Team Meeting  Sample 

  1. Player/Parent/Coach Intro
  1.  My Philosophy - Discipline, Respect. Repetition. Consistency. Safety.
  2.  Contact Information , Update Spreadsheet. Text, E-mail address.
  3.  STLL Website - Calendar, Practices, Games, E-mail, Player availability, Snack Shack, Team Snack.
  4.  Update spreadsheet.
  5.  Medical Release forms  -
  1.  What I expect from my Players?
  1.  To be on time for all practices and games.
  1.  To come prepared with their equipment and uniform for practices and games.
  2.  To always do their best, whether in the field or on the bench.
  3.  To be cooperative at all times and share team duties.
  4.  To respect not only others, but themselves as well. Stay positive.
  5.  To try not to become upset at their own mistakes or those of others. We learn together from mistakes and get better.
  6.  To be positive with teammates at all times.
  7.  To listen to the coaches, umpires and teammates.
  8.  To hustle at practices and games.
  1.  What I expect from Parents and Family?
  1.  To participate and become a part of our team. Volunteer for the many positions on our team.
  2.  To be positive and cheer for all players. Please no, false positives.
  3.  To be a positive role model and demonstrate good sportsmanship.
  4.  To try not to question my leadership: all players will make mistakes, so will I.
  5.  To try not to undermine my coaching.
  6.  To try to work with your child outside of team practices and games. Use the same verbiage that I am teaching and reinforce it at home when working with your child. Lets work together.
  7.  To talk to me in private if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.
  8.  To come out and enjoy the game.
  9.  To remember that this game is for the players. I love watching you play
  1.  What you can expect from Me?
  1.  To be on time for all practices and games.
  2.  To do my best to teach the fundamentals of the game of Baseball. Baseball first, then Fun.
  3.  To be positive and respect each player as an individual.
  4.  To always be positive with my team, parents, the opposing team and umpires.
  5.  To set reasonable expectations for each player and for the season.
  6.  To be patient and remember that players improve at different rates.
  7.  To teach the players the value of winning and losing.
  8.  To be dedicated as the Manager of the team and be able instill in each player to have the confidence as a baseball player.
  1. Equipment
  1.  Gear
  1.  Glove - Size. Mink oil leather gloves to break in. - 2 in the pinky
  1.  Jock Support & Cup
  2.  Bat - Size - Weight
  3.  Batting glove (Optional)
  4.  Helmet = Black - New Chrome helmets have been banned by Little League. No Stickers or Painted. Write names on the foam padding only.
  5.  Equipment Bag - Preferred NO backpacks.m
  1.  Uniforms
  1.  Game Pants = Grey with Black Stripes - Sizes - Fontanettis ( x2 ? )
  1.  Practice Pants = Black , Grey - circle one - NO Shorts
  2.  Belt = Black
  3.  Sliding Shorts
  1.  Practice Shirts - Sizes
  2.  Socks = Black
  3.  Cleats = Black
  4.  Hat (league provided) , Jersey (league provided)
  5.  Undershirts = Black
  1. Schedule(s)
  1.  Practice - (Listed in the Calendar at STLL Team Website) please update availability. Automatically sent e-mail reminders.
  1.  Mondays @ 4pm at Bernal School.
  2.  Wednesdays @ 4pm at Bernal School.
  3.  Saturdays @ 9am at Bernal School.
  1.  1st practice is this Wednesday.
  1.  Games - (Listed in the Calendar at STLL Team Website) please update availability. Automatically sent e-mail reminders.
  1.  Arrive prepared and ready to Go 1 hour prior to the scheduled start of each Game for Warm Ups with the Team.
  2.  Games are Saturdays @10am, 1pm, or 3pm beginning (9/13)
  1. Volunteering
  1.  Coach - (Pitcher, 1st Base, 3rd Base, Practice with drills) - Fill out Volunteer Form with a copy of Drivers License.
  2.  Field Prep Team - need 3 volunteers - Volunteer Form with copy of Drivers license.
  3.  Team Mom - Communication with the team, scheduling of assignments.
  4.  Scorekeeping -
  5.  Pitch Counters - 2 each game
  6.  Umpire Assignments - need 4 umpires to take on 2 games each.
  7.  CPR Certifications - need 2 per game and practices
  8.  Post-Game Snack Drink/Snack from 1 Family ea. Game. Rotate responsibilities
  9.  Snack Shack
  1. Fundraising
  1.  Team Sponsor = $500 or $250 ea
  1.  Team Banner = $ per player.
  1.  Hit-a-thon =
  1.  Embroidered name on back of hat? = $  per player.
  2.  End of year party = $ per player

  1. Important Dates
  1.  Safety Meeting = Feb 12th @ 6pm = Pearl Library, Multipurpose Room
  2.  Umpire Clinic - Feb 22nd @ 9am-2pm Anderson Elementary
  3.  Field Clean-up Days = Frost Elementary = Feb 21st
  4.  Opening Day = March 7th = Frost Elementary = All day event.
  5.  Picture Day = March 7th = Frost Elementary
  6.  Games Start = Week of March 9th
  7.  Closing Ceremony = June 6th + Location TBD
  1.  End of Year Team Party = TBD