Bill Burgess

Artist, Sculptor, Painter

Artist Statement

Colorado sculptor Bill Burgess admits to having a long "romance with the curve" as expressed in drawings and paintings of the female nude.  This love of the curve inspired the use of arcs, circles, and spirals in early small works of sculpture which included the use of color. Later, the curve revealed itself in pieces as a single circle or spiral.  The largest of these is a 24 ton, four story, stainless steel helix done in partnership with Colorado architect, David Barber. Forming a gateway to Downtown Colorado Springs, Continuum - locally known as the Julie Penrose Fountain - is the largest sculptural fountain in the Uniteds States.

Burgess has worked 50 years making his art, mostly with steel.  He says, “Steel is an extraordinarily resistant and stubborn material that sometimes makes its own decisions as to precisely where it will bend".  Burgess’ work also reflects a fascination with the use of negative space.  “My work often presents cast shadows or reflections rendered in steel”. Burgess’ use of a formal element (such as a circle)  with an expressive element (like steel) seems to bring the feminine and masculine together and sometimes includes a burst of color in pink or soft pastels.

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