My goal is to be part of a team and be a good addition to this team, where I can bring new ideas and be a handy tool to make projects work smooth and with high quality, so we can accomplish tasks with high end result and most important, with total customers satisfaction.


20 years plus of web development experience.
• Focused and
hardworking; willing to go the extra mile for the customer.
• Skilled in troubleshooting complex problems by thinking outside the box.
• Possesses a high degree of professionalism and dedication to exceptional quality.
• Effective team player with outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.
• Current Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information security clearance.


• Languages: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript

• Bootstrap and Foundation based template development

• Experience in LESS since its very begin in 2010 and SASS

• JavaScript frameworks: ES5, ES6, jQuery, React, AngularJS and MeteorJS

• Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis and Firebase

• Wordpress Skills: Fullstack.
Joomla Skills: Fullstack Versions 1.0, 1.5, 2.x, 3.x

• I can develop my own extensions when needed, including Components and Modules
• Software’s: Sublime Text,
phpStorm, Photoshop.

• Subversion platforms such as GIT and SVN.


2018 –Present – WORKSTATE, INC - OH - USA

Responsible for implementing and developing User Interface (UI) developer that provide the user interface solution to the end user (using ReactJS and Webpack), including the final look, feel and behavior of the interface in different contexts.

2015 – 2018 – TGIX, INC - NY - USA

Lead Developer for a project for a startup company based in L.A.. We were in charge to redesign the entire website where there is a Social Network, inspired on Twitter and Linkedin plus a workflow management for articles news, where there is several user groups, each one with specific roles. And FullStack Developer to a well known Publisher company, where I had to work on multiple wordpress based websites.


Front End developer responsible to translate design to interactive HTML, using the latest technologies such as HTML5 API’s, CSS3 and jQuery, AngularJS. I had to adapt to different platforms and frameworks, such as Bootstrap, Foundation and sometimes, not even a framework, building my own website without those extra help. Sometimes we used CMS’s and other we didn`t

Joined OSM with the aim to help the community grow the awareness of Joomla name. It was a great opportunity, where I could put forward my skills. I travelled to many events at Germany, France, Algeria, Netherland and more, representing Joomla name and its leadership.

Working as main developer for all templates for a well known template club Joomla Bamboo. Was responsible to convert to Joomla a PSD design with responsiveness and good coding standard. Club templates are very challenging, because the very same design can be used to a enormous variety of industry, so we need to think on most variables possible when implementing parts of the design.

After 3 Years working for Dumonde Travel, I got married and moved from Miami to Massachusetts and started to work as freelancer for several companies in Boston and never stopped. I did some work in Brazil and Australia. I’m currently member of the “Get a Freelancer” Network and have good reputation and got several long term contracts from them, from several companies around the world

2000 – 2003 – WEB MANAGER MIAMI – FL – USA 
In middle 2000 I was working in New York and I got to know this guy, Andre Nunes who’s own a Travel Company in Miami and had in mind an ambitious Idea in mind for that time, that was to create the very first web portal specialized for South America Market and asked me if I could come to Miami to help him to start this. I started alone building a huge plain HTML site with no database, but in 2001 we hired a developer that had ASP and ACCESS knowledge. So we build the very first dataset driven web portal specialized in South America, which was very powerful back in 2001. Basically the very same database structure remains until today with only feel updates touches.

In 1998 I was 21 years old and wanted so much to go to USA and learn English and at the same time, find an opportunity to work on a business that I always loved, computers. Internet was pretty new thing at moment and was very attractive as it is today. When I first arrive in USA, I did not really work as web designer, I made several part time jobs in construction business and landscaping, but this last only for 3 months until I meet a lady that became my friend and introduced me to some friends. Franz Valla was a successful
businessman that like me, one day had left Brazil to try his luck in USA, and got involved on Internet business and opened NYNET. I was hired to become one of his first web designers because NYNET was basically an ISP serving internet dial up connections for Manhattan based business. Unfortunately when the new broadband internet connection arrived, they was forced to shut down their activities in 2004 


From 1998 to 2018, the internet evolved a lot, as well my experience. When I first started was just a note pad and a basic plain wrapped webpage. The html code had only feel tags and was very easy to learn. But things started to get little complicated and more fancier, and I could not stop to read articles and blogs to see what was new in the market and what the big guys was doing.
Today the web 2.0 brought a whole new internet world, no comparison at all with what I was doing in the past, but I still take advantage of my mistakes made on the past and be part of this evolution, take me one step ahead of the new generation.

What I can truly say for my skill is that my web sites are totally SEO friendly, with no use of tables, using only div tags on the code and CSS to give the skin look. Adding some Ajax features makes the web site more eye catching and the most call attention of the end user. With the use of CMS’s I give to my customers the freedom and power to do most of the things on a website without the knowledge of HTML or programming skills. Basically, what I deliver, it is a mix of tools that will make websites very dynamic and at the same time a good acquisition to the customer business.

Recently I’m dedicating more time to learn strong JavaScript based technologies, such as AngularJS and MeteorJS. I believe JavaScript is the future of the web and more and more we will see the web dependent of.


1) From: Patrick Heeney (Xiosen Media) – Omaha, VA – USA

Excellent communication! The work was flawless and he even went above and beyond to make this project perfect. I highly recommend him for any project you have. I plan on working with him on all my projects in the future.

2) From: Lynne Gabriel (Exirus Creative) – Houston, TX – USA

Paulo is a world-class service provider. We have tried so many freelance programmers but nobody met our expectations except Paulo. He knows his stuff, he delivers more than what you expect...we'll do business with him over and over and over again.

3) From: Justin Frydman (Thinkweb Media) – St Jean – Canada

Paulo did exactly what we asked for and more. He really knows Joomla well, we explained our problems and he fixed them. Would recommend him to anyone looking for a Joomla expert.

4) Lee (The Liquid Engine Software) – Lugano – Switzerland

Paulo’s work is exemplary to pro developers out there, he really goes the extra mile and some ...with Paulo we chose well..I urge you to try this guy he is superb with Joomla...big up for Paulo from our team here ;-) 5 Stars *****

5)  Adam Samson (VRM Funds) – New York, NY – USA

Paulo is a true professional. He completed my project with alacrity and was responsive and friendly throughout the process. A+


Phone: +1 917-720-2488