iPod touch or iPad and it will link you to information. This could be text, video, audio, an image or a web site. There are tons of ways to use these in the classroom and around your school.


Activity List

  1. Entrance activity
  2. Book reports - paste QR code in book or special on author/section of the library
  3. Special schedules at high school/middle school
  4. Map for school - new students/parents/visitors
  5. Scavenger hunts
  6. Art reflection/description - tied to video or audio online
  7. Activity stations with video explanations or connect to images
  8. Add QR codes to homework sheets that are helpful hints.
  9. Add to syllabus and agenda
  10. QR codes to cited material or influences for art work
  11. Assignments ~ Post Homework assignments in codes for students to scan before leaving class.
  12. QR Code orienteering
  13. QR Code school equipment with how to’s or other important information
  14. Easy way to poll students when connected to a google form
  15. Museum - link to information about object or art
  16. Interactive bulletin board
  17. Outside every teacher's door - connect to web page with photo, phone and email
  18. Parent night - station for parents to play online math games