Relinquishing the Patriarchy Resource List

adrienne maree brown[1]

“Lutheran Settlement House’s new gender justice program for men takes on toxic masculinity”

August 21, 2018

By Julie Zeglen

The Masculinity Action Project (MAP) will teach 10 to 15 male-identified Philadelphians how to help eliminate domestic violence in their own communities.

Twitter: @LSHphilly 

Richard M Wright, MA

Richard M. Wright, MA is a Jamaican New Yorker who lives in Florida. He facilitates art-based workshops, and does speaking engagements that focus on building consent culture, honoring personal boundaries, bystander intervention & healthy, accountable masculinities. He is also available for consulting on these issues.

A Call To Men


A CALL TO MEN educates men all over the world on healthy, respectful manhood.  Embracing and promoting a healthy, respectful manhood prevents violence against women, sexual assault and harassment, bullying and many other social ills.

Madison School & Community Recreation

MSCR will enhance the quality of life for individuals in the Madison Metropolitan School District and for the community by providing recreation and enrichment opportunities year-round that are accessible to all.

Men Stopping Violence

MSV believes that an analysis of the interconnection of oppressions is critical to ending violence against women and girls. This belief informs our practice of building accountability among men and with communities. The knowledge, tools, and resources developed by MSV are vital in engaging and mobilizing men as catalysts for change and building collaborative relationships with anti-violence programs and other social justice organizations.

Writing Feminist Life Together

Kimberly B. George

Kimberly has resources on her podcast. She coaches men in learning feminism.  See episodes "On Teaching Men Feminism" (November 20) and the series from March 27 and April 5th on defense mechanisms, difficult knowledge, and heterosexual relationships. The episodes are designed to offer some tools for the feminist journey for men.

“The Liberation of the Heart that Leads to Wise Action: A Meditation Retreat for People Who Identify as Men”

Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center

The Buddha taught a path of freedom.  This freedom is a heart liberated from greed, hatred, and delusion.  On this retreat, we will be exploring masculinity as a way of moving the heart towards such a liberation. This will include investigating how we perform masculinities in both skillful and unskillful ways in a space of coming together as men in healing and transformative ways.


We connect men more deeply to their loved ones, their life’s work, and themselves. The results are bigger than you could imagine.

Gender Equity and Reconciliation International

Gender Equity and Reconciliation International has facilitated workshops and training programs for more than 2,000 men and women in seven countries to date.  Our experience demonstrates that earnest women and men are capable of extraordinary levels of healing and reconciliation, and thereby fostering new levels of mutual trust, respect, communication, and joyful partnership.

The Real Talk Project

Amreen Karmali

We offer Professional Development, Online Courses and Individual Coaching for Schools, Educators and Community members who are invested in creating a culture based on equality, love and thirst for diversity.

“Undoing Patriarchy”

Bear (they/them)

Undoing Patriarchy is a 12-week online course to help men+ unlearn their internalized patriarchal conditioning. Thanks so much!

Men as Peacemakers

Men As Peacemakers is an organization that aims to end violence against women and children. Specifically, MAP focuses on preventing sexual assault, dating violence, and domestic violence perpetrated against women, girls, and boys.  MAP engages men, with women, in preventing and repairing the harm predominantly caused by males.

“Men Today/Men Tomorrow (MT2)”

Idaho Coalition

Men and boys are willing to get involved and act as positive influencers of children, other men and institutions to end violence against women and girls. Men are in a unique position to act as agents of change in ending all forms of gender-based violence.

Urban Healers

Urban Healers are men who are soulful, vibrant, and connected. Our mission is to initiate cities into healthy masculinity for the purpose of planetary healing. We host monthly rituals and ceremonies for the purpose of unifying men through deep dialogue.

Mindfulness Masculinity Group

David Hayden

Mindfulness is a buzzword in today’s culture, but what does it mean to apply the practice of mindfulness to our lives and our problems? This  8-week closed group is a designed intimate space meant to integrate the practices of science-based mindfulness to help men work with the problems currently presenting themselves in their lives as well as reflect collectively on masculinity as a whole.

CONNECT Safe Families, Peaceful Communities

Founded in 2003, CONNECT is a NYC-based training, educational, and advocacy nonprofit organization dedicated preventing and ending interpersonal violence. The hallmark of our work is our focus on preventing violence before it happens through our holistic, intersectional, and dialogue-based approach.

The Good Men Project


The Good Men Project was founded by Tom Matlack in 2009. Tom set out to collect stories about the defining moments in men’s lives. What he discovered was that the connected idea between all the stories of the men Tom talked to was that there was a moment when each man “woke up, looked in the mirror and said ‘I thought I knew what it meant to be a man. I thought I knew what it meant to be good. And I realize that I don’t know either.'”


Twitter: @justinbaldoni

Wayfarer Entertainment is an award-winning media studio focused on social good storytelling content for linear, digital, theatrical and branded distribution channels.

At Wayfarer, our work is our service to humanity, and we endeavor to inspire people from all walks of life to change the world around them. In addition to developing projects from ideation through release, we also finance and acquire cause-driven content from a range of creators, providing them with the support and resources they need to share their stories and engage audiences around the world.

Remaking Manhood  Man Box Culture and the New Masculinity

Twitter: @RemakingManhood

Mark Greene writes, speaks, coaches and consults on the challenges we face as men raised in man box culture. He is the author of the groundbreaking The Little #MeToo Book for Men.

Richie Reseda

Question Culture makes art and noise to change the world.

Initiate Justice was founded in late 2016 by Taina Vargas-Edmond and Richard Edmond-Vargas. They saw that their peers, people in prison and loved ones outside, were extremely motivated to lead criminal justice reform efforts, but did not have access to accurate, timely information, or resources on how to organize and create momentum for change.

Twitter: @RichieReseda

Create the Space


Create the Space is invoking the power of self-intimacy and shared vulnerability for men of color. By giving men a platform to feel, own, and release their emotions in a safe space, Denzel Herrera-Davis has created innovative programs that are vital to the mental health of our men. Join our monthly conversation series in Oakland, CA featuring men of color sharing their truths like you’ve never seen before.

Curriculum for Feminist Men’s GroupMatt Goldfield & Jonah S. Boyarin

[1] This list was requested by Leah Penniman, of Soul Fire Farm. adrienne maree brown put the call out and the community responded! Many thanks to Joe Sweeny for formatting the list.