PDC Sensor Troubleshooting

We test all vehicle models to ensure that PDC sensors are unaffected by The Platypus. If you are having issues with your sensors after installation, we will be glad to help. We will resolve the problem or get you a full refund. Here are some steps to try before contacting us:

  1. Adjust the angle
  1. Grab the installed plate with both hands and you should be able to bend the tab a bit to adjust the angle. By bringing the side of the plate closest to the sensor, closer to the sensor you may avoid it’s line of sight.

  1. Ensure that the Stud is on fully
  1. Since we machine the studs to fit very tight they may feel like they are on, but could still take a few more turns with a wrench. Bringing the plate a half inch closer to the bumper can make a huge difference in avoiding the sensor’s line of sight.

  1. Chat with or email us
  1. We will solve the problem or get you a free return label and refund.

Live Chat  Email: support@cravenspeed.com

Stud Fit Troubleshooting

If the stud is not fitting properly, here are a few things you can check on your own. If they don’t solve the problem, we will, or we will get you a full refund.

  1. Stud is too wide
  1. Check if you have a left or right hand thread. Some German cars in particular use a reverse, left handed thread. This can make it seem like the stud is too wide.
  2. Grab a wrench. We machine these at the high end of the receptacle tolerance to make sure that they stay put while you drive. This means they are unusually hard to screw in. The 6061 is softer than your vehicle's frame, so do not be concerned about the car, get a wrench on it and it should go in for you.

  1. Length is too short/long
  1. On many vehicles the stud just barely sticks out of the bumper and the tab extends in from one side, this is normal. If the frame is touching your bumper, just adjust the angle of the tab so that it doesn’t touch, by pushing on the opposite side.

Plate Touching Bumper

          The adjustable tab on our backplates comes bent at an arbitrary angle. On some vehicles, this may cause the plate to be able to touch the bumper once installed. To prevent this from happening simply adjust the angle of the bend so that the plate is parallel with the bumper. Once properly installed and adjusted, none of our kits should ever be touching the bumper. If they are, you either need to adjust the plate or you have the incorrect parts for your vehicle.

Car Washes

We have designed The Platypus with car washes in mind. The quick release design allows you to easily and quickly remove the plate before entering the wash. It would be impossible for us to assert that any car wash would never damage The Platypus or your vehicle, for this reason we do not recommend taking the plate through a carwash that uses cloth cleaning mechanisms. In our experience, a touchless car wash is the best choice, not only for The Platypus but for the paint on your car as well.


We fit each car model specifically and make sure that parking sensors are not an issue. There are some cases in which the parking sensors are simply unavoidable. In these cases we do have a workaround. We use a blinder (a small sticker) which covers the affected sensor and keeps it from ‘seeing’ anything in front of it. The rest of the system will continue to work, just not the covered sensor. Once the blinder is removed, then the sensor operates normally.

Extension Arms

In order to avoid sensors or other nuances of the bumper on certain vehicles, we add an extra piece which allows some more location flexibility. This 2 inch extension arm sits between the stud and the plate allowing it to move in a 2 inch radius.

New Vehicles

We are always interested in fitting new vehicles. If you would like to work with us on a new fit, please just contact us at support@cravenspeed.com. We will take care of you and pay for all shipping involved in the fit test process.