Internet Agreement: Blog Agreement

I agree to follow the terms and conditions from the District’s Internet/Computer Policies.  The policies include but are not limited to:

Educational Purpose:

1.  Using the blog for classroom/educational purposes only.  I will only post assignments and articles that are assigned and approved by my teacher.  I understand that any post I make will fall under normal academic rules for papers including plagiarism and academic language.  I will not use the blog or research to access or distribute: “material that is obscene; pornography; material that depicts, or describes in an offensive way, violence, sex, death, or material that has been designated as for adults only; material that promotes or advocates illegal activities; material that promotes the use of alcohol or tobacco, school cheating, or weapons; or material that advocates participation in hate groups or other potentially dangerous groups” (District Annual Notification to Parents).

2.  If I accidentally access any of the above information, I will report it immediately.

Safety Requirements:

1.  I will not disclose my full name or any other personal contact information.

2.  I will not disclose the name or personal information of any other pupils.

3.  I will immediately notify my teacher if I receive a message that is inappropriate or makes me uncomfortable.  I will not delete the message until a staff member has seen it.  It is okay to switch the message from the public view to private view (keep it unpublished) if it is on my website/blog.

4.  I understand that I am responsible for the blog and any content on it.  I will not share my account/password information with anyone.  I will immediately notify my teacher if there is a security problem with my website/blog.

Unlawful, Unauthorized, and Inappropriate Uses:

1.  I will not post anything that is considered obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, inflammatory or threatening.

2.  I will not post anything that could cause damage or a danger of disruption to the school or any other organization or person.

3.  I will not engage in a personal attack, including prejudicial or discriminatory attacks.

4.  I will not harass or bully another person.  Cyberbullying is prohibited by state law.

5.  I will not knowingly post false or defamatory information about a person or organization.

6.  I will not plagiarize or infringe on copyright from written or online works.  I will follow the rules for Creative Commons and Fair Use.

7.  If I choose to maintain my website/blog after graduation, I understand that I will not be covered under the Fair Use Copyright laws anymore.  I will reevaluate my website/blog for Fair Use material as it pertains to educational purposes and make the necessary changes.

Google Account Use:

1.  I will use my district Google account for educational purposes.  

2.  I will only share and collaborate on projects that have been assigned by a teacher.

3.  I will not delete someone else’s work unless I have permission.

Software Licensing Policy/User Agreement

1.  I not use unlicensed software to create and/or post on my website/blog.

Overall, I agree to the above terms and will use my common sense to post to my website/blog.  If I am unsure about an item I am posting, I will check with my teacher and get approval first.  I understand that infractions of the above could result in detention, referral, suspension, withdrawal from the class with a F, and/or possibly expulsion from my school/district.  I understand that posting assignments without my teacher’s approval may result in a zero on the assignment and possible disciplinary action.

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