2017-2018 Course Outline

COURSE:         Language and Literature 7

TEACHER:         Laura Meagher                                                

EMAIL:        laura@go.islandpacific.org



Welcome to the second year of the  Language and Literature program at IPS. This year, we will be focusing on the theme of story. Students will explore different literary genres throughout the year, including short stories, novels, and poetry. Some of the grammar we will cover over the year includes syntax and sentence fluency, paragraphing, and proper use of punctuation. We also will work on spelling and vocabulary, reading comprehension and analysis, and creative and academic writing.  At the end of this course students should be able to:

  • Write properly structured, multi-paragraph pieces that presents ideas logically
  • Understand and use literary conventions such as tone and theme effectively
  • Use varied language (both written and spoken) to communicate different ideas
  • Understand and analyse literary works such as novels, short stories and poetry

In the event of an absence students should make sure to collect any missed handouts and check Google Classroom to see what they missed and check for upcoming assignments.  It is their responsibility to ensure they are caught up and ready for class upon their return.


Through the readings, discussion and study of various literary genres, the student will develop a knowledge, understanding and appreciation of language and how it is used.

The units covered in this course are:

  • Unit 1: My Story – exploring the genres of biography and autobiography, including reading Roald Dahl’s memoir Boy
  • Unit 2: Once Upon a Time – examining different forms of text (oral storytelling, short stories, poetry, drama, music, etc) from past to present
  • Unit 3: The Giver – Novel study of Lois Lowry’s classic book
  • Unit 4: Poetry – exploring and discovering different forms of poetry and poets

Silent Reading

It is expected that students read on a recreational level in addition to what is assigned in class. Students are encouraged to read for pleasure as much as they are reading for comprehension and skill. They will be expected to read at the beginning of every class and jot down a brief synopsis of what they read. They are expected to bring their own book or borrow one from the extensive class library, which includes a range of novels from the latest titles to the classics.

Work Habit Expectations

  • Complete all homework on time and meet assignment deadlines
  • Bring all material, including silent reading book, to every class
  • Participate and always be involved in lessons
  • Take initiative for their own learning
  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic
  • Work well in groups and independently

Required Materials

  • Planner (provided by the school)
  • Binder with dividers and lined paper
  • Pencils, colouring pencils, erasers, pens


Island Pacific School uses the International Baccalaureate rubrics to evaluate students in reference to four distinct criteria. In this course, those criteria are as follows:

Criterion A- Analyzing

Criterion B- Organizing

Criterion C- Producing Text

Criterion D- Using Language

For a complete list of the Language and Literature criteria and their relevant level descriptors for Year 3 (on which our Grade 7/MYP Year 2 levels are based), you can download a PDF at the following URL: http://goo.gl/S60ByH 

For more information on the BC Ministry of Education’s English Language Arts, you can find it at https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/curriculum/english-language-arts/7