“Thanks for bringing this innovation to the private motorist in such an easy way. Thanks to your team for being so very responsive.” – Emilio Titus from Wynberg Boys High School

“Even though iTrace were not obligated to do so they agreed to replace my water damaged GPS at no cost other than the cost of refitment. I decided to buy an additional Unit and when the mobile Installer came to fit it he installed the replacement unit for free. Thank you guys” – Mark, East Rand

The Greatest Testament to the fact that iTrace is doing something right is that of our new sales. On average for every client that purchases an iTrace Locator these clients will buy an additional 2 units. BY FAR the most sales in iTrace comes from RE-PURCHASE of Locators by existing customers and REFERRALS from existing customers. Thank you to you our valued customers for showing us, by voting with your wallet, that iTrace was and is a good decision when needing a real-time GPS tracking system for your vehicles” – Belinda, iTrace Sales Manager

“I did not realise just how important the iTrace Service is to me and my business until I had it installed. Now I cannot live without it” – Patrick, Plumbing Services

“The system is cool. Already see things my drivers should not be doing.” – Garry Timboard


“iTrace is far easier to use than the previous tracking solution we subscribed to. I just tap the App icon on my phone, and I’m logged in and watching my vehicles.” – Charles Hall


“I swear by the iTrace system. They have quite frankly changed my life and that of my family. Not having to guess where my vehicle is; having the tools to “rest easy” knowing that we’re in control of an asset which is invaluable to us” – Nkosi Dubeni


“The iTrace system is simply excellent. You don’t need anything else!” – Clinton O’Donnell

“The only thing better than the power of control I get from the iTrace system is the amazing service and old fashioned ‘customer comes first’ approach by iTrace” – Hennie, Free State

“The personal touch, the effort put in, and the overall personal attention that iTrace provides makes me nostalgic of a past era. They give out their personal cell phone numbers in case we have problems. No such thing as being a number in a queue at their call centre. Thank you for the great positive experience” – Anonymous, Beaufort West

“I wanted real-time GPS location of my vehicles, and researched possible providers. iTrace provides a GPS precision service, which updates 4 times a minute, and sends alerts to my phone, provides detailed logbooks, and does this at a quarter the price of the big boys. I honestly do not know how iTrace does it. The other guys are a rip-off compared to iTrace. Five Stars chaps” – Steven, Johannesburg

“Even though we did not subscribe for the vehicle Stolen Vehicle Recovery iTrace really jumped in to help us when our truck was not where it was supposed to be. With the assistance of iTrace we were able to guide the Police to the location of our vehicle in a township in the Free State. Thank you for all involved in us recovering our vehicle and resolving this matter” – Anonymous, Long-haul trucking service

“I ordered an iTrace GPS Bundle off the Internet and had it post to me for a DIY Installation. iTrace staff were very helpful and I succeeded in doing the installation myself. Thank you to the people at iTrace who helped me through every step of the way. What a difference this system makes in my small business” - Harrismith

“I was sceptical at first not having heard of iTrace before, but I was desperate. I thought my wife was cheating on me. I ordered the iTrace Bundle and had it sent to me for DIY installation. It is exactly what they said it would be. I have subsequently bought 3 more units for my other vehicles. I also love it that the guys gave out their personal cell phone numbers in case I was stuck and need help. Thank you iTrace” – Anonymous, Durban

“I had a panic when I got a notification that my car moved during the night. I was concerned that my car had been stolen. By reacting quickly I was able to identify that it was my teenage daughter that had taken my car for a joy ride after we had had a fight. Thank you to iTrace for helping me during my time of panic” – Mnandi, Cape Flats

“I initially had an iTrace GPS installed in my husband’s car to track his whereabouts. I could feel there was something going on and he said it was just in my mind, that I must trust him, nothing is going on. Needless to say I caught him red handed. I knew exactly where he was meeting up, how long he was “busy” for, and when. Instead of confronting the lying b@$^@#d I started an affair of my own. Now using the geo-fence facility I get sufficient warning before he arrives at home” – GettingEven

“My son is new on the road having a learner’s license for just a few months. The iTrace gives me great peace of mind knowing that my son is not exceeding the speed limit for leaving the area around where we live. Thank you iTrace for giving me the ability to put my mind at rest, showing me that I can trust my son, and being able to check that he is safe by just flipping open my phone. How a parent sleeps at night while his young teenager is on the road I don’t know…” – Jason, Cape Town


“Come time for iTrace renewal my boss asked me to check what we would pay via our previous provider. We were reminded again how expensive our previous Service Provider was. iTrace is just about one third the price that we used to pay. We will R27,000 this year and our previous provider does not give me real-time vehicle location in a cell phone APP” – Charles, Zimbos


“I would just like to thank you and your team for the wonderful service we have received from I Trace. I have to inform you that a gentleman by the name of Leon has been fantastic in every way. Please tell him that we say thank you for the good service. Just wish that I had a few more employees with such good manners and enthusiasm for his work. I’m sure that his a good asset to your business.” – Craig Pagel, iAfrica