Professional Resume - Ira Abramov

Developer, Project Chaperon, Knowledge manager, advisor and mentor in computing and IT based on FOSS and Unix.


Living in Ramat Gan, Israel

Phone: +972-54-4731-963

Languages: Hebrew as a mother's tongue, excellent English



OwnBackup - Management of cloud SaaS infrastructure (AWS and Azure, Puppet orchestration). 200 TB of sensitive client data (Banks, Insurance, Pharma) conforming to SOC, HIPAA and other requirements. Dealt with encryption considerations involved, etc.

04/2016 -

CloudBand - Alcatel-Lucent (Now Nokia) - Developing System infrastructure for very large OpenStack deployments - Automated installations using Puppet, Rocks, Python, Perl, Shell for installing bare-bones, deployment of highly available OpenStack clusters in VMs on top and a Ceph storage cluster.

03/2013 - 03/2016

FewBytes technologies - Advocacy, Architecture design and project management of distributed systems

  • Cassandra, Solr, MongoDB, CouchDB, MySQL Clusters
  • Distributed web and cache systems (Apache, nginx, memcache,Varnish)
  • Load, redundancy and availability planning, rich experience with orchestrated deployment tools (Chef, Puppet)
  • Distributed monitoring and alerting (Nagios, Graphite, collectd, checkMK)
  • Performance metering and testing, Log routing and filtering (Logstash, rsyslog, ElasticSearch/Kibana) and further cloud tools.
  • Extensive knowledge and use of AWS tools. (CloudFormation, Cloudwatch+ASG, SQS, etc).
  • Additionally a brush with Storm clusters, CDNs, Wowza Media servers, and their incorporation in globally-distributed systems (various AWS locations, including media replication and backups between ZWS zones)
  • Typical projects included 15-70 machines, running 2-15 classes of machines for different cluster functions. example client system: Tomcat cluster serving data from a Cassandra backend, search results from a Solr back-end behind a distributed memcache+nginx group. An Apache-based web interface to the above API, video streaming by instances of Wowza VMs around the globe, all centrally managed and monitored (CheckMK, Logstash) under Opscode Chef, automatically deployed by CloudFormation and continuously backed up.



Expand Networks – Development of a Linux distro on an embedded device, code build automation, version control, upgrade and installation. Scripting in Perl, Bash and Python.



Self Employed consultant Information management, Computing, planning, mentoring, Project management and handholding. Subjects ranging from open and proprietary clusters, short integration jobs, optimizations and security. Among my clientele: Axxana, ModuMobile, Polycom, Discretix, Qlusters, ArelCom, Codefidence, Maccabi HMO and others.


Omnitech Eichut – Project manager, head of the GNU/Linux dept. Teaching, consulting,  PreSale & PostSale.


Etagon – System developer – Scripting deployment, upgrade and management of a Cluster Appliance product.


Exanet – Product Maintainability – Designing UI, Software integration, managing knowledge and coordinating between 6 R&D teams. Also part of the team designing the automated installation of the cluster from bare-bones.

Responsible for defining maintenance procedures, testing and documentation. Took part in planning and writing in several other subsystems of the product. Head documenter of the field support manuals.


Internet Zahav - Unix system Admin at an ISP.


InterHDL - (Silicon Valley, California, Now Synopsis) - Unix and GNU/Linux System Admin, in charge of company’s developer stations and a build farm of 10 different Unix platforms.


Bynet - Technical project manager - Networks, telecom, GNU/Linux and Novel servers.


Full army service at the IDF - Electronics and telecom technician, Intelligence corps.



Computer Science studies at IDC, Herzlia.


Various programming courses at Foothill College, Los Altos, California


First year Math and Business Management, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.


Ort College and Highschool of engineering, Electronics dept. Jerusalem.


Fields of interest: