Coarsegold Resource Conservation District

Meeting Minutes for: February 23, 2017 at 9:00 am - 11:30

CDC Conference Room, North Fork Mill Site

  1. Open Meeting
  1. Pledge of Allegiance, roll call and self-introductions - In attendance- Jay Seslowe, Roger Tucker, John Kilburn, Marcia Freedman, Wade Wheeler, Anne Melrose and Johnny Siliznokoff
  2. Ground rules - Try not to interrupt, that said, try to be concise, say it once. We will all watch for this.

  2.        Public Comment (Limited to 3 Minutes) - no public present

  3.        General Business

  1. Approval of Agenda -Review online ahead of time. We added Jay Seslowe board member renewal and discussion on our website. Agenda approved: Wade, Marcia and all.
  2. Approval of 01/26/ 2017 Minutes-  Review online ahead of time and be prepared to approve or adjust. Roger made a spelling correction (?). Approved by Marcia, Wade and all.
  3. Treasurer’s Report- Marcia says we have $5,363.72, 2.34 petty cash and the $5000 for Kinsman Flat.
  4. CRCD Correspondence - Marcia gave Anne the County Controllers report!

        Action item: Anne will address the Controller's report.

  1. Collection of Ethics training certificates and 700 forms -

Action item: Ethics training form from Wade.

  1. Board Approval: We approved Jay Seslowe’s renewal as a Board Member. 2/2017 - 2/2021. Motion by Marcia, 2nd by Aaron approved by all.
  2. Bio and picture from Roger and Wade -advised

        Action item: Roger and Wade will provide bios and a picture for our website.

4. Discussion

  1. Audit - Per Karen Burr we will be able to submit a “letter of intent to audit” post tax season with a Tier ⅔ funding application.

        Action item: Roger will contact Denise about a letter of intent.

  1. Tier 1,2 DOC Grant -  Anne has been in touch with Karen Burr. Grant details have not been released yet, almost 2 months late. There will be an expected 1 month turn around once released.  We wait.

        Action item: Anne will check to see if there is any funding in Tier ⅔ for audits.

  1. Mission statement - We remove the word “legal assistance” as we do not offer such services.

Action item: Wade will work on and bring to our next meeting for more discussion.

  1. Sub committees - We created a Grant Subcommittee: Roger, Wade and Anne.

        Action item: The group will find a time to meet.

        Action item: Anne and Jay will confirm rules for sub committees.

        Action item: Anne will be in touch with Elissa Brown for help.

  1. Newsletter - Our first newsletter in years was sent out. We will put on our website.

        Action item: Anne will resend the newsletter to Jay.

  1. Review Action items from previous meeting - done
  2. Executive Director Report - Anne: Estimate for windmill construction has increased about $600. F&W believes they will be able to cover this difference. Walt Bannon is being asked to dismantle and remove the windmill also. Contract will probably have to be redrawn. Our FTR for 2015-16 is done at a cost of about $150. We will need to review our last years of FTR to be sure they are correct for our audit. It was decided that I should sit thru the next session of help with Claireborne so I can learn to do the reports alone.
  3. Cal Fire Grant - Roger has resubmitted the grant again, There is some concern about money being spent to work on FS land, but it is how to provide fire protection to Cascadel which is surrounded by FS land and potential fire hazard. There is focus on escape routes as well as rd 223. Roger may use crews from the Fresno County EOC (Economic opportunities council) or perhaps the CCC. Roger will determine this. Anne  needs process for homeowners qualification: on special services. Widowed, elderly, tax returns? May need to try to keep properties in similar area to facilitate the work.

Action item: Anne will share draft qualifications with the board for review.

Action item: Roger will share Matt’s maps with Johnny.

  1. Ahwahnee park - Assist County in occupying the building by the end of May

        Action item: Jay, Anne and Wade will attend a 10 am meeting with the County tomorrow, Friday at the Park to discuss details.

     J.    Website -  John and Anne have spent 5 ½ hours working on the site so far. They hope to bring it live by next week so Anne can continue to work on it. Basic info on SRA funds could be provided also. We will try to incorporate Matt’s maps.

        Action item: Anne will submit an invoice for John’s time.


5.         Agency/Partner reports

  1. Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) - Johnny Siliznoff spoke about the 3 million dollar Joint Chief of Staff monies for tree mortality. This is a collaboration between NRCS and the F.S. We will post this on our website for informational purposes. Johnny says the first batch on EQUIP grants have been done for 2017. $400,000 to Madera County, $80,000 for dead trees and $400,000 for range issues. Xerces is a group interested in pollinators and may be worth contacting. Johnny brought up the possibility of a native plant seed gathering effort.

        Action item: Johnny and Roger will be in touch about this.? Shovel ready projects??

  6.         Workshops/ Events/Presentations

  1. Earth Day - Anne has arranged for Joanna Cline from the Bass Lake Forest Service office to give an invasive species workshop at the Oakhurst Feed Store Earth Day. There is interest in having another tree sale/ native plant sale on Earth Day celebrations at North Fork Elementary using the Auberry Nursery or Inter Mountain Nursery. Ron Goode?

        Action item: Anne will check into plants

        Action item: Anne will contact North Fork Elementary.

        Action item: Anne will be in touch with Johnny about NRCS involvement in Earth Day.

     b. District boundary redraw would involve LAFCO.

     c. Board officer positions will be voted on in June.

  7.     Meeting Adjourned at 11:30.

   8.         Next Meeting:  March 23, 2017  9:00 am  – CDC Conference Room, North Fork Mill Site

   9.  Topics to add to next agenda

  1. Review action items
  2. Resolution to submit DOC grant
  3. Firestarter program rep to speak