Parish Council Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2016

Fr. Robert gave a brief overview of what the Parish Council does for the new members in attendance.

The following new members were welcomed for a 2-year term on the Parish Council:

Diane Dornfried

Carmela Galati

Betty Lasker

Paul Miano

Elaine Pavasaris

David Roseth

Tom Sullivan

Last year’s committees within the Council did not seem to work well.  This year we will work together as a whole.

Fr. Robert discussed the strengths of the parish:

Father then gave an update on the challenges that are facing the church and school:

The following are updates from Fr. Robert:

Berlin Fair:  Father is concerned about our continued participation at the Berlin Fair. Of late it has been very difficult to raise money at the fair due to the prices being regulated, payment of rent, insurance, etc.  There needs to be further discussion and thought on this topic.  Diane Dornfried who is a Lion’s member will have a discussion on this topic offline with Fr. Robert.

KGS is proceeding as planned and will be very beautiful when completed.  The gazebo will be up soon.  Next spring the marble statue of the pieta will be delivered.  The parish will make up the $120k difference in the Capital Campaign for the KGS project with $60k from the church and $60k from the school.

We will be selling more bricks going forward.  The bricks are here and ready to be installed.

The year-end appeal will be focused primarily on raising money for the air conditioning replacement.  The cost of this is approximately $70k.  Our AC is 30 years old.

Over the next 10 years we will face approximately $750k to $1M in capital needs for the church and school.

Fr. Tim attended a Franciscan workshop recently.  Fr. Robert will also be attending in the future.  Fr. Tim gave a brief overview of the workshop.  

There will be a live nativity scene on December 4th.  Fr. Tim is working on that.

A men’s group was formed to meet several times a month at 6 a.m. at Uncle D’s Diner in East Berlin.  As of right now there are approximately 10 men who get together for a very spiritual and prayerful experience.  There is a great mix of ages in attendance.  

Jim Newman gave an update on the Leadership Appreciation Dinner which will be next Thursday, October 27th at 6 p.m. in the church hall.  All members of the parish council are invited to attend.

A suggestion was put forward by Tom Sullivan to give an award to a special ministry.  It was recommended not to focus on a particular ministry so as not to cause problems, but possibly give an award to the parish member who recently retired from making the baptismal robes for 40 years.

The Registration Night sign-up sheet was passed around asking for volunteers.  This is the 2nd Monday of every month and welcomes new members to our parish.  It is at 7 p.m. in the church hall.