Jhatkaa.org launches  #BangaloreIsBurning: a month-long digital campaign to end open garbage burning in Bangalore

“Garbage burning is illegal. Period.” said Divya Narayanan, campaigner at Jhatkaa.org. “But it’s become so common that people don’t know that.”

“Through this campaign make sure that every Bangalorean understands that garbage burning is against the law, and sound the alarm on how dangerous it really is. It adds to Bangalore’s toxic air pollution and contributes to various lung diseases (from asthma to cancer).”

“Over the next month, Jhatkaa.org will be hosting a series of events and digital actions across the city to not only raise awareness but also raise the stakes. The solutions to garbage burning are out there. If the BBMP makes this a priority, and invests/enforces accordingly, we can not only end garbage burning in our beautiful city, but go a long way toward solving the problem of waste management itself.” Divya concludes.”

More information from Divya Narayanan about the Jhatkaa.org’s planned actions and events:

“Jhatkaa.org will be hosting two exciting events as part of the #BangaloreIsBurning campaign. One of them will be a pop-up photo exhibit in Cubbon Park showcasing stories of how people from all across Bangalore, at levels of society, are affected by garbage burning.  Jhatkaa.org will also be hosting a powerhouse night of stand-up featuring some hilarious Bangalore comedians ‘talking trash,” says Divya.

“Finally, Jhatkaa.org is developing an interactive online map where you’ll be able to see exactly where garbage is being burned. We’re crowdsourcing and asking people to send us images of burning garbage from their daily lives.

“If you come across burning garbage, please take out your phone, take a photo, and send it to us on WhatsApp (7676 022 555). And make sure you send us your location so we can track exactly where garbage is burning!

“We will plot these on an online map to show the BBMP how widespread garbage burning is across Bangalore and where the hotspots are. This will also help the people of Bangalore understand the intensity of the issue.”

About Jhatkaa.org:

Jhatkaa.org is a campaigning organisation committed to building grassroots citizen power across India in effective and innovative ways. Jhatkaa.org helps people take action collectively on issues that interest or affect them, and create change that would not be possible if they acted alone.

Jhatkaa.org also collaborates with civil society to engage citizens to hold corporate, cultural and government leaders accountable in real time at key decision moments through various digital communication platforms. Read more about Jhatkaa.org’s victories and press hits.

Jhatkaa.org’s digital campaign is called  #BangaloreIsBurning because our city is being smothered under the smoke of burning garbage. The online petition can be found at https://jhatkaa.org/bangaloreisburning/

For more information, please contact:

Divya Narayanan

Mobile: +91 9884 521 072

Email: divya@jhatkaa.org