North 1 Zone

These sisters went to Catholic Community Services donation area.  They spent their time sorting and organizing donations.

Sister Blocker and Sister Murillo

Sister Chen, Sister Cox and Sister Fischer

Sister Lee and Sister Lam

Elder and Sister Heesch

Sisters of North 1 Zone

In no specific order, the sisters of North 1 are:  Sisters Keyes, Kogure, Ueno, Liang, Lischer, Smithson, Lam, Lee, Ghetti-Remor, Newlin, Murillo, Blocker, Cox Guerrero, Chen, Boyd, Wight, Williams and Senior Couples, Elder and Sister Heesch

North 2 Zone

This zone went to Millcreek Senior Center on Valentine’s day and served lunch with the residents there.

Sister Hulme, Sister Wagner and Sister Mou

Sister Jeong and Sister Oeser

Sister Mou and Sister Nuñez

Sister Takesige

Sisters of North 2 Zone

In no specific order, the members of North 2 Zone are:  Sisters Takeshige, Gonçalves, Lai, Shin, Jeong, Oeser, Hulme, Pierre, Mou, Yan, Torres, Pech, Wagner, Allen, Nuñez, Phasomkla, Gunther, and Richins

South 2 Zone

These sisters rendered service at a low income school fair for families.  The families learned life skills and were given tickets.  The tickets were used to purchase items from the Thrift Store.

Sister Carrus and Sister Romero

Sisters Chaiyapat, Morales B., Romero, and Richey

Sisters Gomes, Cysewski and Pohjoisrinne

South 2 sisters:  Sisters Carrus, Romero, Calderon, Roberts, Cruz, Hinkey, Richey, Lopez, Gomes, Cysewski, Morales B. Pohjoisrinne, Chaiyapat, Zeng, Morales B. and Wu.  Senior Couple Elder and Sister Geddes (Missing from picture)

West 2 Zone

These sisters went to a disabled person’s home, interacted with residents and rolled burritos.

Activity Time

In the kitchen

Sister Rodriguez and Sister Mark

Sister Ackley outside the residence

West 2 sisters with the residents of the home

Members of West 2 Zone are Sisters Mark KM, Albos, Lybbert, Ackley, Ripa, Boutoille, Sturzeneggar, Liu, Samame, Raquiza, Carvalho, Hu, Canda, Orellana, Lee Y., Klippel, Rodriguez, Pazos, Pilapitiya and Stähle.