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Design and Scheme Lesson Plan as of June 2017 By Shalyse Wright-Bethea

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The purpose of this Let’s Talk is to provide a to date highlight of some of the foundational post to the Design and Scheme mission statement of helping our clients create their life’s design.


  1. Provide basic concept overview for future building.
  2. Provide resources.
  3. Develop plans, methods, and processes.


  1. Reproduce Goal Setting Models.
  2. Create basic standards of organization.
  3. Critically analyze task priority,


Read each post and apply the concepts learned to your daily life. Visit Design and Scheme on Facebook or Shalyse on Twitter to report in!

Materials Needed

Unit 1 - So you want to be organized? Do this!

Unit 2 - Investing in yourself.

Unit 3 - Shalyse’s tips for utilizing your after-work time effectively.

Unit 4 - Meditation: Setting your foundation.

Unit 5 - Business on-the-go! Creating a travel office.

Unit 6 - But I don’t have a regular schedule

Unit 7 - Getting Organized? Simplify!

Unit 8 -  Boosting your weekends to improve your week!

Unit 9 - The Perfect Appointment Planner Journey – The Basics (Part 1)

TOP 1.pngSummer Series Reminder

“The Organized Professional” Series is completed! Follow the links to see all the post included.