Emails, Lucy Nashed, deputy press secretary, Gov. Rick Perry, March 7, 2014

From: Selby, Gardner (CMG-Austin) []

Sent: Friday, March 07, 2014 2:24 PM

To: Lucy Nashed

Subject: Fresh inquiry for a fact check




Good afternoon.


I write because we’re checking this claim by Gov. Perry in his CPAC speech this morning: “If you rent a U-Haul to move your company, it costs twice as much to go from San Francisco to Austin than the other way around, because you can’t find enough trucks to flee the Golden State."


I am interested in how he reached this conclusion.






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2.       Pick a date, any date (tomorrow, a week from now, the 27th… whatever)

3.       Austin zip code 78701, San Francisco zip code 94114

From: Selby, Gardner (CMG-Austin) []

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To: Lucy Nashed

Subject: RE: Fresh inquiry for a fact check


How did the governor get to the part of his claim that there aren’t enough trucks in San Francisco?

3:56 p.m.

from Uhaul's website, second Q&A...



How does U-Haul calculate its one-way rental rates?

The one-way move rate for any U-Haul rental equipment is a predetermined dollar amount based on equipment size, point of origin, destination and the date of your move. As our customer, you receive an allowed mileage (there are no mileage restrictions for trailer rentals) and a set number of days to complete your move, included in the price.

Rental rates can change at anytime, so it is recommended that you confirm your reservation as soon as possible to lock in the rate.

Why does it cost less to move from Point A to Point B than vice versa?

Many variables go into establishing rates. There are times when more people are moving out of a city than into it. Because we want more equipment going back to that city we will often discount the rate.